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Neighbours Episode 3334 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3334
Australian airdate: 24/6/99
UK airdate: 7/9/99
Writer: Alan Hopgood
Director: Louise Leitch
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Megan Townsend: Allison Byrne
Gordon Collins: Chris Waters
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
The band Tad hired for a concert (The Dogs) start playing and the sound system blows up.
Concert Hall
Tad tells the crowd that the sound system has had it so the concert's off. He offers the booing crowd their money back.
The Pub
Lance is waiting for Bill and Anne when Amy comes in. She goes on about Lance's "mystery" girlfriend - she thinks the girlfriend doesn't exist.
Susan says that it's not Tad's fault that the sound system blew up. Tad is still cross about Sick Dog making a move on Becky.
Hannah bemoans the fact that they actually lost money. Phil says he'll ring the hire place to complain about the sound system. Tad isn't keen though - he says it's still his project.
Martins, the following morning
Lance is off to the library - he says Sunday morning is the best time because it's quiet. Hannah asks Lance what her name is!
There's a knock on the door and it's Gordon Collins. He greets Phil who is still in his pyjamas and asks if he can pick up the report he was working on. Phil introduces Ruth and Hannah (also still in their pyjamas) Phil says he hasn't finished the report yet and Gordon is surprised. They agree that Gordon can pick up the report when he gets back from his golf game.
Gordon then invites himself to dinner(!) saying the "little lady" can put an "extra spud in the pot". Ruth does not look impressed.
Outside Uni library
Lance bumps into Megan who was in the club the other night. He's pleased as Anne washed the flares he'd been wearing with Megan's phone number in the pocket. Lance tells her he had a really good time the other night and Megan suggest they get some coffee. Lance agrees - he's rapped to run into Megan again.
Ruth is cross that she has to spend her Sunday cooking for Phil's client.
Tad comes in and asks how Phil went with the hire company. He's on the phone at that moment.
Phil puts the phone down and says that the hire people had lots of interesting things to tell him. Apparently Tad opted for a cheaper sound system than he was recommended - no wonder it blew up.
The Coffee Shop
Megan tells Lance that she can't get over how nice he is - they couldn't talk much at the nightclub over the music. Megan is studying contemporary dance at the moment and Lance is interested. They get on very well. Megan also tells him that she works as a bouncer at Reds! Lance is surprised, but Megan says that dancers are fit and strong. Lance says he'd better watch out or he'll find himself flat on his back. Megan flirtily says, "Only in the nicest possible way"!
Amy comes in at that moment and Lance introduces Megan to her. Amy looks a bit stricken. There is an awkward silence and Amy wanders off.
Tad is telling everyone that he was just trying to save money but Phil and Ruth laugh to hear that Tad took Lou's advice(!) Hannah and Paul berate Tad much to his annoyance
Ruth goes off to shop for the dinner with Gordon. She is making the best of it though.
Paul and Hannah come to explain to Susan what happened with the amplifier, but Tad has already told her everything. Susan says not to be too hard on Tad - he was only trying to help.
Ruth comes in and the teenagers leave. Ruth asks Susan to borrow some dishes because she's cooking lunch for Gordon. Ruth isn't happy that Gordon called her the "little lady" and Susan laughs. Ruth thinks Gordon is a dinosaur.
Ruth is cooking frantically as Lance drones on about Megan. Ruth is stressed out about the cake she's made and rightly so - when it comes out of the tin it breaks into pieces. Lance suggests mixing it up into trifle! Then he continues to bang on about Megan, much to Ruth's exasperation. Ruth sends Lance off to buy a sickly cheesecake from the deli at the mall.
Hannah is about to leave and Ruth says she hoped she's stay to help her! But Hannah has already cleaned the bathroom so Ruth hugs her and lets her go.
As Hannah is leaving Gordon arrives early and gives some flowers to Ruth. She goes off to continue making dinner. Gordon tells Ruth that a golfer needs a good woman in the kitchen! Ruth is not impressed.
Phil comes out and offers Gordon a beer.
Paul and Hannah are snogging on the sofa when Amy comes in. She is looking for Lance. Hannah and Paul are not impressed as Amy fishes for details about Lance's new girlfriend. They don't know what she's talking about. Amy eventually goes off to look for Lance.
Tad comes in and Hannah and Paul tell him to get lost(!) He says he's got a great idea to make back the money on the concert - a foam party! Paul is completely exasperated as Tad helps himself to toast.
Lance and Megan are dancing and having a great time. As they leave the dancefloor they find Amy sitting at the bar. Their faces fall.
Gordon is making an appalling speech about women going out to work - he thinks that women should stay at home and improve the youth unemployment problem! Ruth makes several sarcastic remarks and then asks Phil pointedly what he thinks about the matter. Phil sits on the fence and says, "Well, it's one solution I suppose!" Ruth clears away the plates crossly.
Amy claims that she is meeting Damian there tonight but Lance clearly doesn't believe her. He goes off with Megan and admits that Amy's his ex. Megan thinks Amy is an idiot.
Gordon suggest some French cognac after dinner but Ruth tells Phil quietly he's better not dare - the Gerards sent them that cognac. Phil feels obliged though and goes off with Gordon to the living room.
Megan goes up to Amy at the bar and asks why she keeps staring at her and Lance. She says that people can be done for stalking. Amy says she's not stalking - it's a free world. Megan and Lance go off together and Amy looks upset.
<<3333 - 3335>>
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