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Neighbours Episode 3363 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3363
Australian airdate: 4/8/99
UK airdate: 18/10/99
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Summary/Images by: Pete
Amy arrives at No 26 and discovers Lance has gone fishing. She decides to go and look for him.
No 24
Tad is on the phone to his mum and Paul is playing on the computer. When Tad comes off the phone, he tells Paul that his mum has bribed him with a BMX if he goes back to Tindara. Paul thinks it's cool but Tad says he'd rather stay in Erinsborough. He thinks he can use his charms to persuade Madge and Harold to let him stay. Paul doesn't think it'll work with Harold so sick, they have enough on their plate. Tad "What do you think I am, tactless or something?". Just then Madge and Harold come through the door and Tad tells him he looks terrible, and makes some other really tactless coments!
No 26
Hannah has received an email from Pascal telling her that he can't make it to stay after all. She tells Anne that on the bright side, Paul will be releived. Anne is pleased that 'at least one relationship will get back on track round here'. Hannah asks her about what she's reading. Anne is trying to work out what was in her diary that made Bill so upset at her, although 'in theory she should be allowed to write anything she likes'. She reads a part that says 'studying with Fanto is like a breath of fresh air'. Hannah says that she can see how, taken out of context some of it can sound supsiscious. They agree that Bill shouldn't have read it though. Hannah suggests Anne forget Bill and go off with Fanto, but the last thing Anne wants right now is another relationship.
No 30
Toadie is in the kitchen perparing dinner, when Tad comes in followed by Lou carrying Bob. It seems Bob has got out and they can't work out why. Toadie locks him in the laundry after Lou leaves. Tad says he knows how Bob feels 'being shoved around like that, not being allowed to stay where he wants'.Toadie says he should be 'rapt' his mum wants him back, but he's worried it won't be the same without his dad there. Tad suggests asking the Kennedys again, but Toadie won't hear of it. Tad says he's a time in his life where 'I crave stability' which cracks Toadie up, who says he sounds like a social worker. Toadie says it's more like Tad craves the women of Erinsborough. If the Bishops don't offer him a place to stay, then he has no choice.
No 24
Madge organises cover at The Coffee Shop so she can take Harold for his scan. Paul tries to get the day off school to come with her, but Madge won't hear of it. Tad tries to talk to her about wanting to stay but she rushes out of the door.
Tad and Paul leave the house and walk down the street on the way to school. Paul tells Tad to stop hassling Madge as she has enough on her mind. Tad says he can see that, but he has no choice as he's running out of time. He walks off and Hannah comes up behind Paul. She tells him she has some news on Pascale, but he doesn't want to hear it at the moment and walks off.
Toadie and Amy leave the house and head for his car. Toadie asks if she can afford a day off 'to go chasing after her ex'. Amy says she's claimed a 'Cosmetic Day' apparently when she gets zits she can claim a day off. Ann arrives from 26 and says she's just as concerned about her brother, so she's comign too. Toadie jokes about Amy's cosmetic days. Amy says this is a serious outing and Lance 'is the last persn to deserve the treatment he got from Megan'. Toadie 'and we all know what does deserve....you'.
Hannah asks if Paul's heard anything from the hospital about Harold. He says he hasn't and Hannah apologises for the way she's been acting lately. She tells Paul that she spoke to Pascal and asked him not to bother coming to Australia. Tad comes along and comments on the lovebirds being back together again. Then he asks if they've seen Madge. Paul says she isn't back from the hospital yet. Tad wonders what he's going to do now. Paul suggests he try thinking of someone other than himself for a change, then walks out.
Toadie is checking a map on the boot of the car. Amy says she knows the way, but Toadie isn't sure. Ann also thinks that Amy knows the way, so he's persuaded. He moves the topic on to the row between Anne and Bill. Anne says she's pretty upset. Toadie says he used to read Karen's diary all the time. He doesn't see what's wrong with it and Karen was happy for him to read it. Amy is shocked and says that she's glad Bill took her advice and 'fessed up. Anne demands to kow how long Amy knew Bill was reading her diary.
NO 22
Tad asks Lou if he can move in with him. He thinks his time is nearly up at the Bishops'.Lou suggests he's blotted his copybook there, but Tad says Harold's too sick to cope with another boarder. This is news to Lou who rushes round immediately.
Anne and Amy are rowing about Billy. Anne says Amy should have told her, and that normally she couldn't keep a secret if her life depended on it. Amy says she was trying to be diplomatic. Toadie breaks them up.
NO 24
Lou says he was shocked to hear about Harold and asks how the CAT scan went. Harold says they got a cat, and waved it over him.Lou offers to help and says he'll take Paul and Tad for dinner to give them a break. Harold asks him to water his plants at the allotment.
Toadie, Ann and Amy are walking along, sure that Lance is 'nearby'. Toadie points to something and asks if that's him, but Anne says it's a log, which Toadie says is close. A bit further along, they find Lance fishing on the edge of the lake. Amy approaches, and puts her arms around him. But Toadie holds Anne back.
Later, they're all sat round. Toadie is eating the rolls. Anne tries to persuade Lance to eat but he won't, and says she's nagging him like mum. Toadie says the have to hit the road. Amy wants to hang around for a bit.
Lou is spraying the flowers. Lolly starts picking at them. He notices and warns her off, saying 'you don't know what's in this....' He picks up the container of weedkiller.
No 24
Harold asks if Lou thinks he's poisoned him. Lou is upset at the suggestion and Madge points out it's just a theory of Lou's.
No 26
Anne finishes a phonecall to Ruth telling her not to worry about Lance. Toadie asks if she thinks anything will happen now that Lance and Amy are alone together in their 'special spot'. Anne doesn't think it will given their history. Toadie tries to change the subject to Bill reading Anne's diary, but just as he does, Paul arrives at the door to see Hannah.
Anne shouts Hannah to tell her Paul's here. She says he must be releived Pascal isn't coming over. She was there when Pascal emailed to say he'd changed his mind. Hannah comes out and asks Paul what he wanted. He says he was going to ask her what she was doing this evening, but he's changed his mind, and he leaves. The girls look at each other. Hannah doesn't know what she said, but she's blown it.
Lance says he feels like a loser, and it's ironic that a chronic gambler shuold be the subject of someone else's bet. Amy says he's here for her, and should give her a call 'whenever he gets the urges'. They share a look, but she's talking about the urge to gamble. They laugh and he apologises for not beleiving her about Megan and the bet. Amy says it's getting late and the should head off. Lance says he's got a better idea and suggests they stay there for the night.
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