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Neighbours Episode 3360 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3360
Australian airdate: 30/07/99
UK airdate: 13/10/99
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Geri Hallett: Isabella Dunwill
Martin Chester: Gil Tucker
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Alan/Alan
Harold tells Paul at the school crossing that he didn't appreciate his attitude when he asked him to work at the Coffee Shop earlier. Paul walks off and says he's already told him he's working with Drew. Harold walks after him across the road but goes light-headed and collapses. Hannah and Tad run to help him and Paul sees him collapse and calls out to him. A car speeds around the corner, the driver is too busy fiddling with his stereo to look at the road, he's heading straight for Harold. Paul shouts out to him to stop.
The driver notices and stops his car just in time (although it looks surprisingly further away than it did at the end of the last episode!) He jumps out and apologises, he says he'll call an ambulance. Paul, Tad and Hannah rush to Harold and Susan appears on the scene too. He tells them he's fine and doesn't need an ambulance. Susan says the only compromise she will make is driving him home. They cancel the ambulance. Harold asks Susan to let him tell Madge about it because he doesn't want it blown out of all proportion.
Toadfish asks Madge if she and Harold could take Tad on permanently. He tells her he's seen such an improvement in him since he's lived with them and he really doesn't have the time to look after him anymore. Susan, Hannah, Tad and Paul come in with Harold. Paul tells Madge that Harold almost got hit by a car. Harold tells her not to make a big fuss, he just fell over at the crossing. Susan tells him she won't mind if he wants to give up his job at the crossing - he tells her it was just a one-off, he'll be fine. Later, Madge tells him that she's going to make an appointment with Karl for him. He says there's nothing wrong with him, he just had an argument with someone and tripped over his own feet, that was all. She tells him he knows there's more to it than that and he's scared to go to the doctor. He tells her he's going to bed. The next morning, Madge tells him that she'll drag him to the surgery if she has to, he agrees to go in the end. Madge heads off to work. Paul comes in and talks to Harold, he apologises for calling him an embarrassment - he says he's the embarrassment for the way he's been acting. Harold asks him if he's just feeling guilty about yesterday or if he really means it. Paul says it's a bit of both, but he knows he's been a pain and said things he didn't mean - and he's so sorry. Harold says he wants to believe him. Paul says there won't be any more dramas. Harold says that's aiming a bit high but he'd settle for a few less!
Tad asks Toadfish if he could move back in with him. Toadie says he's not sure that's such a good idea, he always thought his stay there would be short term and he feels he's done his duty and it's time they made other arrangements. He says he likes having him there but he's not ready to be a parent right now. He says he's spoken to Tad's Mum and she's willing to take him back. Tad says Erinsborough is his home now - everything he has is here. Toadie says he's spoken to Madge about her and Harold taking him in but Tad says they've got so many hassles they'd never say yes - he says he may as well get on the train back to Tindara right now.
Tad sees Susan later and reads her his assignment. She says it's excellent. Tad says there's not much point in it now, he's being shipped back to Tindara. He tells her what Toadfish said. She asks him if he could talk to Toadie about how he feels. He says he's already tried and as far as he's concerned, it's a done deal. Later, Susan talks to Toadfish about it. She tells him that it's really upsetting for Tad but she understands he's already gone way beyond the call of duty himself. She says that Tad's had problems with his work and is trying really hard right now, changing schools would probably destroy all his hard work. Toadfish says that makes him feel worse! She says she didn't mean it to and asks about Harold and Madge. Toadfish says it's no go but she says she could have a word with them about it.
Drew asks Geri to go to the beach with him tomorrow, she says she's got work to do for uni but he manages to twist her arm. They have a great time there. Drew finds Geri's book about horoscopes, he asks her if she really believes all that stuff. Geri says she's just reading it for an assignment, she doesn't believe it. Drew asks what star sign she is, she says Gemini. She asks what star sign he is, he says Picies. Geri says they're totally incompatible then, Gemini's are incompatible with everything. Drew says it's lucky she doesn't believe any of it then! Later, Drew asks Geri to go to dinner with him that night - she says she can't because her flatmate's just broken up with her boyfriend and she needs someone to be around. She says believe it or not she can be a decent human being, he says she doesn't have to sell him on that and they kiss. Later on, they bump into Susan at Lassiter's and Drew introduces her to Geri. Susan is on her way to see Karl and so she can't talk for long and makes a quick exit - Geri says Libby's obviously told her family what a monster she is.
Martin meets Karl at the pub. He asks where Susan is because he was looking forward to seeing her - Karl says she might be coming along later, she walks in as he says it and Martin gives her a welcoming hug. They start talking but Susan is distracted by Geri and Drew getting on rather well on another table. Karl goes to get some more drinks and leaves Martin and Susan alone. He compliments her on how young she's looking. The next day, Karl tells Susan he'll probably leave for the airport (to go to the medical conference) straight from the surgery as the tickets are there. She says she could drive him but he says he'll take a cab. He decides to skip breakfast and heads out. Susan catches up with Karl at the surgery and tells him to cancel the cab because she will drive him to the airport. She says she doesn't want him to leave with things as they are, they can talk while they drive.
Harold tells Madge that he spoke to Karl and told him about everything that's been happening to him. He says they took some tests and he should have the results back in 48 hours. Madge says the sooner they find out what's wrong the sooner he'll be back to his old self. He says he'd rather not know, it could be something that can't be cured and then ignorance is preferable. He says it could be his amnesia coming back - he feels like his mind is slipping away and he's so scared about it.
At the pub, Geri asks Drew what he wants to drink. He says he'll have the same again and calls her Libby. He quickly apologises and says it was a slip of the tongue. She seems fine about it and says that a friend of hers has a theory that people only do that when new people in their lives are reaching a similar emotional level.
Geri goes on to say that she should really be wondering what they are doing seeing as they have so many complications - him being infatuated with Libby, Libby hating her, her going out with Joel and Joel being his best friend. She says a smart person would back off as far as possible. He says it's lucky he's never been accused of being smart before then. Geri says you can gloss over the past but it'll always be there. He says he doesn't see why it should be a problem and adds that they should talk about it, but not in the pub, somewhere private. He invites her back to his place.
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Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3360
Harold Bishop

Harold Bishop, Susan Kennedy, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 3360
Harold Bishop, Susan Kennedy, Hannah Martin

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Martin Chester in Neighbours Episode 3360
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Martin Chester

Geri Hallet, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3360
Geri Hallet, Drew Kirk

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