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Neighbours Episode 3344 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: Episode 3344
Australian airdate: 8/7/99
UK airdate: 21/9/99
Writer: Barry Kay
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Bob: Trained by Anne Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Alan/Alan
While cleaning out the Kennedy's garage, Hannah and Paul find a tape of music from Karl's uni rock band. The tape is chewed by their cassette player. Susan asks them if they found any old tapes, she says they'll no doubt play them all and have a good laugh. Hannah and Paul wonder what to do.
Hannah and Paul blame each other for the tape fiasco and Madge overhears them meaning they have to spill the beans. Harold says they should confess all, but Madge tries to help them out - she suggests they run the iron over it at low-temperature but it shrivels it. They get the idea of contacting one of the other band members to get a copy, Harold thinks it's very underhand but Madge is all for it! They find one of the doctors (Clive Maynard) in the Yellow Pages, now practicing as a plastic surgeon - Hannah calls and makes an appointment to see him later that afternoon. Unfortunately though, he doesn't have a copy of the tape as he accidentally on purpose lost it to save people's ears! Hannah comes back with a leaflet about plastic surgery though and worries that her nose is funny-looking! They decide to confess all to Karl and Susan and the reaction is better than they expect. Karl says he's got some other copies somewhere and they succeed in getting him really excited about the band again! They mention to him and Susan that they met up with Clive Maynard, Susan remembers him but says she preferred the other band member, Martin.
Sarah gets a call from Catherine to say that she and Mal can't make the wedding because they can't rebook their flight (surprise surprise). Lou badgers Sarah about arrangements, especially having Louise as flower girl - Sarah says she'd love too so Lou is thrilled! He tells Sarah he's got a big surprise that he'll show her the next morning. He drives into Ramsay Street the next day with a bridal car for Sarah and beeps the horn which plays the wedding march! Sarah isn't convinced that it's that great! She confides to Ruth later that she hates the wedding car and doesn't know what to tell Lou, Ruth advises she tells him tactfully what she thinks of it. She tries to talk to him at the pub but he's so delighted about the car that she doesn't have the heart to tell him.
Lou is on at Phil about putting in a good word for him at the Eden Hills club. Phil gets a call later from Gordon to say that he's finally been accepted as a member and so Lou continues to go on about nominating him for a place.
It's Madge's turn to put in the ticket for the Grey Growler's lottery syndicate but she asks Harold to do it for her as she has to do something else in the morning. By the morning though, Harold has forgotten and only remembers when Madge reminds him - even though he protests that he hadn't forgotten it in the first place.
Madge's syndicate numbers come up on the lottery in second place and they are set to win a couple of thousand dollars each. Harold comes in and is pleased to hear the news until he realises that he forgot to put the ticket on - he takes it out of his back pocket but doesn't have the heart to tell Madge, who is over the moon about the win and plans to phone all her friends.
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Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3344
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3344
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

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