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Neighbours Episode 3353 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: Episode 3353
Australian airdate: 21/7/99
UK airdate: 4/10/99
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Mandy Jones: Lisa Fineberg
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Alan/Alan
Jemma announces Amy and Lance as King and Queen of the 'Single and Suffering' night. They kiss for a few seconds before Amy breaks it up and walks out.
Lance heads back to Number 30 and knocks on the door, he tries to talk to Amy but she won't respond. She turns out the lights and Lance gives up and heads home. The next morning, Anne quizzes Lance about what went on last night, he can't really tell her much other than he went after Amy because he doesn't like seeing her upset. Anne says it must tell him something that he cares more about his ex-girlfriend than his current one. Phil and Hannah, who are eavesdropping, are wondering what they are going on about when they start talking about who paired up with who the night before!
Bill goes to the uni to meet Anne, she leaves her bag with him while she quickly sees a lecturer. He sees her diary poking out of the bag and goes to look at it but she arrives back before he gets the chance. Anne picks up on the fact that Bill's a bit jealous of Fanto and that's probably the reason he's picking her up for lunch, he denies it of course! Anne meets Bill at the pub that evening and again leaves her bag with him while she has a word with some uni mates outside about a project, he seizes the opportunity and pulls out her diary for a good snoop. He doesn't like what he reads about Fanto having feelings for her and her possibly having feelings for him too (see episode notes).
Lance walks past Number 30 as Amy is coming out the front door, she heads back inside to avoid him but he waits for her to come out again and then confronts her. He won't let her go away without talking to him and so they go inside. Amy says what happened at the ball was nothing, it was embarassing more than anything else. Lance says she's only embarassed because she realises she still feels something for him. Amy says the kiss meant nothing and he means nothing, she opens the door and he walks out. Lance talks to Anne at uni about it, Anne says it's obvious he and Amy are still in love with each other. Later that day, Amy catches up with Lance before heading out on an overnight flight - she tells him she wants to clear things up. She says that he'd be happier with Megan and should stay with her, she just mucked things up between them when they were going out and that wasn't good for either of them. Lance tries to talk to her but she has to leave.
Tad still carries around a picture of Sarah, a woman who he regards as absolutely perfect. Paul says Tad could never hook a girl like her, but Tad says some girls would consider him quite a catch. Paul says he should stop stressing about girls and worry more about Mrs Kennedy finding out he copied that essay. At school, Tad seems to think a girl called Mandy Jones is 'giving him the eye' -Hannah and Paul don't think so though! Paul says she's got the hots for someone else but Tad seems to think he's much more appealing than the other guy! He goes to talk to her but Susan calls him out to tell him that she knows he copied his essay from the Internet and that he's going to have to write the whole thing again and see her after school so they can talk about his academic progress in general. Tad talks to Paul about it at the Coffee Shop and he teases him a bit about maybe having to go to remedial classes. Tad leaves school without seeing Susan - she's not at all pleased and tells Hannah and Paul that he won't get away with it. Tad goes to see Susan at home that evening and she says he's got a nerve turning up - he says it's just all so embarassing, he'd rather die than take remedial classes. Susan tells him not to be so silly but he comes up with an idea, she could tutor him outside of school! He hounds her about it until she eventually caves in -she says he must do exactly what she wants and if he doesn't he'll be doing the school catch up classes. He asks her if they can keep this between themselves.
Karl seems to have the music bug and can't stop going on about his uni band. He jokes with Bill about it and tries to involve Susan, but she doesn't say much and then heads off to school. Bill asks what's wrong with her as she's been acting really weird recently. That evening, Karl tells Susan that he spoke to Clive Maynard and Martin Chester (from the uni band) and they want to catch up and have a drink sometime, Martin especially. Susan asks how his wife is but Karl says they're unfortunately divorced now, he mentions that Susan used to have quite a soft spot for Martin, she just says he was a nice bloke and probably still is. Karl asks her what's wrong at the moment because she's been really quiet recently, she says she didn't realise.
Phil sees Hannah on the computer in the morning and assumes she's doing schoolwork, but she's actually sending e-mails. He says she's been sending an awful lot recently and asks who she's writing to - she won't tell him. At the Coffee Shop later, Hannah asks Karl about getting a referral to see Dr Maynard about her ears. He tells her that her ears appear to be fine and asks what Phil thinks about it, Hannah skirts around the issue. Karl asks her to make an appointment with Pippa about it and preferably bring Phil or Ruth with her. When Hannah tells Phil, he flies off the handle.
Paul arrives in the middle and looks at the computer while waiting for Hannah. She storms out of her argument with her Dad and asks Paul to go for a walk with her, he says he will as soon as she tells him how long she's been e-mailing Pascale.
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Philip Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 3353
Philip Martin, Hannah Martin

Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3353
Billy Kennedy

Paul McClain, Hannah Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 3353
Paul McClain, Hannah Martin, Philip Martin

Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 3353
Hannah Martin

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