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Neighbours Episode 3364 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3364
Australian airdate: 5/8/99
UK airdate: 19/10/99
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Martin Chester: Gil Tucker
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lance apologises to Amy for not believing her about Megan and the bet.
Lance asks Amy to stay at the fishing place overnight.
Fishing Place
It has got dark now and Lance and Amy are sitting by a fire. Lance reminisces about when they used to go to the beach when they were kids. Sometimes Ruth used to cry over her husband - Lance never realised how much relationships could hurt.
Amy tells Lance that he wasn't an idiot - they were all taken in by Megan. Suddenly a thought strikes her and she ask Lance if Megan is a better kisser than her! Lance smiles and won't tell her.
Amy suggests that she sleeps in the front of the ute and Lance in the back. A moment comes between them and they lean in for a kiss, but suddenly smoke from the fire wafts over them and makes them cough.
Madge is on the phone detailing Harold's symptoms to the weedkiller company. Everything fits with organophosphate poisoning from the weedkiller. Apparently it was taken off the market years ago as a health hazard, but Lou never throws anything away!
Tad says it's good news that they've found out the cause but Harold isn't so sure. Madge is convinced that they've found the culprit though.
Tad tells Paul in the kitchen that now he has a chance to stay at the Bishops if Harold is going to get well again. He says that everything is working out - him and the Bishops, Paul and Hannah... but hearing this last bit, Paul looks sulky and walks off, to Tad's confusion.
Susan is on the phone talking about the woes of various members of the family. She answers the door to Martin, Karl's friend from The Right Prescription. He's brought flowers and a bottle of wine and presents them to Susan. Susan tells him that Karl is inter-state but that doesn't slow him down at all! Susan invites him in to have a drink. He refers to her as "Suzie Smith" but she corrects him that it's "Kennedy".
Fishing Place
Amy and Lance are lying down by the fire looking at the stars. They are getting on very well. Amy takes Lance's hand and they lie there comfortably.
Susan and Martin are getting on very well and reminsicing about the past. Toadie comes round and Susan introduces him to Martin. She tells him Martin was their best man and Toadie says, "Oh, ancient history!". Toadie goes off to look for Bill at the pub. When he's gone, Susan repeats, "Ancient history." Martin says, "He doesn't know the half of it."
Ramsay Street
Paul is crossly mowing the lawn when Hannah comes up. She apologises for not telling him the truth about Pascale visiting Australia and tells him he's being stupid. Paul is not convinced and tells her to get lost. Hannah asks him to think about it - they've wasted enough time. They should just forget about it and move on.
Before Paul can answer, Madge and Harold arrive home in a taxi. They go inside and Paul follows. Hannah is left standing on the street.
Madge says there's good news and bad news. The CAT scan is clear and the chemicals were the cause. Harold will have to have more blood tests and simply give it time for his body to clear out the chemicals. Paul says that's not bad news and Harold says he supposes not - but he still feels awful.
Tad comes in and asks them if he can talk to them. They sit down at the kitchen table.
Lance and Amy have arrived back and are talking to Toadie. Lance gets up to go home. He thanks Amy for coming to find him and they hug.
When Lance has gone, Toadie asks Amy if she and Lance are back on. She says they aren't, but Toadie chuckles.
Tad is trying to persuade Madge and Harold to let him stay. Harold says that his mother wants him back. Tad starts begging them and Madge is very sympathetic. She says they've really enjoyed having him, but the answer has to be know. Harold insists that it's for the best that he goes back to his mother. Tad is gutted and slopes off to say goodbye to everyone.
Tad is saying goodbye to Susan who says that things won't be the same without him. Tad says she's the only teacher who's ever believed in him - the rest thought he was a lost cause. Tad says he'd like to be a teacher one day and tells Susan that she's a top chick! Susan hugs him.
As Tad is leaving, Martin lets himself in, much to Susan's surprise. He asks if she still likes Cary Grant - he wants to take her to a showing in West Waratah. She is pleased and goes to get her coat. Martin looks a bit calculating.
Ramsay Street
Madge, Paul and Amy are saying goodbye to Tad. Paul and Tad pat each other's shoulders in a manly way(!) Then he gets into Toadie's car. As they pull away, Harold runs up and stops the car. He's changed his mind - he doesn't want to be responsible for Tad's unhappiness and has changed his mind - Tad can stay with them if he wants to. Tad leaps out of the car in delight and kisses Amy on the lips(!) then hugs Madge. Finally, he pumps Harold's hand madly!
Tad brings his stuff in and goes to unpack. Paul goes off to see Hannah.
Madge tells Harold that she hopes he doesn't live to regret this but Harold says that their house is Tad's home now. Harold suddenly realises that he didn't consult Madge on the decision - he just went ahead and made it. He is appalled with himself, but Madge says it's fine.
Madge goes off to ring Coral. Tad says when she's finished, he'd like a word with her to see if she's still good for the BMX!
Paul is telling Hannah about what happened with Tad staying at the Bishops. They sit down at the counter a bit awkwardly and Hannah wonders what's going on with them. Paul says he's been in a funny mood recently and he overreacted to the Pascale thing. He says that it seems like all the couples around Ramsay Street are breaking up - it would make a nice change if he and Hannah got back together. They kiss.
Susan and Martin are back from the Cary Grant film and Susan is raving about the film. Martin tells Susan that she's still a stunning woman. She starts making him a coffee. Martin asks her if Karl ever knew about them, and Susan says he shouldn't bring it up. She admits that Karl doesn't know - he knew they went out for a bit, but he doesn't know how close she and Martin got. Susan said telling him wasn't important or relevant. Martin says that he was jealous of Karl for getting Susan. Susan says that anyway, it was a thousand years ago. Martins says he'll skip the coffee and goes home.
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