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Neighbours Episode 3335 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3335
Australian airdate: 25/6/99
UK airdate: 8/9/99
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Louise Leitch
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Gordon makes sexist remarks about Ruth and women in general.
Ruth isn't happy about Gordon - she says Phil shouldn't surrender his principles just because Gordon is a client.
The Pub
Joel tells Bill and Anne that he's got a trial at Uni FM - he's very excited about it. He asks Bill to come in and do a question and answer session and he readily agrees. He's a bit nervous because he might not know all the woodworking answers. Lou offers to lend Bill a really good book.
Anne tells Bill that Lance and Amy's relationship is getting weirder and weirder.
Bill's workshop
Bill is working and chatting with Anne when the power goes off. Anne asks Bill how many notices he's had about the electricity. He warns her not to say a single word.
Anne asks Phil for a loan to pay Bill's electricity bill. Phil agrees and also agrees not to mention it to Karl. He thinks the situation sounds a bit messy though.
Bill's workshop
Bill is working with hand tools outside when Karl comes to visit. Karl probes as to why he's not using power tools and Bill fobs him off saying traditional methods are good. Karl also comments on the lack of music and Bill's reluctance to make a cup of coffee. Bill asks him to go away because he's very busy.
The Coffee Shop
Karl comes in and orders a flat white from Madge. She thanks him for talking to Harold the other day - they've been worried about him. Karl doesn't think there's anything to worry about, but Madge is not so sure.
Harold comes out and interrupts them. He asks Madge to go and find a strainer that he's lost. While she does that, Harold serves Karl and Karl asks him quietly if he's been keeping something from him - some medical condition. Harold laughs but when he turns his back, his face is very worried.
Ruth is helping Joel with his knee and he says it's much better. Sarah comes in and Ruth tells her how sorry she is about her and Peter. Joel tells Ruth that his Dominator Sports sponsorship has fallen through - it's gone to a competitor that he always used to beat. Ruth tells him he's not ready for competition. Joel hears this but obviously he doesn't want to believe it.
The Coffee Shop
Harold tells Karl that he's been sneezing and having headaches, but he thinks he's being a bit of a hypochondriac about it.
Madge comes back with the strainer and Harold goes back to the kitchen. Karl tells Harold firmly that he'll see him later. He tells Madge they were just talking about the Community Bus though.
Bill has got the woodworking book and calls on Joel to go to the radio station. He asks Joel if he's been training and Joel gets very defensive - he says he's just exercising.
Uni FM
Joel is speaking fluently on the radio and is doing very well. Bill is frantically looking through the woodworking book.
The Coffee Shop
Harold has forgotten that he's ordered some things already. Madge asks him how the Community Bus is and Harold doesn't know what she's talking about. Madge looks a bit cross that Harold is hiding things from her.
Uni FM
Joel is introducing some questions for Bill. Bill reads out a woodworking question then frantically looks through the book for the answer. Joel covers for him very eloquently.
The Pub
Phil and Ruth are having lunch with Karl. Karl is worried about Bill's business and Phil and Ruth exchange looks. They don't let on that Phil gave a loan to pay the power bill though. Karl says he only wants to help Bill.
Gordon rings Phil's mobile and speaks to Ruth. To say thank you for the dinner at their place, he wants to give them two tickets to a show of their choice. Phil laughs and says that sucking up never hurts!
Uni FM
Bill is reading the answer to the woodworking question from the book. The section ends and Joel puts some music on.
The phone rings and it's Anne. She asks Bill to meet her at the workshop. Bill runs out saying it sounded urgent and Joel will have to handle the rest of Bill's slot. Joel says he'll manage.
Bill's workshop
Anne turns on the power tools and the lights. Bill does not look pleased at all.
Karl is just coming out of the Bishops' house when he runs into Sarah. He tells her he's sorry about her and Peter. Sarah says she feels pretty embarrassed about the whole thing. She also tells Karl that she's going back to England - she's got friend there and her sister too - maybe it's time for a change of scenery.
Bill's workshop
Anne tells Bill that Phil lent her the money to pay the electricity bill. She tells Bill there's no shame in it - she thinks it's ridiculous that he puts pride before common sense. Bill is pretty cross though so Anne goes off telling him to come and find her when he's being rational again.
Karl comes home to find Bill lying on the sofa. Bill admits to him that the power was cut off but that Anne has had it put back on. Bill says he doesn't want to be in debt to anyone. Karl asks Bill to come to him if he's in trouble in future. Bill is clearly upset about the whole situation.
Bill comes to call a truce with Anne. She says only if he really means it. Bill notices her diary but Anne says he can't look in it. They are just making up when the phone rings and Anne goes to answer it. The oven rings so Anne takes the phone into the kitchen. When she's gone, Bill curiously opens her diary and reads a page. But Anne comes back before he can read much so he quickly closes it. Anne asks him what's wrong and says he looks like he's seen a ghost.
<<3334 - 3336>>
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