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Neighbours Episode 3323 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3323
Australian airdate: 09/06/99
UK airdate: 23/08/99
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: None
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul and Hannah sneak out.
Paul makes Hannah a French meal after hours in the Coffee Shop.
Phil goes into Hannah's room and finds she is missing.
Phil is ringing Madge who tells him that Paul is missing too. Madge isn't very impressed and neither is Phil. They wonder if Hannah and Paul have gone to see another band. Madge suggests phoning Tad and to keep her informed. Phil says that the minute Hannah walks through the door, the whole neighbourhood will know it(!)
Bill's Workshop
Bill is stressed out working on some tables. Anne asks him for a favour - she needs some workspace to do some sculpture for one of her Uni courses. Bill agrees she can set up in a corner as long as she doesn't get in his way - he's running a business. Anne says it will be nice to be working side by side but Bill doesn't look that impressed.
Phil and Ruth are sitting on the sofa, worried. Phil wants to ring the police. Anne comes in and advises Phil not to ring the police - they'll probably sneak back in perfect safety. Just then they hear noises from Hannah's bedroom.
Hannah's bedroom
Hannah is sneaking back in when Phil comes in. She tells him she and Paul weren't doing anything wrong - they were at the Coffee Shop. Phil is not impressed and tells her he's been worried sick.
Hannah has explained to Phil about the Coffee Shop French meal. Phil is going mental and Ruth calms him down. She suggests that Paul goes home and explains to Madge. Phil tells Hannah that she's grounded for the rest of her life!
Martins, the following morning
Hannah has made breakfast for the family as a peace offering. Phil has calmed down now and says he didn't really mean it about the grounding - but he was really worried about her. Hannah says she didn't think she'd be missed - lately either people have had a go at her or ignored her. Phil tells her that she's been the pampered baby for too long - now that Anne and Lance are there, she's just being treated normally. Hannah accepts this. Ruth says Paul's gesture was really romantic.
Anne and Lance come in and are impressed by the breakfast Hannah has prepared.
Madge tells Paul that his gesture to Hannah was really romantic - the sort of thing Harold would have done years ago. It's their wedding anniversary today and she thinks he's forgotten. Paul says he might be planning a surprise. Madge tells Paul he has to start acting responsibly - to let them know where he is. Paul is surprised that he hasn't received a punishment. He wishes Madge a happy anniversary.
Phil tells Anne and Lance that he's won the client. Anne and Lance asks Hannah what went on with Paul at the Coffee Shop last night. Ruth tells them not to tease her but Anne and Lance says they're just jealous because their own love lives are so boring! Lance mentions moving in to Anne's house. Anne thinks Lance is pinning too much hope on Amy - she's with Damian now. Ruth asks Lance to meet her and Phil at lunchtime - they want to talk to him about something.
Bill's Workshop
Anne is working on her metal sculpture. Bill thinks it's a big pile of junk. Anne is cross and tells him that while she's here, she won't comment on Bill's work and he shouldn't comment on hers.
The Coffee Shop
Madge is telling Lance some details of Hannah and Paul's soiree. Amy comes in in her flight attendant uniform. She asks Lance if Anne has said any more about the house, but Lance doesn't think she'll ever make a decision. Amy says she's not waiting any longer - she's going to Plan B and bringing in "the big guns"
Bill's workshop
Amy comes in and is unimpressed with Anne's sculpture. She asks Bill to talk to Anne about her and Lance moving into the house. Bill says that he and Anne are barely speaking at the moment. Amy says it'll blow over and there's lots in it for Bill if he can talk Anne round - he can use the garage for his workshop free of charge. Anne comes in as Amy is talking and hears the last part. She doesn't look pleased that Amy is planning things out with Bill. She tells Amy she'll let her know at lunch. Amy tells Anne that she loves her sculpture.
When Amy's gone, Anne asks Bill what Amy really thought of the sculpture.
Anne is welding. She catches Bill glancing at her. He says she looks kind of cute in her overalls. Anne tells him off for being sexist. He asks her to drop the aggro. Bill says that Amy has a point about her and Lance being good tenants. Anne says she's sick of people telling her how to run her life and Amy shouldn't expect to get her own way all the time.
Lance comes in. He asks Anne if she knows anything about Ruth and Phil wanting to see him at lunchtime. She doesn't, but offers to go to meet them with him to hold his hand - it beats hanging around the workshop.
When Anne goes out, Lance asks Bill if there's trouble in paradise. He says, "That's putting it mildly."
Anne is on the phone to a leasing agent. Afterwards, she tells Ruth that things are not going well with Bill - they've been at each other's throats all morning.
Lance comes in. Ruth gives him his favourite sandwiches and he asks if it's a condemned man's last meal! Lance is worried he's in trouble, but at that moment a car horn beeps outside.
Ramsay Street
Anne, Lance and Ruth come out to see a ute parked up. It's a birthday present for Lance from Phil and Ruth. Lance is overjoyed. Phil puts P plates on the back and Phil, Ruth and Lance take the ute off for a spin.
Bill comes up. He asks if they can go inside and talk.
Bill says he's upset about how they've been fighting recently. They apologise to each other. Bill says he'll clear Anne a bigger space in the workshop so she can work properly.
Anne tells Bill that she's decided to rent the house out to Mrs. Merriweather. Bill says, "Who?"
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