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Neighbours Episode 3362 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: Episode 3362
Australian airdate: 3/8/99
UK airdate: 15/10/99
Writer: Marieke Josephine Hardy
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Megan Townsend: Allison Byrne
Cassandra: Elizabeth Shingleton
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
- "Miracle" by Dom Cincotta
- "Sea Of Love" by Ashley Reeder
Summary/Images by: Alan/Alan
Bill reads from Anne's diary. It's about him taking his work too seriously and how Fanto would be a real catch if she was single. Anne tries to grab the diary back and they have a tug of war with it, Bill lets go and Anne is flung backwards onto the settee. Bill asks her if she's okay but she gets up and has a cut under her eye where the diary hit her. She screams at Bill to get out.
Phil and Susan hear the shouting and head over to the house to find out what's going on. Bill comes out, upset, and tells them that Anne's hurt. Phil rushes inside. Lance and Megan are also there. Susan heads back to Number 28 with Bill. Phil tells Anne he's calling a doctor, Lance is mad at Bill but Anne says they should forget about it. Bill tells his Mum that he read Anne's diary, more than once, Susan doesn't know what to say at first. Bill says that Libby was right, he's a low-life and he's stuffed things up completely. Susan sees Ruth at the Coffee Shop and tells her that Anne's hurt her eye, she rushes home. Anne has an appointment at the doctor's that afternoon. When Phil leaves, Lance asks Anne to say what really happened. She says it was nothing. Megan calls Bill a jerk for hurting his girlfriend but Anne says he didn't do it on purpose. Megan says she couldn't trust someone with that sort of temper so Anne tells her she's not justified to talk about trust - she asks her if she wants to tell Lance about her bet. Megan denies it and dismisses the fact that Amy saw her taking the money from Rachel. Lance doesn't believe Anne and says it's typical Amy.
When Anne gets back from the doctor's with Ruth, they discuss what happened. Ruth asks if Bill has ever done anything like this before, but Anne says she wouldn't stay in an abusive relationship, Bill's not like that.
Bill discusses things with Amy who is a bit preoccupied. Lance comes in and tells Bill he's got nothing to say to him, Bill leaves and Lance tells Amy she's got to stop spreading rumours about this stupid bet. Amy says they're not rumours. Lance leaves. Amy follows him and tries to get through to him, she tells him she cares about him. She says she didn't want him to get hurt, he deserves better. Lance goes to the pub with Megan later, he asks her if what Amy said was true. She can't deny it, she tries to apologise but Lance is too upset. She says that it started as a joke, but she's had so much fun with him and she's really enjoyed their time together. He tells her he can't believe anything she says. She does seem truly sorry but he won't listen to her and walks out. Amy goes to Number 26 later to see Lance, but he's not there - he's gone off and left a note that says 'gone fishing.' Amy thinks that means he's probably gone to a place that he used to go to when he was a kid - (insert strange place name here) Creek, 'the fishing place' as Anne calls it. She says that he probably needs a friend right now and that's her, she'll borrow her Dad's car and go after him.
Bill goes to see Anne, he says he's been thinking but Anne tells him there's nothing he can say, they're over. He says they were so good together, but she asks him what was missing that made him read her diary. He says it was curiosity and he got jealous when he read about Fanto. She says they were just passing thoughts, not meant for his eyes. She asks if he read any of the stuff about her, how much she loves and cares about him - he says him and everyone else. She says she doesn't trust him or know who he is, he says she's twisting it, he doesn't know who she is. She says he's past being reasonable and it's time for him to go. Susan finds Bill crying on the sofa when she gets home, he says he wants to be alone.
Harold is worried about his test results but is cheered up a bit when he finds out that 'Trees For Life' have named him 'grower of the month.' Madge and Harold visit the allotment and find that the trees he planted have all died. Harold's test results show that he's all clear, he's still worried though and says that he's been referred to a specialist for a cat scan - to make sure there isn't anything more serious wrong. He seems very worried about it.
Amy can't borrow her Dad's car to find Lance so she sees Toadfish who, after much pleading, says that he'll drive her up there the next morning if Lance is not back by then.
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Lance Wilkinson, Megan Townsend in Neighbours Episode 3362
Lance Wilkinson, Megan Townsend

Susan Kennedy, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3362
Susan Kennedy, Billy Kennedy

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