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Neighbours Episode 3333 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3333
Australian airdate: 23/6/99
UK airdate: 6/9/99
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Louise Leitch
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Shannon Jones: Diana Glenn
Sick Dog: Matthew Derrick
Becky Niedermeyer: Diane Vidura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Drew telling Libby that he loves her.
Drew asks Libby to say something but she is stunned into silence. He says it isn't a joke - he's been feeling this way for months. But he doesn't expect anything - their friendship is the most important thing.
LIBBY: No, a friend wouldn't do this. A friend is supposed to be supportive - no strings attached. Why did you have to go and complicate things?
DREW: Well, you know, I'm just being honest. Look, if you don't feel the same way then...
LIBBY: I don't.
DREW: Fine. Then, you know, nothing has to change.
LIBBY: Of course it does. How can you say something like that and expect everything to be the same?
DREW: Well, I don't really, OK, I just thought it was worth our friendship to try to keep everything the same.
LIBBY: You know, I trusted you. I thought you listened because you cared. Now I find out that you had your own agenda.
DREW: It wasn't an agenda, Lib.
LIBBY: Is that why you invited me to Oakie? So you could make your move?
DREW: Well if that was the reason then I would have made a move, and I didn't, did I?
LIBBY: I really thought you cared about me. Now you've just been waiting for the right moment to take advantage.
DREW: OK, Now hold it right there. That is not what I was doing.
LIBBY: Yeah, well that's the way it seems.
DREW: I held off telling you because I was afraid you'd react this way. The last thing I want to do it lose your friendship.
LIBBY: Well, you have. I just can't trust you anymore. Will you go?
DREW: Do you mean it?
(Drew walks out)
The Garage
Drew is working in the dark when Lou comes in and scares him - he saw a light on and thought someone had broken in. Drew is working on Libby's scooter.
LOU: Libby got problems with her scooter, has she?
DREW: Apparently.
LOU: It's as temperamental as she is. Not that she doesn't have her good points, mind you. Of course, I don't have to tell you what they are now do I?
(Drew looks at him)
LOU: Don't tell me the flame of unrequited love has burned itself out!
DREW: Thanks to me and my big mouth, yeah.
LOU: (excited) You told her?! And?
DREW: Well let's just say that this scooter is about as close as I'll ever get to her.
LOU: (disappointed) Aww. No, no, no, look, it'll be alright, mate. See, women are a bit like cars and scooters.
DREW: Are you going to say something politically incorrect?
LOU: I hope so! You see sometimes we go into a car yard, we something we fancy and we buy it straightaway. It's not until we get it home that we realise we've got a lemon.
DREW: And this relates to Libby, how?
LOU: Well, Libby's not a quick-buy sort of girl, she's far too sensible. No, she'll test-drive that vehicle. Make sure it's exactly right before she puts her money down.
DREW: And this relates to me, how?
LOU: You, are that vehicle. Solid, dependable, not too much rust! But, it'll take her a little while to realise that.
DREW: Is this your roundabout kind of a way to tell me not to give up, or are you trying to shatter my ego here?
LOU: Interpret it as you will.
Libby is trying to get Susan to pick up her scooter from the garage for her, but Susan isn't very keen. She tells Libby to get Drew to do it.
Libby burns her shirt on the iron and Susan asks her what's wrong. She insists she's fine but Susan tells her not to lie to her mother. Perceptively, Susan asks her if it's Drew. Libby says it isn't. Then she goes on to say that Drew is her "supportive, caring friend...who just happens to be in love with me."
Susan smiles in triumph and says she wondered how long Libby would take to figure it out. Libby is annoyed and asks why Susan didn't tell her if she knew, but Susan says it's not her place. Susan asks Libby if she feels the same and Libby gets even more annoyed and says that the world has gone mad! Susan says if she stopped to think about it for a second she'd realise it was a compliment! Libby says that Drew took advantage of her when she was down but Susan pooh-poohs this. She tells Libby she's being silly - Drew's been honest with her.
Libby says that Drew is fooling himself but Susan says it's not for her to judge - she can't control his feelings. Libby says that Drew was her friend and now he's ruined it. Susan sighs in exasperation.
Ramsay Street
Tad excitedly asks Drew if he'll agree to be a bouncer for the Dogs concert. He says that he needs some muscles on the door and Drew's muscles are legendary. Drew says that flattery will get him nowhere and tells him that under-age concerts are not his scene. Drew unenthusiastically says that he'll think about it.
Tad tells Hannah and Paul that Drew said yes to being a bouncer(!).
Tad then approaches Phil and tries to butter him up by flattering his choice of tie! Phil tells him that the answer is no! Tad asks him is the school council will advance him $200 for a deposit on the sound system - they'd pay it back from the profits. Phil looks at the figures and reluctantly agrees, but it'll have to be paid back.
