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Neighbours Episode 3336 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3336
Australian airdate: 28/06/99
UK airdate: 09/09/99
UK Gold: 02/02/2005
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Peter Hannay Nick Carrafa
Tad Reeves Jonathan Dutton
Razz Jason Lowe
Summary/Images by: Shona
Bill looks at Anne's diary.
Number 26
Anne asks Bill about going out to on town with Amy and Bill agrees to it. She goes to get dressed and when the phone rings she tells Bill to answer it. It's Toadie.
Number 32
Sarah gives Tad some CDs - she is going to be travelling light. Despite Tad's protestations that she should keep them, she eventually convinces him to keep them. Tad thinks it's weird that she's leaving - couldn't she have sorted it out? She and Peter are perfect for each other. Sarah says she doesn't want advice from a 15-year-old but Tad tells her she's going when she doesn't have to. Sarah tells him to butt out of it.
Number 26
Bill hangs up and picks up Anne's diary again. Just as he's about to open the pages Anne comes in and asks about her outfit. When she leaves he goes for it again, but then she bounds into the room and grabs it off the sofa, saying it's secret women's business. She asks who was on the phone and Bill says he's going for a drink with Toadie. Anne is annoyed and reminds him about their plans with Amy. Bill says Toadie really needs some advice but Anne can go with Amy. When she isn't happy with this he promises to meet up with him after he sees Toadie. Anne remains annoyed that their plans have been put into disarray.
Lou's Place
Bill plays pool as Toadie talks about his clientship with Lou. Lou tells him to be aware - those Gelong girls won't be able to control themselves when they see his new coif! Bill asks Toadie if Karen ever kept a diary. Toadie asks what Anne wrote. Bill protests that he didn't read it. Toadie read Karen's as she left it around, and she wrote in it all about how much she loved him. The she went and dumped him. He says that the female mind is a strange thing and Bill should stay well away.
Number 24
Tad asks Madge whether if two people love each other they should be together. Yes, agrees Madge, but sometimes it can be something other than love, a crush for instance. But if it's real, asks Tad. Madge says everyone finds it hard when those you care about break up. She knows he wants his mother and father to get back together, but Tad says it's not them but Sarah and Peter. Harold comes home dressed in his Salvation Army uniform. He's tired and Madge picks up a hayfever leaflet that was sitting around, telling him that if he has hayfever he should do something about it. He goes to take a tablet.
Lou's Place
Bill orders a drink then Sarah comes in and says it's her shout - her leaving drinks. Bill goes out to the table outside where Toadie's sitting and she says she'll just be joining them. Lou tells her he'll be sorry to see her go, but she says it's time. She thanks him for being a good friend and asks him to make sure the guys look after Bob properly. Lou tells her the drinks are on him - just don't tell Toadie! Sarah starts to cry and Lou gives her a hug.
Number 24
Harold isn't happy about his enforced morning off. On the advice of Tad he decides to go to the allotment, even though Madge tells him it'll only aggravate his hayfever. Tad passes on an invitation to go with him and when they leave he calls MSF, stumbling over the pronunciation. When he asks for Peter they say they can't tell him his address. He tells them he won't mind - he's his little brother.
Back Yard, Number 32
Sarah asks Toadie if he still has a headache - maybe all that cold air is getting into his brain. Toadie isn't impressed. She also has a headache but it's not a hangover, more to do with tension. Tad appears and she goes to get some drinks. Tad tells Toadie that he needs him to take him to Cylinder Cove. Toadie says not today -he doesn't want to go surfing. Tad fills him in on what he did and Toadie demands to know why. For Peter to come back for Sarah, says Tad. Toadie says they can't. Friends don't stick their noses in where they aren't wanted.
Lou's Place
Madge thanks Lou for providing the soft drink for the dance. Lou says he remembers dancing the light fantastic with a certain strawberry blond in a blue dress. Madge remembers it cost her mother a week's wages. She talks about Harold's forgetfulness - his hayfever must be making him thick between the ears! Lou says he'll be sad to see Sarah go and Madge has the feeling she's escaping a bit. When Madge has left Lou proceeds to dance around with a chair, singing to himself in that 'pom-pom-pom' Lou Carpenter way. Then Tad appears through the back and Lou is a little embarrassed. He asks for an advance on his wages but Lou says only when hell goes cold. Tad argues it's for a good cause - a going away present for Sarah. Lou reluctantly agrees. Tad casually asks where Cylinder Cove is and Lou hands him the money.
Cylinder Cove
Tad asks a surfer called Razz where Peter is - he's in the water. Tad calls his name out to no avail. He asks Razz if he can borrow his board - he has to get a message out to him. Razz points out he hasn't the right clothes. But Tad is emphatic that it's very important - the happiness of the nicest people he's ever known is at stake!
Number 26
Sarah tells Anne she's disappointed she missed Phil and Ruth. Anne tells her good luck and Sarah tells her to give her a call if she's in London. As she leaves Bill appears with the electricity money for Phil. Anne asks him to stay but he says he needs to be back at work. He says he knows what she thinks - that he takes the business too seriously and is boring. She says she never said that, she just wants to compare notes. Maybe later, Bill says. She knows why he's in a bad mood - that late night - and he shouldn't expect any sympathy from her. He retorts he doesn't have a hangover and he isn't in a bad mood. She says she doesn't get it - he says there's nothing to get, and leaves.
Cylinder Cove
Peter walks up the beach with Razz, who went in and got him when Tad started blubbering. Peter asks Tad how he knew where to find him. He fills him in on his long journey and all the ins and outs of how he tracked him down. He says he's here about Sarah - she's leaving to go back to England and she's not happy about it. Peter says she's a free agent and can do what she likes, but Tad says it's all wrong. Two people who love each other should be together.
Lou's Place
Toadie asks Bill what else Anne wrote and Bill says he didn't read her diary. But he thinks that she thinks he isn't fun anymore. Toadie asks Lou for his advice on what a bloke should do when his girlfriend doesn't think they're spending enough time with them - Lou says he should hightail it round to Anne's place! Bill asks what he did that for. Toadie says Bill should sort it out.
Number 26
Anne's on the phone to Amy - Bill is being such a 'grump bucket'. Bill turns up and needs to talk: he apologises for being in a bad mood recently and she's right that he might have been taking work too seriously. Anne argues that she never said that and Bill says he knows. Is there something else? Actually, says Bill, it's really important about being open and honest. Anne's says she always is - that's what being in a relationship is all about.
Coffee Shop
Harold comes in and Madge says he's just in time to say bye to Sarah, who's leaving tomorrow. Harold has done a lot at the allotment and Madge is worried he's overdone it. He wishes Sarah all the best and Madge and Sarah worried that he looks washed out. He says he's just a bit light-headed and goes off to get something to eat.

Lou comes in, asking about Tad's whereabouts as he's late for his garage shift. He asks Sarah if Tad gave her a small going away gift and she says no. Lou angrily says he'll have his guts for garters! Sarah muses that she'll miss this place.
Cylinder Cove
Peter and Tad are walking and Tad says Peter can't give up just because Sarah is hung up on Doc Kennedy - he's old and married while Peter is just perfect! He asks him to come back but Peter says he's just a kid, it's never that simple. Tad's angry with people saying he's just a kid, it's garbage. If two people love each other, they should be together, how hard is that? In a perfect world, says Peter. He's tried everything and the ball is in her court. Apart from that there's nothing he can do. Tad says he can. Peter takes a long pause, then says he's on the 2.15 flight tomorrow to Amsterdam - if Sarah wants to talk he'll be at airport. He won't be holding his breath, but Tad says that she'll be there, if it's the last thing he does.
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