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Neighbours Episode 3326 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3326
Australian airdate: 14/06/99
UK airdate: 26/08/99
UK Gold:26/01/05
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Peter Hannay Nick Carrafa
Pippa Layton Natalie Shostak
Summary/Images by: Shona
Peter asks Sarah who her one important love was - was it Karl Kennedy?
Number 30
Sarah tells him that it wasn't a relationship, not even the start of one. It was just a schoolgirl crush. Pete asks her whether she was a schoolgirl and she says no. Then it can't have been a schoolgirl crush, Peter says coolly. Sarah says she didn't mean it literally. Peter says that they can just leave it and Sarah wants to - it was really embarrassing for everyone involved and she just wants to forget about it. After all, she and Peter are all that matter now.
Lou's Place
Toadie is talking to Joel, and Libby about his battle to find a clientship. So far he's been knocked back six times in the past fortnight and it's crucial for his career that he gets one. Libby assures him that it isn't the end of the world. His next interview is tomorrow and Libby promises to have her fingers crossed for him. Drew comes in and asks who's stressing. Joel fills him in on Toadie's plight and Drew suggests that maybe he gets a haircut - most law firms are straight down the line conservative. But Toadie is adamant that a haircut is not an option. Drew tells them that he took Shannon and her son, Brian, to the beach and they had a great time as Libby smiles politely. Toadie asks how Shannon is managing to replace all the stuff she lost in the fire. Harold's helping but Drew suggests that maybe they do some fundraising for her - Toadie could do some promotion on the radio. He turns to Libby and suggests she can do some publicity in the paper too, but Libby appears unsure about it.
Number 28
Susan retrieves a box of Scrabble from the sideboard and Karl groans, saying that they'll only end up arguing and going to bed in a huff. Libby comes in and tells her parents about Toadie's trouble with the clientship. Susan insists Karl picks a tile to see who goes first: if she does it then he'll claim that she's cheating. Libby, sensing that joining in the game will lead to her not talking to anyone in the morning, opts to go to bed. Susan muses that Libby's down because of Drew. Karl is perplexed. Susan tells him that Drew is in love with Libby, but Karl doesn't see it, saying that they are chalk and cheese.
Number 30
Sarah and Amy are sunbathing while Joel, Peter and Drew mess about in the pool. Amy is trying to find a dressmaker for Sarah's wedding dress. She talks about the Hen night and Sarah is less than enthused. Drew calls over that it's tradition and they're throwing a Bucks party for Peter, organised by Toadie. Peter tells them that bucks parties are really not his style, they're stupid. He would rather they leave all the celebrating until the wedding. "Tough," say Joel and Drew. Bucks parties are mainly for the groom's mates anyway. Peter is worried about ending up tied to a lamppost while they are off having fun. Drew tells him that he shouldn't worry about it - after all, it's out of his hands.
Number 28
Susan is arguing with Karl about scrabble as had been predicted the evening before. Karl asks Libby whether she's caught up with the Uni. Work she missed while in Oakie and she says some of it. He broaches the subject of Drew - Libby says that he's rather taken up with Shannon at the moment. Karl and Susan exchange a glance. Libby asks who won at scrabble - Susan did, but only because she rejected his word, a song title. Susan argues that it was not only a song title, but a South American river and proper nouns are not admissible. When Libby has left, Susan says to Karl:
"Subtle, Karl. Six letters, eight points."
Number 30
Peter looks at Joel's knee and they get on to the subject of Karl. Peter says Karl's pretty popular, and Joel agrees - he's ultra conservative, but a good guy. Peter asks whether Joel was around during Sarah's 'crush' on Karl. Joel says yes, and it was a hairy situation. No one knew, then it got out, Karl left and no one was talking to one other. Peter picks up on Karl leaving as Sarah didn't tell him the graphic details. Susan chucked him out, Joel tells him, and he was a mess about it. Peter wonders if it was a full-scale affair, but Joel doesn't know, no one does. But, whatever it was, it nearly tore the Kennedy family apart.
The Coffee Shop
Sarah is telling Amy that she's finding the wedding organisation hard - maybe she should elope as her mother had always said she should. Amy disagrees, saying that it's a parent joke and therefore completely unfunny. Susan comes in and Amy goes over to her, asking whether she knows about a dressmaker. Susan tells her that Pippa, Karl's secretary, sews and wishes them luck. Amy returns to Sarah at their table and says they should go over to the surgery after lunch. Sarah isn't sure though and says maybe they should continue looking through the phone book. Sensing that Sarah is avoiding the surgery because of Karl, Amy tells her she'll go and talk to Pippa, and be discreet about it.
