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Neighbours Episode 3327 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3327
Australian airdate: 15/06/99
UK airdate: 26/08/99
Writer: John Davies
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Peter Hannay: Nick Carrafa
Cassandra: Elizabeth Shingleton

Summary/Images by: Shona
Toadie tells Karl and Sarah about the haircut fundraising plan.
Karl tells Sarah that Peter is a lucky man.
Number 30
Toadie asks Sarah why the doc was there and she fills him in on Karl needing to see Joel about the mixed up referral. Toadie eats a Rebecchi special - a sandwich with several layers. He offers her a bite but then says that she'll be on a diet because of the wedding. She says that feminism is obviously lost on him. Toadie says that marrying a doctor is the ultimate single girl fantasy and millions of girls would swap places with her. She sighs and says she's been worried if pink is too girly for the bridesmaids. Toadie sees through her excuses and asks whether Karl was really over just because of Joel's referral. Before she can answer they are interrupted by Tad, who comes through the door laden with shopping bags. He announces that he's going to cook dinner for them - Harold gave him a recipe for Jumbalaya - and leaves for the kitchen. Toadie asks if anyone has rung but no one has. Sarah sees that Tad is trying to prove himself and says she'll miss him when she leaves. Toadie wonders where Pete is, but he's gone for a walk.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is having trouble concentrating on counting the takings. Madge sees this and tells him that he's been doing too much, what with working at the Coffee Shop, doing his course at Uni, the Choral Society, the Band, and helping Shannon. The citizen of the year should probably take a rest. She tells him to go and put the garbage out while she counts the money, which Harold agrees to reluctantly.
Number 30
Sarah organises the place setting cards on the coffee table. Toadie leaves to get his mobile, which he left at the pub but tells Tad to leave some of the food for him - he loves Spanish food. Tad corrects him (it's Cajun) and puts the tray of plates on the table. As he does this he manages to knock the place setting cards over and Sarah isn't pleased, telling him how it took her so long. Then realising she went a bit overboard with shouting at him she apologises and he asks if it's wedding jitters. She says no. He knows what the problem is - she's marrying the wrong bloke. Sarah is confused and he tells her she could have had him in a few years! Sarah looks a little relieved and tells him he'll make some girl very happy one day. He tells her that he'll miss her and she says likewise but he'll go back home and forget all about his friends in Erinsborough. Tad says that his friends and family are here now and they'll keep in touch. Just then Sarah notices that the food is burning and Tad jumps up, dashing to the kitchen as Sarah looks on.
Lou's Place
Lou shows his baby photos to Phil and Ruth. Although Lou is adamant his grandson looks just like him Phil says he is much more like his father. Lou has videos and slides of the baby too, and invites them round that evening to see them. Ruth tries to use her work as an excuse but Phil says they'll be there. Toadie arrives and says that the baby looks exactly like Craig, his dad, but Lou won't have it. Toadie still hasn't heard about his clientship and Ruth brings up the haircut idea. Toad says the Hawaiian theme has to go, but Lou wants his money's worth and it's a moneyspinner. He places the photo on the bar and tells Phil that one day 'all this will be yours'.
Number 30
Toadie wills the phone to ring. Sarah redoes the table settings and Tad brings her and Peter more food he has cooked. He then leaves to make them coffee. Sarah tells Peter that the reception place needs names and numbers by tomorrow, and they also need to think about vows. Peter says he has - AEIOU. Toadie bursts into laughter, which halts when Sarah's glare falls upon him. Sarah says she doesn't want honour and obey in the vows, but something more equal and modern. Peter wonders what's wrong with honour and obey - it's more the sentiment that matters. Things like the sanctity of marriage, forsaking all others - any news on that? Sarah looks away. The phone rings and to Toadie's disappointment it's Catherine, Sarah's sister, and she's coming to the wedding.
Number 28
Susan tells Ruth excitedly that Mal is coming home for a couple of weeks for the wedding, for the first time in over 2 years. Susan wants him to stay longer and she'll strap him to a chair if she has to! Ruth asks what Susan will be wearing to the wedding and she suggests maybe that jacket that both she and Sarah have. Or maybe something in white, with a veil. Ruth observes that she's really enjoying all this and Susan admits that she's glad Mal is coming home - it'll be great to see her boy again.
Number 30
Catherine and Sarah always promised that they would be each other's bridesmaids, Sarah tells Peter, and it wouldn't be the same without her. Peter asks whether he should book her into the same place as his parents will be staying but she says that she'll probably be staying with the Kennedy's as she's seeing Mal, their eldest. Toadie suggests they all get together - Dr and Mrs K included - and do something, but Peter says they'll have to see how the time goes. They ask Toadie to be MC at the wedding and he is happy. He tells Peter he can sing too, maybe something from The Phantom of the Opera or That's Amore and Bill can play the violin and they won't charge! Peter is unsure. Sarah gets off the phone and announces the reception place is double booked!
