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Neighbours Episode 3325 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3325
Australian airdate: 09/06/99
UK airdate: 23/08/99
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: None
- "I Lied" by Wendy Matthews
- "Lie" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Peter looks at Susan's engagement ring and comments on how similar it is to Sarah's. Peter says he and Karl must have very similar tastes. Sarah and Susan look very embarrassed. Peter tries to work out what's going on.
The Pub
Peter asks if he's said something wrong. Karl and Susan say he hasn't but they quickly get up to leave. Peter asks Sarah if anything is going on, but she says she doesn't think so.
Drew answers the door to Libby. She has come to see Shannon. Libby has brought her some cosmetics since Shannon lost all her stuff in the fire. Shannon tells Libby that she is very kind, especially after what happened with Darren. Libby tells her it's ancient history and not to worry about it.
When Shannon leaves the room to check on her son, Drew is impressed with Libby. He says it was a nice thing for her to do - she should learn to take a compliment. Libby says sarcastically that she's Santa Claus in disguise! Drew says the red nose gave her away!!
Sarah and Peter come in, Sarah raving about her engagement ring. Sarah doesn't think it's anything like Susan's ring. Peter sits Sarah down and asks her what's going on with the Kennedys - he senses an undercurrent. Sarah says she used to work for Karl but plays it down. She changes the subject by telling Peter that her exam results are out tomorrow and goes off to make a coffee. Peter still looks thoughtful.
Libby is off to have drinks with Mike. Susan and Karl wish her luck and tell her to try to stay cool.
When she's gone, Karl says it's a stupid idea - there's no need to open old wounds. Susan says it's progress - Libby feels ready to face him now. Susan says you can't cut off your feelings overnight and this obviously cuts close to the bone. Susan asks Karl if he'll miss Sarah when she goes. He says he won't - he's glad she's leaving and has found someone to love. Things are a little strained.
Sarah is counting out sixty-three wedding invitations. Mal and Cath have apparently already accepted by telephone. Sarah tells Peter that she's quite nervous about meeting his family - what if they don't like her. Peter says it'll be fine - his mother has been on at him for years to settle down! Peter tells her to watch out for emotional blackmail from his mother - she's desperate for grandchildren. Sarah is a bit overwhelmed by the wedding but she loves Peter and he loves her.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Drew is jogging home. Sarah comes up and gives him a wedding invitation and they chat amiably. Then Drew sees Libby coming out of her house and jogs over to her. Libby has got a wedding invitation in her letterbox from Sarah addressed to Karl, Susan, Libby and Bill. Drew asks if she'll accept the invitation but Libby says, "When hell freezes over."
Drew asks how things went with Mike last night and Libby says it went well. Drew looks a bit disappointed but then Libby says that she thought she'd love Mike forever, but last night she realised - nothing. She's over him. She thinks the time in Oakie flushed Mike out of her system. She kisses Drew on the cheek and goes back into the house.
Libby comes in with the wedding invitation and gives it to Susan. Libby says it's all happened rather quickly. Susan asks Karl how he feels about the wedding - are they going or not?
The Coffee Shop
Shannon is speaking to Harold on the telephone - he's found her a house to rent. She is very, very pleased and calls Harold, "a gorgeous man"!
Shannon tells Madge that she can move in tomorrow. She hugs Madge and thanks her for her kindness. Then she leaves to sort out a few things.
Ruth comes in. Madge tells her that Shannon is a fighter - it won't be easy without a stick of furniture left, but she's doing really well. Madge tells Ruth that just between them, she thinks that Drew will be sorry to see her go!
Karl says a polite refusal to the invitation is in order, but Susan says she thinks they should go - all that happened is in the past and she hopes that they've moved on. If they don't go, people will think there's still a problem - they should just go and be gracious. Karl wants to think about it. He goes off to work.
When he's gone, Libby asks Susan if she's lost her mind. Susan says it's a social obligation! Libby says that Susan is going to enjoy this and Susan looks at her innocently(!)
