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Neighbours Episode 3369 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<3368 - 3370>>
Episode title: 3369
Australian airdate: 12/8/99
UK airdate: 26/10/99
UK Gold: 24/2/05
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: None.
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Amy's plan to move into No. 30 failing and Lance scoffing at her.
No. 30
Lance is taking great delight in Amy's downfall and she tries to justify her actions to Toadie and Joel by telling them to have a good time with the guys!
No. 24
Hearing the music from No. 30, Hannah wonders if there is a party going on and why haven't they been invited. Madge and Harold come out of the bedroom complaining about the noise from the party. Paul, Tad & Hannah pretend to head over to No. 26 (but really going to the party) when Madge calls them back to clarify exactly which house they are going to. By the looks on their face, she guesses they're heading to the party so despite Harold's protestations, she lets them go for one hour.
HAROLD: Sometimes I think you are far too liberal.
MADGE: Sometimes I think you are an old fuddy-duddy!
No. 30
Lance is gloating to Toadie about how Amy has screwed up the party and he can expect more of that if Amy moves in. There is a knock on the door and thinking it is chicks, Toadie answers the door to Hannah, Paul and Tad! They join the party with Hannah in particular glad there are lots of males there.
No. 22
Phil has called on Lou to tell him that Rex the dodgy accountant has fled the country and that the tax authorities are investigating. Phil strongly suggests that Lou tells the tax authorities the whole story in advance to save his neck before they come visiting him. Lou isn't exactly thrilled at this and when Lolly comes down having been woken up by the party he goes to do something about the noise.
No. 30
Amy and Lance are starting to clear up the mess and arguing over who exactly made the mess when bang on cue Lou appears to moan about the noise. Amy invites him in but he'd rather the music was turned down instead.
No. 24
Tad is moaning about being up early to get some BMX practice in before school starts. Madge and Harold are up early too as Harold is fretting about what the doctors are going to say to him when he gets his test results back. Paul asks Madge about what to get Hannah for her birthday. She suggests earrings so Paul fills her in on the fad she is going through just now about her ears and wanting plastic surgery. Madge tells him to talk to her about her ears and that he'll eventually get something for her birthday.
No. 30
Amy, despite Lance's help, is moaning about clearing up the mess after the party. They're still trying to score points off each other to see who gets to move in. They go to tidy up the kitchen and Toadie tells Joel the plan is working. Joel adds that it is nice having their own personal slaves!
No. 26
Ruth asks Hannah what she' like for her birthday. Hannah replies that she wants to see the plastic surgeon about her ears. Phil enquires as to when she'll get over this phase and of course she replies that she isn't in a phase and he should take her seriously, reminding him that he can't stop her when she turns 16. Phil then reminds her that she is a minor under his supervision until she is 18 and therefore no plastic surgery! He also asks where she would get the money from anyway. Ruth backs Phil up and asks what is wrong with her ears anyway. Hannah replies that they look like something out of Star Trek.
No. 30
Amy and Lance are now trying to score points over what they've made Toadie and Joel for their breakfast. Joel and Toadie thank them before giving them chores to do. Lance asks if they've made a decision yet and Toadie them tells them about the 1 week trail to help choose who will move in. Amy is first in after winning the toss of a coin.
Tad is practicing a stunt on his BMX without having much luck. Paul gives him some pointers and he eventually succeeds. Paul now wants his show and does the same stunt first time...before crashing into the nearby shed. Tad of course is more concerned about whether Paul damaged his bike or not than he is with Paul's welfare.
No. 26
Lou is over still trying to blame Phil for setting him up with the dodgy accountant and demands Phil's help. Phil again says to own up to the tax authorities and Lou tells him he did, and that they are planning on doing a full audit on him. Phil offers to speak to them but he doesn't think it will do any good.
No. 30
Amy and her belongings have arrived for the trial. They give her a huge list of chores to do from walking Bob to cleaning the house. After a bit of hesitation she agrees and tells them, much to their delight, they won't need to lift a finger whilst she is there.
No. 24
Harold is back from the docs and Madge wants to know what they said. He tells her that since there are no long term studies into organic phosphate poisoning they can't give him any guarantees on not developing neurological damage in the future. Harold is now worked up and because he's not sure of the future so good old Madge tells him to look on the bright side!
The Coffee Shop
Amy is buying a quiche for dinner and Lance comments that it won't impress them. Again they try to score points off each other before he leaves.

Paul is managing his finances trying to decide what to buy - his own BMX or a present for Hannah. Amy suggests putting it on his credit card like she does! She them reminds him he's to decide his priorities and that he can't snuggle up to a bike.
No. 26
Ruth comes off the phone from her parents and says she is going up to visit them. Lance comes home and is invited up to see his Grandparents and agrees. Phil is asked too but due to Lou's tax problem he thinks it is best to stay and try to sort the mess out.
No. 22
Harold calls round to relay what the doctors said. Lou offers to pay the medical bills since he was responsible but Harold says he's going to take legal action against him instead.
<<3368 - 3370>>
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