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Neighbours Episode 3330 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3330
Australian airdate: 18/06/99
UK airdate: 01/09/99
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Jay Jay McNeil: Kim Fraser
Summary/Images by: Pete
Harold feels ill.
Amy realises Lance was out all night with Julia.
No 26
Amy questions Anne for information about Lance and Julia, but she tries to change the subject without telling her much. Amy denies she's being jealous, she still cares about Lance as a friend. Anne asks if Amy is working. Amy says she isn't so she came over to ask if she wanted to go out.
No 28
Bill is stressed about the business and apologises to Susan about having no cash for his board. He tells Karl that he'll have it later. He leaves to get Anne to help him deliver the tables. Susan tells Karl that they can't complain about Bill not taking responsibility. Karl says he just wishes he wouldn't get so tense about it. Susan laughs and says, "look who's talking" Karl says he only gets tense about important things like cars. He then tells Susan that Pippa saw Drew and Shannon out having dinner together getting along very well, "Which puts paid to your Libby/Drew theory I think". He leaves and Susan calls him, "So nave".
No 26
Phil has had another phone call from Gordon Collins, who's insisting they meet again, forcing him to cancel two other meetings 'what Gordon wants, Gordon gets'. He apologises to Ruth saying it must be getting on her nerves, but she's happy if it means extra business. He suggests the way things are going, he'll have to expand. 'Martin and Partner' suggests Ruth. 'You're the only partner I want'
Bill keeps shouting Anne from the living room to try and hurry her along. Lance insists that Bill bring the Ute back in time for his gardening job later that afternoon. When she finally comes out Bill is short with her saying 'it's alright for you, I've got a business to run. They leave and Lance decides to try and get some sleep. Phil, who's moved to the computer, sympathises with him.
Outside No 28
Susan leaves the house and Ruth comes along, saying she's got some stuff for a white elephant stall to raise money for Shannon. Susan thinks they should raise some reasonable money. Susan asks how 'the troops' are. Ruth says that it's chaotic, Lance is exhausted and Phil's just the same, his new client is running him ragged. Susan flippantly comments about it taking his mind off his mid life crisis.
RUTH: I'd rather he was stressing about his work than running after his secretary.
Ruth realises what she's just said and apologises, Susan says it's ok, but Ruth leaves embarrassed.
Harold is on his knees hammering the ground, when Madge comes along with a flask for him. He decides to take a break, and stands up. As he does so he staggers and has to hold onto a plant for support. Madge helps him to sit down and tells him to stop working and when he's rested they're going to see Karl.
Bill closes up quite calmly as he thinks he's made up for lost time. As he goes to get in the Ute, he realises it has a flat tyre. He takes the spare out of the back, but that's also flat. He starts stressing out again, but Anne calmly tells him just to take the spare to the garage and fill it up with air. She says she's going to get him a drink 'to calm you down'.
Phil is trying to grab a sandwich and is on the phone trying to reschedule a meeting with an unhappy client. When he puts the phone down, Lou says it seems like he has a lot on his plate, which probably accounts for his profit/loss statement being late. Phil says he'll have it this afternoon.
PHIL: 'I have to do things in order'.
LOU: Doesn't seem to be much order about the way you're doing things lately.
The phone rings. This time it's Gordon, and Phil tells him he's on his way, before putting the phone down as Karl arrives, clutching a paper bag. He wonders what's up and tells him he can relax for an hour. Phil says he's had to change his plans because his client called and 'demanded' to see him.
Phil asked what's in the bag, and Karl say's it's a wedding present for Sarah. He tells Phil that Susan is alright about going to the wedding, they're just happy Sarah has found someone, but he's not very convincing.
Bill finishes putting the new tyre on and packs the flat one in the back. Anne has brought them coffees 'decaf' but he says he doesn't have time. Anne says he does unless he's planning on driving at 10km an hour. He brushes past her and she tells him he'll have an ulcer by the time he's 21. He gets in the Ute, and Anne gets in her side. She's trying not to get coffee over the seats because 'Lance will kill' her if she does, but she nearly drops one of the coffees and does a great job catching it. Bill says he'll kill Lance if they don't get there on time. He races off as Anne tries to stop the coffee from falling again.
