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Neighbours Episode 3339 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3339
Australian airdate: 1/7/99
UK airdate: 14/9/99
UK Gold: 3/2/05
Writer: Emma J. Steele
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: None
- "Sea Of Love" by Ashley Reeder
- "Miracle" by Dom Cincotta
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Lance and Megan falling on top of Amy and Lance telling Amy to stop stalking him.
No. 30
Amy is trying to suggest that she wasn't stalking him and asks why is he here. Lance wonders likewise and she tells him that she had a late flight and didn't want to go home to argue with her mum so Toadie agreed to let her stay before he left. Lance tells her she needs help because she is jealous of him going out with Megan.
No. 26
Hannah and Anne are having a girl's night in when Lance comes home and tells them about Amy the Greenwood stalker. All they are interested in though is why Lance was at No. 30 and if he needs any advice on romance he should talk to them.
No. 24
Paul wakes up and comes out for breakfast and asks if Drew has started working on the bike. Harold says he wants to help Drew restore the bike but Madge tells him he's got enough on his plate already. When they leave Paul looks through a guitar magazine and highlights an advert.
No. 26
Hannah is moaning to Ruth that she is bored, so Ruth says she will ask Susan to give her some holiday tuition. Phil comes into the kitchen moaning about the amount of work he has got on. Lance and Anne walk into the livingroom discussing Amy's stalking. Anne tells him to phone Toadie to see if Amy was telling the truth about her being allowed to stay in No. 30.
The Coffee Shop
Amy is telling Hannah there is something strange about Lance.
HANNAH: Well try having him as a stepbrother!
Hannah goes to the counter to ask Harold and Madge if they know where Paul is. They don't know but Harold stupidly starts to mention about Paul treating her to something before Madge stops him and Harold tells Hannah to go speak to Paul herself.
No. 26
Lance has spoken to Toadie and he informs Ruth and Anne that Toadie did indeed say she could say to Anne tells him to apologise but Lance still insists she is stalking him. Anne start to take the Mickey out of him and Ruth tells him to talk to her but he refuses.
No. 24
Paul is showing off his guitar pedal to a highly enthralled Hannah. She wants them to do something together but Paul wants to play with his new toy so Hannah leaves him to it.
The Coffee Shop
Anne and Amy are discussing her stalking of Lance. She is denying it but Anne tells her to stay away.
Lou's Place
Lance joins Phil and Ruth for lunch so he can avoid Amy. Ruth says he should be mature and apologise but Lance replies that he'll handle it in his own way.
The Coffee Shop
Hannah comes in and tells Madge and Harold what Paul bought. The scene moves back to Anne and Amy where Amy is saying Lance will never change. Anne mentions that Billy has been weird lately too and he isn't talking. Hannah joins them and they start to have a joint moaning session but Amy says they can go to No. 30 to distress.
No. 30
The girls are distressing by doing girly things. Amy is still moaning about Megan and denying she is a stalker. Hannah bails out to go see Paul.
No. 24
Paul is still playing with his new toy and Hannah is feigning interest in it. Hannah spots the postcard with the message saying the money Paul spent on the pedal was to have been used to take Hannah out too. She doesn't listen to his excuses and storms out instead.
The Coffee Shop
Madge is trying to tell Harold about Paul and Hannah but he has fallen asleep. After a few minutes he awakens denying he was asleep and starts rattling on about the article he was "reading." Paul comes in and Harold and Madge have a go at him about spending all the money on himself instead of taking Hannah out.
No. 30
Hannah has rejoined Amy and Anne for a facial whilst bitching about Paul. Lance comes round looking for Joel. Hannah and Anne take the opportunity to leave so that Lance and Amy can sort out their problem. Lance apologises to her for calling her a stalker and she insists she wasn't stalking him. They go to have a drink to make up.
No. 26
Paul comes round to see Hannah to apologise for spending the money on himself. He says he only bought the pedal so they could hang around together and they kiss and make up.

Phil and Ruth are getting ready to go out when Gordon phones saying he needs Phil urgently. Ruth is annoyed that Phil is running to Gordon instead of going out for the meal.
Lou's Place
Lance and Amy are bantering away when Lance tells her that she would like Megan once she got to know her properly. Amy informs him that Megan is only using him. Lance takes exception to this and storms off telling her he's had enough of her and her friendship.
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