Number 30
Toadie arrives back and tells Peter and Joel that he hasn't not got the placement and takes this as being encouraging. He will know if he's got in within 24 hours. Peter asks where it is and Toadie tells him it's at a firm in Gelong for a month. Peter goes off for his shower and Joel brings up the subject of Tad with Toadie - what will happen to him if Toadie gets it? Toadie tells him that Tad isn't a problem as he practically looks after himself. Joel reminds him about all the times he's been in trouble - with him flat out studying he can't be responsible for him. Toadie says he can't send him home to Tindarra. While it won't kill him, it will kill his mother. He'll have to give it some thought.
The Surgery
Pippa likes the wedding dress designs. Joel arrives and Amy mentions her idea for rosebuds on the dress, which Pippa wasn't too enthusiastic about. Karl appears and Amy shows him the design. Karl says he's sure it will be lovely and reminds Pippa that she shouldn't be working on the dress on his time. Pippa tells him that she was just looking at it. But Karl doesn't look happy and takes Joel in to his consulting room. Amy says that he was a bit shirty, but Pippa tells her that he's a really a pussycat.
The Garage
Peter talks to Drew about a Bucks party he went to. Then he mentions that he has an appointment with Karl in order to get a check-up and some anti-malarials. He says Sarah was finding who to invite difficult, especially when it came to the Kennedys as Sarah and Libby don't see eye to eye. Drew agrees about Sarah and Libby not being friends - they never will be again and that's a shame.
Number 30
Pippa comes over with some other ideas for wedding dresses and Sarah, Amy and Pippa all like different designs. They all agree it's Sarah's decision and Pippa gets her to stand on the table so she can take some measurements. Pippa doesn't have much time as she only has a 30-minute break. Even so, Karl is one of the best bosses she's ever had - he's quite sexy in a hung up kind of way and she thinks she knows what Susan sees in him! Sarah's face falls.
The Surgery
Peter arrives and Pippa is late. She makes a big show of blaming Peter as she was away on wedding dress business, and tells Karl to agree that the wedding dress is lovely, with him being Sarah's friend and everything. Karl asks her to get on with what he pays her for. Karl goes into the consulting room and makes small talk about the wedding arrangements. Peter tells him that Sarah is happy and that's the main thing. Karl tries to change the subject by asking how to spell his second name, looking uncomfortable as Peter says Sarah's happiness is what's important and watches for Karl's reaction.
Lou's Place
Libby asks Drew over that evening but he's going to the movies with Shannon. Very cosy, Libby remarks and Drew says she's a nice girl. Libby asks if they're seeing each other but Drew insists that going to the movies doesn't mean they're together. Libby tells him not to be coy - if it's a date, say it's a date. Drew says ok, it's a date. Libby says fine and goes off to the bar.
The Surgery
Pippa has mixed up Joel and Mr Sharman's referrals - she gave Joel Mr Sharman's to take home and put Joel's in Mr Sharman's case record. Karl says he'll take it to him as he lives next door anyway. Pippa happily tells him he's a nice boss. Karl suggests she keeps the dressmaking out of hours from now on.
Number 30
Peter wants to talk to Sarah. He wants to know whether she was in love with Karl. She insists it was a crush, and it happened about a year ago. He says she told him she had a great love that didn't work out - was it the same love as the schoolgirl crush? She tells him it's in the past, but Peter says that a lot of people round here get uncomfortable when the subject is raised. He doesn't want the spectre of another man hanging over them. Sarah promises it's over and he should believe her. He asks why she stayed in Ramsay Street - it can't be easy with them just next door. Sarah admits it might not have been the right decision but at the end of the day she couldn't afford to move out. However they manage to get by.
Lou's Place
Joel, Toadie, Drew and Libby are throwing around fundraising ideas. Joel suggests a car cram. Toadie still hasn't heard about the clientship. Joel says that he had another idea which may help him get a job. He could get his haircut and raise money at the same time. Toadie says no way, but Libby thinks it's a great idea and could really help getting a clientship. Toadie agrees - but only for $1000. Libby fills Joel in on Drew's date and Joel remarks that Shannon's nice. Libby haughtily says she knows.
Number 30
Karl appears with Joel's referral, but only Sarah is home. She says she'll get him to drop Mr Sharman's referral off. Toadie comes in and tells them of the haircut idea, adding that he should have made it $10 000, not $1000. He disappears off and Karl walks with Sarah to the door. He talks about the wedding dress, then says that Peter is a very lucky man and she'll be very happy with him. Sarah stands by as he opens the door and leaves.
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