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Neighbours Episode 3337 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3337 (Susan Kennedy's birthday)
Australian airdate: 29/06/99
UK airdate: 10/09/99
UK Gold: 02/02/2005
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Peter Hannay Nick Carrafa
Tad Reeves Jonathan Dutton
Summary/Images by: Shona
Peter tells Tad that he'll be at the airport tomorrow if Sarah wants to talk; Tad promises that she'll be there if it's the last thing he does.
Toadie tells Lou and Drew that he's leaving for Gelong tomorrow. Tad arrives late for his shift and makes his excuses to Lou's displeasure. Toadie asks him what's going on and Tad invites him to his office (Toadie's car). Tad tells him that Peter is missing Sarah heaps and they're both too proud to say anything about how they feel to each other. But if they get together, say by mistake, it will be fine. Toadie isn't sure but asks what plan Tad has up his sleeve. He proposes getting Sarah to the airport early where she'll see Peter and they'll get together. Maybe, says Toadie, but he looks sceptical.
Number 28
Libby gets off the phone. The newspaper wants another photo of Drew (relating to her Oakey article) but she said no, as she has essays due - priorities and everything. Susan mentions that it might be a good opportunity to sort things out with him. Libby leaves for the pub and Karl tells her he told her so with satisfaction - Libby has no feelings for Drew. 'Two short planks, Karl.' Susan responds.
Lou's Place
Drew thinks that Libby hates him and he should never have told her how he felt. Sarah tells him that, if he loves her, he has to fight for her. 'Worked for you' says Drew and Sarah unhappily says that was unfair. He apologises. Libby comes through the door and walks right past Drew without acknowledging him. Libby asks Lou if she's on her own and he tells her that she will be if she keeps up that attitude. Drew goes outside to wait for Sarah as she goes up to the bar. She says goodbye to Libby and Libby wishes her good luck, without much feeling. Sarah says it might not be her business but she's wrong about Drew - it would be a mistake to lose their friendship. Libby coolly says that she'll try and remember that. Once Sarah has left she angrily tells Lou she can't believe what Sarah just said. Not just a pretty face says Lou.
Number 26
Susan is over. She asks Ruth about the big dinner with Gordon - she replies that he has the heart of a pure salesman and is totally misogynistic. He chews Phil up and spits him out. Ruth goes on to mention Susan's birthday. Susan despairs over Karl's lack of romance in the gift department. This year it's a toss up between edgetrimmers and some books that she suggested to him. Ruth suggests Susan have her birthday dinner at Lanzinni's. Phil comes home and Susan leaves.
Lou's Place
Lou says that Libby might as well go home if she's going to be so wound up. She says she could have done without Sarah's parting sermon. Lou tells her that if she stopped hating her for one moment she'd realise that Sarah was right. She and Drew can't do no speakies forever.
Number 30
Drew gets up to leave and tells Sarah to have a good flight. She promises to send him a postcard from Harrods. She tells Tad and Toadie that she'll be off to bed but Tad calls her back and says Toadie will be taking her to the airport tomorrow. They can all have a big farewell lunch together. Sarah is surprised but excited about it. When she's gone Tad turns to Toadie and says 'Piece of cake'.
Number 26
Phil promises Ruth that the business with Gordon will calm down soon. She says Susan was only joking about her feeling lonely. She does confess about the dinner idea, with Lanzinni's being so expensive. She'll cancel, downscale. Phil presents her with a cheque from Gordon for $6500 and Ruth happily says she'll book the restaurant. Phil asks whether they're paying or going Dutch and Ruth said that she didn't say anything - Susan might think they will be paying! Phil says not to worry, Karl will realise.
Number 28
Karl's chuffed about Lanzini's. Libby says they have to sort out what they're wearing and then realises she isn't invited. Susan says she isn't sure that the Martins are really paying but Karl reassures her that Phil is now a man about town with his big client. Libby gives her mother her present first - some perfume and a bottle of vitamin B capsules. Karl has bought her a book - he's nothing if not reliable - and a surprise gift (some leopard print lingerie!)