Shannon has got some stuff in a box that the police managed to salvage from her burnt-out house. There's not much left, but there is an album of uni photos. Another blackened album is of her son's baby photos - they are half-destroyed and covered in ash. Shannon says the most important thing is that they're alive and not to hurt, but she starts to cry at the loss of the photos. Drew puts his arm around her and comforts her. As he is doing so Libby comes in. She says she could come back, but Drew tells her to come in. Libby looks at the two of them warily. Drew and Shannon continue to go through the salvage box and Shannon starts to cry again in Drew's arms. Libby looks a bit worried.
The Coffee Shop
Susan is telling Madge and Ruth that the kids are doing all the organising for the "Dogs" concert - it's out of their hands! Madge asks Ruth if Paul is behaving himself - she says to feel free to pull him into line if he needs it!
Ruth and Susan sit at a table and Ruth says she's had a wedding invitation from Sarah. Susan says she's had one too and wild horses wouldn't keep her away. Ruth says it'll be an emotional day with Sarah's wedding and departure from Ramsay Street on the same day. Susan tells Ruth that she can't imagine how relieved she'll be when Sarah's gone - she doesn't wish her ill but the wedding will hopefully lay a few ghosts to rest.
The Pub
Karl is reading Libby's article about Peter and Medicins Sans Frontiers. Peter is pleased - he says she's made him sound like a cross between Indiana Jones and Mother Teresa!
Sarah runs in and excitedly tells them that she passed her exams! She hugs Peter and then hugs Karl, saying she couldn't have done it without Karl. Libby does not look impressed. Peter, however, is clearly doing some adding up.
Phil has brought in loads of paperwork in boxes from Gordon - more of his accounts. It's turning out to be a lot of work, in quantity and in quality.
Ruth is clearing out some stuff to go to the appeal for stuff for Shannon. Phil says he doesn't mind - they need the extra space for Gordon's accounts!
Ramsay Street
Libby is walking up the street and meets Drew coming out of his house. She asks him if he wants to grab a coffee - she could do with some cheering up. Drew says he can't - he's taking Shannon to pick up her son and then they're going to the beach for some fish and chips. They invite Libby to come but she says she has to work. She walks off sadly.
Shannon asks Drew if he and Libby want to go off on their own. Drew says they're not an item - he's completely unattached. As Shannon gets into the car she hits her head on the frame. Drew steadies her, but from Libby's distance it looks like Drew and Shannon are getting a bit touchy-feely. They laugh together and Libby looks a bit put out.
Libby comes in. She is in a bad mood, shuts the door and leans against it. She complains that girls like Shannon get all the good men. Then she tells Susan that Sarah was raving about her exam results in the pub - it makes her sick. Susan tries not to laugh. Then Susan picks her up on her previous point - what did she mean by 'girls like Shannon'? She says she's the sort of girl that makes guys want to look after her. Susan smiles knowingly and tells Libby that she's jealous. Libby says she isn't, she's just overreacting. Susan smiles enigmatically as Libby continues to rant about Shannon ending up with the "spunkiest, hottest, most eligible guy in town"(!) Susan asks if it's Drew they're talking about - she didn't know Libby considered Drew to be spunky, hot and eligible! Libby says she's just being objective(!) - her and Drew are friends, she doesn't have feelings for Drew and anyway, she's barely over Mike. She insists that her and Drew are just friends but Susan clearly doesn't believe her. She smiles knowingly.
Sarah is reading Libby's article about Peter. She's worried that Peter has been in a lot of dangerous situations. She wants to know what else Peter hasn't told her. Peter asks if she's upset that he told Libby things that he hadn't told her yet. She says she isn't. Peter says he's looking forward to them telling each other their secrets. Sarah says she doesn't have any secrets, but Peter says he thinks she does. He says Sarah told him she had one important love before him but she never told him his name. He asks her straight out - was it Karl Kennedy?
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