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Neighbours Episode 3332 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3332
Australian airdate: 22/6/99
UK airdate: 3/9/99
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: Louise Leitch
Guests: Shannon Jones: Diana Glenn
Peter Hannay: Nick Carrafa
Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Sarah sobs to Toadie - how can she marry Peter when she's still in love with Karl? She begs Toadie to tell her what to do.
Drew is telling Shannon that he's managed to fix her car. He also tells her that the cost is on the house, but she says she has to stand on her own two feet. She insists on paying the full amounts - but in installments. She hugs Drew to say thank you just as Libby comes up.
Libby asks Drew if she can bring her scooter in for repair. Also she's brought the first draft of the story she's writing about Drew in the Rodeo. He reads some it aloud and laughs.
Peter comes in with his wedding suit. Then he notices that Sarah is pacing and asks her what's wrong. Sarah says she should have told him this before - he is a wonderful guy, but she can't marry him. Peter wants to know what's happened but Sarah says nothing's happened - she just doesn't love him enough.
Peter asks her when she decided this, and that it's probably just cold feet. She says it isn't, but she can't explain. Peter says they both know the whole story - it's Karl Kennedy and it's written all over her face. He walks out.
Ramsay Street
Drew invites Karl to dinner at the pub tomorrow as he's invited Shannon along as well. Peter walks past and Karl asks him if he's ready for the bucks' night tomorrow night. He glares at Karl darkly and says he won't be there - it's off. Drew says he has to have a bucks party, but Peter says that Sarah's cancelled the wedding. Drew and Karl are shocked. Karl asks why and Peter says it's funny that he should be the one to ask that - he says he can't compete with history.
Susan is doing some paperwork when Karl comes in. Karl is a bit agitated and tells Susan that Peter and Sarah's wedding is off. Susan wonders why and looks very disappointed - Mal probably won't come home now either.
Drew calls round to see Sarah to see how she is. She's pretty upset and says that she didn't enjoy hurting Peter, but she thought it was the right thing to do. Drew doesn't think she's quite sure and it'll be a hell of a mistake if she's wrong. Drew is worried about Sarah but she says she just wants to be on her own for a bit.
Peter comes in and says he has a few things to say. He wants to know what she has to gain by clinging to the image of a relationship with a guy that she can't have. Sarah says she's tried so hard to put Karl out of her mind and Peter says she did. Sarah says that Peter made her happy but her feelings for Karl are like a spring that keeps bouncing back. Peter says that she can't have Karl and she has to get over him because she can't have him. Peter says they could have been happy together but Sarah says it wouldn't have been honest. Peter says he was willing to accept her feelings for Karl and just get on with things. Sarah says that it wouldn't have been honest on her side.
Tad comes in and finds Sarah lying on the sofa in the dark with Bob. She tells him that she and Peter have broken up. Tad offers to go and bash him(!) but Sarah said that she broke up with him. She won't tell Tad why though. Sarah starts to cry and says she's never broken anyone's heart before. Tad puts his arm around her and says she's probably broken loads of hearts - she just doesn't know it(!) Tad is very sypmpathetic and says that maybe she did Peter a favour - it's better to split up now rather than later on when they have kids or something. Sarah says he seems all grown up all of a sudden and hugs him.
Outside the Coffee Shop, the following day
Libby bumps into Sarah and tells her sincerely that she's sorry that the wedding's been called off. Sarah says all anyone needs to know is that sometimes your past just won't let you go. She walks away.
The Coffee Shop
Tad comes in and tell Harold he's going to give him the biggest soft drink order he's ever had - 20 dozen cans for his concert tomorrow. Harold suggests he gets it on sale or return, but Tad is confident he'll sell them all.
Shannon comes in to thanks Harold for all he's done for her. She invites him to the pub for drinks at lunchtime with Drew as it's her birthday. Harold says he's not much of a pub person, but then Madge comes in and says they'd love to come!
When Shannon has gone, Madge tells Harold that he thinks Drew quite likes Shannon. Harold chuckles conspiratorially and says Drew could do worse!
Lassiters Lake
Drew bumps into Sarah. She apologises for being rude the night before, but Drew says it's fine. He asks her what happens now and Sarah says that hopefully life will just go back to normal - whatever that is. She says that Drew's love life is going OK - at least the person he likes is available. Drew says that lots of people have the idea that he and Shannon are an item, but Sarah cuts him off and says he knows she's not talking about him and Shannon. She wants to know why he's wasting his chance and not doing anything about it.
Outside Lassiters
Susan catches up with Peter. She says she's heard he was leaving and he says he's off to Amsterdam as soon as possible. He doesn't think there's any hope of a reconcilation. Peter asks Susan if she knows why Sarah called it off. Susan looks down and says that there's nothing going on between Sarah and Karl. Peter says it just won't go away for her.
The Pub
Toadie, Libby, Madge, Karl, Drew and a few others are congratulating Shannon on her birthday. Harold stands up and makes a speech wishing Shannon a happy birthday and presents her with a gift from the community. He presents her with a cheque for her and Brian. She is very touched and kisses Harold. She thanks everyone present. Libby takes some photos of them. Shannon asks Libby to take a photo of her and Drew and puts her arms around him for the photo - and is in no hurry to let go. Susan comes in and sees this.
Susan is distracted as Karl makes smalltalk. She tells Karl that she bumped into Peter today. Karl is oblivious to the reason for the wedding being called off, so Susan tells him it's him. He starts to defend himself that nothing is going on and Susan says she knows. But Sarah still feels something.
Libby comes in as they are talking and Karl and Susan go off to the cinema. Libby looks a bit fed up and Susan invites her to come with them to the cinema. But Libby says she has work to do.
Tad is trying to get hold of Peter at his hotel but he's already checked out. Tad says he wanted to hear Peter's side of the story, much to Toadie's incredulity. He tells Tad off for trying to interfere. Tad says he can't bear to see Sarah so miserable - he wants to do something to help her. Toadie says that there's a cardinal rule in life - never interfere in someone else's love life.
Drew calls round. He asks Libby why she left so quickly at the pub but she says she just had some work to do. She asks Drew when she'll see the wedding notice in the paper. Drew doesn't know what she's talking about. Libby says that things look full-on between him and Shannon. Drew is surprised and says they're just friends, but Libby thinks she's after him! She tells him that men are so blind - she's been after him from the minute she moved into Lou's house. Drew protests that she had nowhere else to go.
Libby goes on to say that Shannon has got her claws into him and Drew can't believe what he's hearing. Libby says she's not criticising - he should just go for it. Drew says he doesn't want to hear this rubbish.
DREW: For months now, I've been as truthful, as honest and straightforward a friend to you as I can possibly be.
LIBBY: Pleased to hear it.
DREW: No, no, no. No games. Everything up front and out in the open.
LIBBY: Yeah, never said you weren't.
DREW: Except for one small thing. The way I feel about you.
LIBBY: ...Yeah?
DREW: You want the truth, well, I'll give you the truth. I think you're pig-headed, bloody-minded, you're stubborn and you're overbearing.
LIBBY: Is that all?
DREW: No. I'm in love with you.
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