Hannah answers the phone to a member of the band - Sick Dog. The band has broken down two hours away and unless they can get someone to pick them up there won't be a concert. Tad turns to Phil again and Phil says the answer is no! Hannah begs Phil and Ruth takes the kids' side. Phil relents and says he'll go.
The Coffee Shop
Drew is buying breakfast. Madge tells Drew that she's put an extra croissant in because "bouncers have very big appetites". Drew calls Tad a little toerag and tells Madge that he hadn't actually agreed to it yet. Madge laughs and says that's Tad for you. Drew says he hasn't got anything better to do, so he might as well.
Drew bumps into Susan on the way out and she gives him a loaded "hello". He leaves.
Susan orders a coffee, but she is distracted and then runs outside after Drew. She awkardly approaches him and he says it's OK - he expected Libby to tell her.
DREW: So does she still think I'm scum of the earth?
SUSAN: No! No, I don't think she's thinking along those lines at all.
DREW: Still, she didn't want to hear it. Should have kept my big mouth shut.
SUSAN: Oh, I disagree! You told her how you feel, there's nothing wrong with that.
DREW: Only she doesn't feel the same way and now I've lost her friendship.
SUSAN: Friendships don't fall apart that easily.
DREW: Look, Susan, this is really nice of you, but it's not necessary.
SUSAN: Drew, just...just hang in there. Really. I know my daughter.
The Garage
Drew is working under a car while Shannon nags him to come to the movies with her. He doesn't want to though. She nags him so much he eventually agrees, but tells her not to pick a comedy - he's not in the mood.
Susan tells Libby that it would be such a shame if she stopped speaking to Drew over this. She tells her to go and pick up her scooter and be mature about it. Libby says if Susan really loved her she's pick it up for her but Susan laughs and says no way!
The Garage
Libby has come to pick up her scooter. She awkwardly asks for the bill and she puts it in her bag. Then she puts her helmet on and drives away while Drew retreats to the office.
Ruth and Susan are having a cup of tea. Ruth asks Susan if she knows why Sarah has called off the engagement but Susan says she hasn't. She and Karl have talked about it but nothing else has happened. She thinks Sarah still has "an attachment" to Karl though. Ruth says that Sarah is a nice girl, but it's time she got a life. Susan says yes, and preferably far away from Ramsay Street!
Phil rings to say he's half an hour away with the band and would she meet him down at the hall. Ruth invites Susan along.
Outside the Pub
Shannon and Libby bump into each other. Libby apologises for not saying goodbye the day before but Shannon tells her not worry about it. She asks if Libby has got the photos back yet because she can't wait to see the one of her and Drew. Shannon says her son Brian adores Drew and that Drew will make a great dad one day. She mentions that she and Drew are going to the movies tomorrow and Libby looks a little stricken.
Concert Hall
Tad is drilling Drew on the bouncer position. "No thongs, no ties, no semi-automatic weapons..."(!) Drew says crossly that he gets the picture.
Harold has forgotten to bring the chips and drinks. In fact - he forgot to order the extra stock. Madge says she'll talk to Lou to see if he can cover it.
The band arrive and introduce themselves as Sick Dog, Sly Dog, Mad Dog and Bad Dog. Top Dog had to stay with the van, but they say he's only good for carrying equipment anyway(!) They also say they've got a new helper for the equipment - Cuddly Dog! At which point Phil staggers in with the band's equipment!
The Pub
Madge is asking Lou to provide food for the concert. Harold is upset that he forgot to order the stock. Lou says he'll see what he can do.
Phil and Ruth come in and Ruth orders a beer for "Cuddly Dog"(!) Phil says the band are nice blokes, despite their name. Lou says he should get him head read!
Concert Hall
Drew is admitting people to the concert.
Paul comes up and says they're running out of drinks, so Madge sends Drew off to the pub to get more.
Tad asks Susan if she's seen Becky from Year 12.
Becky comes in and says that Tad promised to introduce her to the band. Tad says he'll do it straight after the show.
Two members of the band come up and Becky spots them. She asks Sick Dog to autograph her arm, much to Tad's displeasure.
The Pub
Drew is picking up the drinks while Libby cleans tables and ignores him.
When Drew has gone, Lou goes up to Libby and says Drew's a nice guy. Then he chuckles loudly. Libby laughs despite herself.
Concert Hall
Tad is frantically looking for Becky. Phil tells him he has to start the concert - the crowd are getting restless.
Tad introduces The Dogs and they comes out on to the stage. Sick Dog dedicates his first song to a new friend of his - Becky. Tad does not look pleased. They start to play but the sound system blows up!
<<3332 - 3334>>
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