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Neighbours Episode 3324 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3324
Australian airdate: 10/6/99
UK airdate: 24/8/99
Writer: E.W. Johnston
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Peter Hannay: Nick Carrafa
Chloris Mott: Lise Rodgers
- "Sea Of Love" by Ashley Reeder
- "Piano Concerto No.1 In A Minor" by Edvard Grieg
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Amy wants to move into Anne's house.
Anne tells Bill that she's decided to rent the house to Mrs.Merriweather. Bill says, "Who?"
Amy is ranting at Anne about renting to Mrs Merriweather. Anne says she's a young woman with two kids. Also, she doesn't want to mix business with friendship. Amy is not pleased but Anne says she doesn't want to be her best friend's landlord. She doesn't want it to come between them.
Sarah is on the phone and talking into it delightedly - she's managed to get a cancellation at St. John's church so they can get married there. Peter is a bit unenthusiastic - neither of them are religious. Sarah says the church is so beautiful and Peter says he can't argue with that. He's worried that the guest list is getting out of hand - he's a bit overwhelmed. Peter doesn't really care how or where they get married, as long as they do.
Bill's workshop
Anne is hitting her sculpture with a hammer angrily. She wants a bit of support from Bill on the issue of the house. He's fed up of her constantly saying it's her decision and then asking him for advice. As they're fighting, Karl and Susan come in.
Susan likes Anne's sculpture and Karl compliments Bill's work. Both Anne and Bill are quite frosty so Karl and Susan leave.
The Coffee Shop
Susan and Karl are having lunch. They ask Harold how things are going with Shannon. He says he's found her some suitable accommodation but she's not out of the woods as she wasn't insured. Harold says maybe they could do some fundraising for her. Madge suggests a White Elephant sale at the community hall. Harold is a bit distracted and wanders off and to do some work.
Madge tells Karl and Susan that Harold is very vague at the moment - he forgot their wedding anniversary today. Karl says that's easy to do(!)
Bill's workshop
Anne and Bill are waiting for each other to make the first move to make up. Bill says he likes Anne's sculpture and talks about it in an art-critic voice. Anne laughs and answers him like an art-critic!
Bill tells Anne that he has something important to tell her - that she looks foxy in her overalls(!) Anne doesn't think she can continue working in such politically-incorrect conditions! Bill says that maybe she should teach him a lesson(!!) and they start kissing on Bill's workbench.
Peter tells Sarah that a wedding with all the trimmings is fine - he'll do anything for her. Toadie comes in. He says he doesn't think he'll ever get married. Sarah asks Toadie if he'll come along with her tomorrow when she goes shopping for a wedding dress - she wants a male opinion. Toadie says he's rather watch paint dry(!)
Amy comes round. She says she's got an offer for them - with Sarah moving out after getting married, they'll need a new housemate - her! Toadie says he doesn't know and asks if they can talk about it later. Amy is disappointed - she thinks there's a conspiracy against her. She wants to know what is wrong with her.
Madge is telling Harold that candles give a lovely ambience but he is distracted still. She tells him that they've got the house to themselves tonight - Paul is going out. Madge has prepared a risotto and got their favourite movie out on video. After the video...who knows! Madge says it's a very special evening. Harold says he's going to have a liedown, much to Madge's annoyance.
Amy is trying to sell herself to Toadie as a housemate. Toadie tells her to shut up. He wants a chance to give it some thought - and to wait until Sarah's bed is cold before he makes a decision! Amy is mollified by this.
Amy asks Sarah how the wedding plans are going. Sarah invites her to come along with her and Toadie on the dress shopping expedition tomorrow.
Wedding Dress Shop, the following day
Sarah and Amy are raving over a dress and Toadie is bored out of his mind. The lady in the shop mistakes Toadie for the groom! Sarah says he's just there for a male opinion and the lady leads them off to a fitting room. Toadie prances after them!
The Coffee Shop
Harold is unloading some stuff from a box - he's forgotten quite a few things. Madge says it's not the first thing he's forgotten lately. Harold is horrified when she tells him he forgot his wedding anniversary. He apologises profusely to Madge but she tells him he's forgiven - he'll just have to make up for it tonight.
Wedding Dress Shop
The assistant is showing Sarah and Amy various dresses while Toadie looks on, bored. Sarah finds a lovely dress and goes to try it on. Toadie chats to the assistant while Sarah is trying on the dress. He pretends to be a fashion expert(!) and they start chatting to each other.
Sarah comes out in the dress and gives Toadie a twirl. Viewers don't see the dress, but Toadie says, "You look rockin'!" The assistant tells Sarah the dress is reduced - down to $3,800! Sarah's face falls.
The Coffee Shop
Harold has brought Madge a present.
Amy comes in and gives Anne a hard time about the house. Then she sits down with Sarah and Toadie. Amy doesn't think the dress is that expensive but Sarah and Toadie tell her to join the real world. Amy says she has a plan to get Sarah her perfect dress.
Wedding Dress Shop
Sarah is trying on the dress again while Amy takes photos. Toadie has been allocated the task of distracting the assistant at the cash desk. He starts asking her all about veils and even tries one on(!) He asks her detailed question about how to keep a veil attached to one's head. Unfortunately the assistant notices the flash of the camera and knows what Sarah and Amy are up to. She tells them she knows it's expensive, but a copy never looks the same. The assistant confiscates the film.
Amy and Sarah are trying to remember what the dress was like and sketching out a picture of it. Then they can take it to a (cheap!) dressmaker.
Peter comes in and tells them that he bought something special and personal. Amy makes herself scarce. Peter shows Sarah an engagement ring he bought for her. She loves it.
The Pub
Karl is disappointed that Bill wouldn't come to dinner, but Susan says Bill is just proving a point about independence. Peter and Sarah come in. They chat about Sarah's ring and Peter asks to see Susan's. It's very like the ring that Peter bought got Sarah. Peter tells Karl that they obviously have very similar tastes. Sarah and Susan both turn away embarrassed. Peter is trying to work out what he has got in the middle of.
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