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Neighbours Episode 3340 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3340
Australian airdate: 02/07/99
UK airdate: 15/09/99
Writer: Nick Malmholt
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Peter Hannay: Nick Carrafa
Steve McCall: Adam Palmer
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Gordon Collins rings up and says that he needs to talk to Phil now so Phil agrees, pulling out of Susan's birthday dinner.
Ruth isn't very impressed about it.
Ruth is a bit cross with Phil for being at Gordon's beck and call. Ruth goes off to the dinner and says she'll make Phil's excuses - again.
Susan suggests that they just cancel dinner, but Ruth won't hear of it. Bill says as they've got a booking for four he'd better come along and make up the numbers but Susan won't let him!
To their surprise, Phil comes round and says he's put Gordon off - he told him that his family and friends come first. They leave for Lanzini's.
Amy comes in as they're leaving looking for Anne. Bill suggests she goes over to the Martin house, but Amy doesn't want to see Lance. Bill says he has loads of study to do but Amy ignores this and starts telling him about the situation between her and Lance.
Joel is doing push-ups when there's a knock at the door. It's Lou and he wants to know what's going on - does he need new tenants and is Sarah staying or going. Joel says he'll have to ask Sarah but he doesn't know if the wedding is back on. He asks Lou to be descreet - Sarah and Peter need some time on their own right now.
Amy is still banging on about Lance and eventually Bill tell her simply to shut up about Lance. He says he's not going to be the bit of meat in the Lance-Amy sandwich. Bill physically escorts her to the door with Amy still asking him for details about what Lance says about her. Bill says, "Don't you respsect people's confidentiality?". But then he suddenly realises what he's said and his face falls. Amy asks him why he's gone all weird. Bill is clearly thinking about Anne's diary.
Phil and Ruth are back from Lanzini's and find an extremely long fax from Gordon. Ruth doesn't think Gordon is good for him - Phil was distracted at dinner and it's taking over his life. Phil says he has to deal with the fax.
No.30, the following morning
Amy is reading the newspaper and Joel asks her if she's going to crash on the couch forever. She says it'll just be a couple more days. Bill comes in and says he's heard a rumour that Peter and Sarah are back together. Joel and Bill go off to the radio show. Amy and Bill invite themselves along to the beach with Joel after the show.
Uni FM
Joel and Bill are doing the radio show of DIY tips and things are going well. A bloke turns up to see Bill and introduces himself as Steve McCall, the writer of the book that Bill has been getting the DIY tips from. He tells Bill he's in trouble with both him and the law.
The Pub
Phil is chatting to Lou about Gordon. He says that Gordon is quite inspiring because he's a self-made man. Lou gets a look on his face and says he's hoping that Pear Passion will make him a million too.
Uni FM
Bill tries to say that he used some quotes from the book but the bloke says he heard Bill read out whole sections. Joel suggests that Bill could apologise on air and acknowledge Steve McCall as the writer of the book. He says it'd be a start. Bill is cross with Joel as apologising on air will make him and his business look bad, but Joel says that they are getting off lightly.
Bill goes on the air and tells the listeners about the book and apologises for passing off the information as his own. It was a good grovel and Steve McCall is pleased. He says he'll still have to talk to his lawyer though.
Bill asks Joel who would be liable - him or the station. Joel doesn't know.
Amy comes in and they all leave for the beach.
The Pub
Lou is talking about setting up www.pearpassion.com. Sarah and Peter come in and tell Lou, Susan and Karl that their wedding is back on. After that they'll go to Amsterdam. Karl and susan raise a glass to them.
The Beach
Joel goes off to swim in the sea while Bill and Amy chat. Bill asks Amy if she keeps a diary. Amy says no way - diaries are embarrassing, but Anne keeps one.
Susan is in a very good mood and is pleased that Sarah is getting married. She hopes that the plans will go through this time.
SUSAN: She's not averse to a bit of drama, is she?
KARL: Oh, it's a big decision. So at least their plans seem pretty definite.
SUSAN: Well, let's hope so, if only for Peter's sake.
KARL: Yeah, they wouldn't call it off again, surely?
SUSAN: Not unless Sarah decides that she's still not over you. Which is what I imagine happened last time, don't you?
KARL: Well...I don't know.
SUSAN: Mind you, I don't really know how she could do it.
KARL: Sorry, do what?
SUSAN: Get over you. I mean, you know, Peter's cute enough and he seems like quite a nice person...but you, you Karl Kennedy are quite a catch.
(Leads him off to bedroom unbuttoning his shirt)
Anyone would be a fool not to want you. I know I do! You're about to get very lucky, Karl!
The Beach
Bill is telling Amy about what happened at the station. Joel comes up and lies on the sand in a lot of pain, clutching his knee. Bill and Amy totally ignore him(!)
Peter and Sarah are canoodling in the corridor when Lou comes in. He gives Sarah some flowers and starts to organise the wedding for them. Sarah says they don't want things getting out of hand - they want a minimum of fuss. A small civil ceremony and a meal with friends.
Ruth comes home and apologises to Phil for needling him about Gordon. Phil apologises too for upsetting her. They kiss.
Bill and Amy comes round having returned from the beach. Amy tells Ruth that Joel swam for hours and was a wreck afterwards. Ruth looks worried.
Ruth is examining Joel's knee and tells him off for training. Joel insists that he hasn't but Ruth sees straight through him and says that his leg isn't up to it. Joel gets angry and says he's going to win a big triathlon next month. He says it's his risk and nothing Ruth can say will stop him.
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