The Coffee Shop
Tad tells Madge that he really has to start to earn his keep or he'll be shipped back to Tindarra. Madge says she would like to help but all the extra shifts are covered by Cassandra and Paul. Cassandra appears and, in rare vocal moment, tells Tad not to be cheeky and give her the money. Madge takes Harold to the kitchen and tells him that the shop was unlocked when she came to open up this morning. He should have a day off - he needs to clear his head. Harold says that he's sorry and she tells him no harm done.
Number 30
Sarah despairs over the reception place. Peter has been working on his vows and reads to her:
'We have known each other only a few weeks and yet it feels like forever. Already we have learned love can make a mockery of time, love can be strong enough to defeat all obstacles, to conquer all fears, to banish all doubts. Sarah, today I promise you I will do everything within my power to make that extraordinary love grow within us and between us for as long as we shall live.'
He asks if she hates it, but she loves it and thanks him.
Lassiters' Complex
Toadie is walking past the Coffee Shop with two of Lou's palm trees. They're taking the last ones away. Madge is relieved and happy. Toadie thinks how weird Lou is - he was dead against losing the palms yesterday when he brought up the idea and then sent a man around that morning to collect them. Madge says that in all the time she's known him he listens to no one but himself. Susan comes up the path and is disappointed that there won't be any more tropical cocktails. She tries to convince Toadie to make one just for her, but he says no.
The Coffee Shop
Susan and Madge walk in. As Susan orders Lou walks in, looking pleased with himself, and produces the baby photos. Susan marvels that she's never seen a baby so like it's father before. 'Grandfather you mean!' says a disgruntled Lou. Susan quickly adds that she sees some Carpenter in him too at a second glance. Madge congratulates him on the end of 'Tropicana Hell'. Lou laughs that she must be kidding and, in fact, he's thinking of converting the whole pub! Madge quickly fills him in on the removal of the palm trees and Lou dashes off, clutching the photos.
Lou's Place
Toadie and Lou walk in, talking about the palm trees. Toadie says that the person said that his boss was a mate of Lou's and Lou wanted the trees removed. He thought he'd changed his mind. Lou angrily says why would he have left it to Toadie. Toadie retaliates that whenever Lou needs anything done which requires manual labour he 'palms' it off to him. He laughs at the irony of using palm but Lou is too enraged to see the joke. He tells him he aided and abetted the robbery of a virtual plantation of palms and they don't come cheap - in fact - Toadie should cover the cost.
Number 30
Sarah has called around and can't find even an average restaurant to fit them in. Peter suggests Lou's Place, but Sarah isn't keen. Peter says they can get married in grass skirts and lays. She laughs and he's glad to see her happy again. She apologises for being such a grump, and asks if he wants to talk about Karl, but they decide there's no need to. Bob jumps up onto the sofa and Sarah wonders how he'll cope in Amsterdam with the cold. But Peter says he presumed Bob would stay here, what with them only having a flat in Amsterdam and the long quarantine that would be involved. Sarah is disappointed but doesn't want Bob locked up for all that time. But he can't stay here, not when the guys can't look after themselves. She hugs Bob sadly.
Lou's Place
Lou and Toadie argue over the palm trees and Toadie paying for it out of his wages. Phil comes in and can't distract them from their argument. Toadie's mobile phone starts to ring and Toadie hands it to Phil to answer while continuing the argument. Phil tells Toadie that it's for him and he'd better answer it now - it's Gelong. Toadie takes the phone and answers it in his best phone voice.
The Garage
Tad is washing cars as Toadie arrives. Tad says his finances are looking up which is great as he can add more to the kitty. They could have a goodbye for Sarah and he could cook. Toadie breaks it to him that he has the clientship, but it means that Tad can't stay - when Toadie goes, he has to go too.
Ramsay Street, Outside Number 30
Sarah collects the mail and looks through the envelopes. She opens one, which is an acceptance card. Susan is walking up the street towards her and remarks that the mailman must be busy. Sarah says that she's Miss Popular - if she had known it'd be like this, she would have done it earlier. There's an uneasy silence for a few seconds and Sarah says about Mal coming home. Susan says she must be pleased about Catherine coming back. Sarah says it's great they'll be going back overseas, as she'll be over there soon. Susan tells her that she and Karl will be coming to the wedding. She'll R.S.V.P. Great, says Sarah, as long as she knows either way and asks about Bill and Libby. Bill will be coming with Anne, says Susan but doesn't say anything about Libby and Sarah says it's what she expected. Sarah'd better go and Susan wishes her luck.
Number 30
Sarah comes into the empty house, clutching the envelopes and goes over to the window, where she starts to cry.
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