Lou's Place
Drew looks at the fridge under the bar in the pub. It's on its deathbed. Lou tells him to make this his priority - the garage can wait. In the office he phones our silent barman, green-shirted Steve, and tells him that he's got today's shift off - could he fill Libby's shift on Sunday? She has plans with her boyfriend.
Ramsay Street
Sarah hauls her suitcase towards Toadie's car. Karl spots her and gives her a hand to put it into the boot. He wishes her a good flight and she says she'll try. She admits she's going to miss everyone. Karl thinks she'll knock 'em dead in London, but she's unsure. As he walks away she calls his name:
SARAH: Thanks for everything. Getting me into nursing, believing in me. I know things went wrong between us. I never meant to hurt you or anyone else.
KARL: I'm...I'm just sorry things worked out the way they did.
SARAH: You can't help the way you feel can you?
KARL: No you can't (He pauses, looking at her). Well, anyhow, the future lies right ahead, right?
SARAH: I'll never forget you.
Karl hugs her and says goodbye. She looks on after him. Tad and Toadie come out with more bags.
Sarah and Toadie walk, thinking about lunch. Toadie says Tad is off to get some magazines for the trip - amazingly considerate. Toadie asks about Karl and she says it was just a neighbourly farewell. She has no second thoughts about him. Tad appears, without any magazines and suggests they go and change her money. Toadie jumps in to convince her. As they approach the booths Peter is at the head of the queue. Sarah says this isn't funny and starts to storm off. Peter calls her name.
Number 28
Lou phones Libby - poor Steve is having his wisdom teeth out and she has to come in to cover for him! She leaves for the library and Ruth arrives, with some flowers for the birthday girl. Susan shows her gifts - a book and one or two midlife crises. Ruth tells her that she had to book Lanzinni's for tomorrow as they're all booked up. Susan says not to worry about there if they're stretched for cash but Ruth is convinced.
Susan won't forgive Tad and Toadie for this. Toadie tells her to go and talk to Peter. Peter knows that she didn't come knowingly but they could still just go for a drink. At first she refuses then says yes.
Lou's Place
Libby comes into the office. Drew comes in and Libby demands to know what he's doing there. Fixing the fridge, Lou informs her gleefully, pleased with himself and his plan. Libby has to take everything out of the bust fridge and Lou rushes off. Behind then bar she coolly asks Drew to move some stuff and he offers to come back later. But Libby doesn't want to ruin Lou's little reunion fantasises. They should just do their jobs. Fine, says Drew.
Peter and Susan have coffee. Peter tells Sarah about Tad's little story about her not wanting to end their engagement and he shouldn't have believed him. Sarah says he might not be completely wrong but she couldn't have married him the way things were. He asks if anything has changed and she isn't sure. Can she wait and see? She gives him Mal and Cath's number where she'll be staying and Peter has to rush off to do some things before the flight. He kisses her cheek before leaving.
Lou's Place
Chaos reigns at the pub. Libby nearly falls over Drew who's still fixing the fridge. He asks again if he should go but Libby needs the fridge when the place is a busy as this. She then falls into him and blames him angrily. Drew serves the customer and ushers her into the office:
DREW: I think it's time we sort out what's going on between us.
LIBBY: Nothing, OK? Can I go now?
DREW: You're not a very good liar, Lib. Not even to yourself.
LIBBY: What's that supposed to mean?
DREW: You obviously still have feelings for me, regardless of what you say. Just look at the way you're acting!
LIBBY: How am I supposed to act? Look, I trusted you, you let me down, end of story. If you don't mind, I have a pub full of customers out there.
She leaves and Drew says the sooner he's out of there, the better.
Tad is confident that Sarah and Peter will be back together, but Toadie isn't so sure. They see Sarah alone and she tells them she and Peter are going to wait and see. Let fate take its course? Asks Toadie. Peter is a great guy, he might be *the* one, take a chance woman!

In another part of the airport Peter heads to the departure gate, where his flight is boarding. He looks around to see if there's any sign of his ex-fiancée and seeing nothing, heads to the elevator. Just as he steps in Sarah runs towards him, shouting his name. He sees her just as the door closes.
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