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Neighbours Episode 3329 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<3328 - 3330>>
Episode title: 3329
Australian airdate: 17/6/99
UK airdate: 31/8/99
UK Gold: 27/1/05
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Julia Burrows: Rhian Skirving
Geoff Hastings: Chris Gaffney
- "Miracle" by Dom Cincotta
- "Sea Of Love" by Ashley Reeder
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Paul, Hannah and Harold discovering the complex covered in posters.
Paul is trying to explain the posters when Madge joins them and tries to blame it all on Tad but they say it was Year 7's. Harold and Madge tell them to start taking the posters down.
No. 28
Anne comes round to see Billy. She is nervous as her sculpture is being judged and there is an exhibition with them all that she wants Billy to come to. He says he will try but he has someone coming round to see the tables he has made.
No. 26
Ruth comes off the phone to Pippa and tells Phil about the posters all over the complex. Phil is stressing over which tie to wear to a business dinner.
Anne is showing Lance the good marks she got when Julia comes over to see Lance. He is really please to see her.
No. 26
Lance and Julia are reminiscing. She goes to freshen up when Amy comes round wanting to see if they fancy celebrating her successful assessment at work. Julia comes out of the bathroom and gets introduced to Amy. Amy's chin quickly hits the floor.
The Coffee Shop
Madge and Harold are talking about Tad when Harold mentions to her he feels tired. Paul and Hannah come in and they plead ignorance again over the posters but tell them that Tad is getting a lecture about it from Susan.
No. 26
Julia is explaining to Amy how she met Lance. Amy still wants to celebrate but they have other plans.
Paul and Hannah are removing the posters when Harold gives them the bad news that there is more to be removed from Eden Hills.
Billy, Anne and Amy are at the exhibition of the sculptures. Billy is thing to look at them but all Amy wants to do is talk about Julia. Lance and Julia come arrive to see the exhibition. Someone takes notice of Anne's sculpture but Billy doesn't like the comments he is making and politely tells him so. Anne quickly takes him aside and tells him that the man is her lecturer and she wants Billy to leave.
No. 26
Phil is hard at work when Hannah and Paul come in for more cleaning supplies to remove the posters in Eden Hills. Hannah tries to explain about the posters but gets a mini lecture instead from Phil.
The Coffee Shop
Anne is moaning to Amy about what Billy said in the exhibition but all Amy is worried about is Lance and Julia and Anne gets annoyed at her.
No. 26
Phil is still stressing over which tie to wear and Ruth tells him to keep calm. Much to everyone's surprise Lance comes into the living room all dressed up. Hannah and Paul come back in knackered and she accidentally spills some liquid onto Phil's jacket stressing him out even more and he starts shouting at her.

Phil eventually leaves and Ruth tells Hannah her dad is only stressed out and didn't mean to shout at her. Julia calls round for dinner and is introduced to Ruth. Amy "conveniently" calls round on the pretence of borrowing a top from Anne.
No. 24
Hannah is round for supper and Paul wonders how they can publicise the concert now. Harold comes into the kitchen and tells Madge it is all agreed for Tad to say with them. Whilst he is telling Madge, he becomes a bit vague and Madge asks if he is okay. He tells her he isn't and Madge sends him off to lie down.
No. 26
Julia thanks Ruth for a nice meal and Lance suggests they visit a jazz club. They begin to kiss but get sprung by Anne answering the door. It's Billy wanting to tell her he sold the tables and they decide to go for coffee. Julia and Lance head out too and Amy isn't at all happy.
No. 26 next day
Lance and Julia come home just as everyone is having breakfast. Amy again conveniently calls round this time to return the top to Anne. She discovers that Lance and Julia were out all night and doesn't look happy.
<<3328 - 3330>>
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