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Neighbours Episode 3328 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3328
Australian airdate: 16/6/99
UK airdate: 30/8/99
UK Gold: 27/1/05
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathan Dutton
Simon Wang: Michael Ngan

Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Toadie telling Tad about his placement and telling Tad he has to go home.
The Garage
Tad is taking his bad mood out on Paul and Hannah whilst washing cars. He tells them about him having to leave and Hannah suggests he asks Madge and Harold if he can live there.
The Coffee Shop
Paul is asking Madge and Harold if Tad can live with them but they aren't keen and say they are too busy to take on Tad.
No. 30
Paul has come to tell Tad the bad news about what Harold and Madge said. Tad tries to persuade Joel to be responsible for him but he says no.
No. 28
Drew has called round to see Libby and Karl invites him to stay for supper. Tad calls round to offers to wash Karl's car for free and subtly drops hints about it being a big house.
Ramsay Street
Tad is washing Karl's car for him. Karl offers him money but Tad refuses. Karl eventually twigs why Tad is washing his car and tells him he can't live at No. 28
The Coffee Shop
Hannah and Paul come in asking if they can put up posters in TCS for the concert. Madge and Harold agree.
No. 28
Karl confirms to Susan that Tad was looking to move in but he said no. Susan tries to compare Tad to Toadie and wants to let him move in. Karl eventually gives in but he wants to talk to Coral first.
Harold spots a miserable looking Tad and tries to cheer him up about promoting the concert but he isn't interested. Madge comes out and they talk about Tad. Harold takes charge and agrees to let Tad stay. Tad is extremely grateful but Madge is still worried.
The Coffee Shop
Karl and Susan come into TCS to speak to Tad. Karl tries to explain why he initially said no but is now saying yes. Tad goes between Karl and Susan and Madge and Harold and tells them he will get back to them (about their offers). Karl and Susan cotton on that Harold and Madge have also said yes to Tad and they begin to argue over who is best to look after Tad. Susan eventually says that Tad can choose.
No. 26
Paul and Hannah are making posters for the concert when Tad rushes in to tell them he now has two offers to say now. Paul says he should stay with him instead of living with the School Principal. Tad says he is going to compare both offers and then decide where to live.
Lassiters Park
Karl and Susan are watching the 'car cram' fundraiser while Libby is taking photos of the event for the paper.
No. 26
Tad has decided to live with Paul at No. 24. Hannah and Paul tell Tad he can put up the posters but he says he will contact his "exploitables" to do it for him.
Lassiters Park
The 'car cram' is still going on. Joel pushes Drew and Libby into the car and they end up extremely close to each other.
No. 28
Karl and Susan are talking about Drew's keenness on Libby. Libby comes in and they quickly change the subject. Tad appears to thank them for their offer but he is going to move into No. 24.
No. 24
Tad has come take Harold and Madge up on their offer. The "exploitables" call round and Tad issues them with their orders.
Lou's Place
Libby is showing off the photos she took at the 'car cram'. Joel and Lou comment on the number of photos of Drew. Karl is trying to say there is nothing going on between Libby and Drew but Susan says there is.
Hannah and Paul walk into the complex and see the "exploitables" work - the whole place is covered in posters. They quickly go to start taking the posters down but Harold spots them.
<<3327 - 3329>>
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