Phil walks out talking to another client on the phone. Susan comes in and tells Karl he looks like he's about to have a nervous breakdown. They both know it's about his new client, and Susan says she hopes Karl doesn't have patients like that. 'Who says I don't?' says Karl. Susan changes the subject saying she got Sarah a wedding present. A vase. 'Given your usual form you wouldn't be too interested in buying pressies' but he shows her the bag that of course, he has.
Bill and Anne are lost and circle a roundabout once before taking the first junction. Bill stresses out that he'll have missed the buyer, won't get his money for another, won't be able to pay his board and won't be able to go out. He stops and Anne tells him to calm down and not take things so seriously. Anne says she'll shout him the cash for the night out, and he calms down.
Karl has bought some silverware which Susan thinks is really expensive. She can't decide now which present to give. Karl suggests the vase. They ask Lou, who thinks the silverware. Karl says he's happy to go along with whatever Susan thinks.
No 26
Amy knocks on the door, waking Lance who's been sleeping on the couch. She's come to see Anne about this evening. She's not back yet, and Lance says if they're not back soon, he'll be late. Amy asks about Julia and Lance is glad that Amy seems to like her. He says there's a chance she'll be moving down to Erinsborough. Amy suddenly then says she doesn't think Julia is good enough for him. He says she's jealous, and Amy says he's got tickets on himself.
Bill and Anne arrive home and Bill has a go at Lance about the tyre being flat. They start play fighting over the keys as Bill wants to take the tables back to the workshop. Lance tells him he needs to help him with the gardening since he made him late.
AMY: Will you two be serious for a minute, we've got more important things t think about like figuring out where we're going tonight.
They ignore her and leave. Amy wants to check out a new internet site that advertises clubs.
No 28
Lou brings in some old clothes and stuff to sell for Shannon, including Sarah's old Tommy Tuckers costume. He asks if they've decided which present to give her yet. It looks like it'll be silverware, and Lou suggests getting something to match. They look at him like he's said something wrong and he leaves, embarrassed.
No 26
Anne and Amy are checking out clubs on the computer. They remark that one is 'where those people got bashed' which shocks Ruth. Amy asks Anne if she comes across as jealous. Amy lists a couple of ways she does.
AMY: That's just me, can I help it if I like to be involved in everything?
Anne suggests they go to 'Friday Night Fever', a 70's themed night. Ruth thinks it sounds great and can lend them some suitable clothes.
Phil arrives home and is unhappy saying they could have sorted Gordon's problem over the phone. Just then the computer breaks down.
Oh dear.
Phil tries to fix it with his usual style (mashing the keyboard) but that doesn't work, surprisingly. Ruth points out this is useless (!) and Phil stresses out because he has work to do. Lou comes in and stresses out about his accounts. Ruth puts him off till the morning, and Anne and Amy suggest Phil reboots the computer and has a cup of coffee while it's turned off. (Weren't these the two who couldn't fix it 5 minutes ago??) Phil stresses out further and Ruth gets the girls to leave and tries to calm him.
No 28
Bill is ready for his night out. Karl and Susan reminisce about doing The Bump. Bill says he didn't get paid for the coffee tables so he won't be able to pay his board till next week. Karl says to forget about, but Bill doesn't want that. Susan arranges to have him pay fortnightly. He leaves and Karl can't work out how he came across as the bad guy.
Bill, Anne, Lance and Amy meet up for drinks before going out. Lou admires their costumes and says it reminds him of a music festival he went to 'I was in the car park selling beers'.
No 26
Phil is stressing out about the amount of work he has to do and how he wishes he'd never taken on Gordon Collins. He reminds Ruth of the 'Martin and Partner' comment and says she's 'the best partner a bloke could ever have'. Obviously he's forgotten Julie then
Lance realises he knows one of the workers at the nightclub, JJ. It turns out that Friday Night Fever is now on a Saturday night and Fridays are now C&W night. Lance decides to give 'boot scooting' a go, but the others decide to leave.
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