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Neighbours Episode 3322 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3322
Australian airdate: 8/6/99
UK airdate: 20/8/99
Writer: Jon Stephens
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Jemma Acton: Jessica Gower
- "Sea Of Love" by Ashley Reeder
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Tad father tells him both he and his mother love him and nothing will even change that.
No 30
Joel tells Tad that it would help to work things through, but Tad is very pessimistic about his parents' problems. Joel said that his parents split up and got back together eventually. Tad suddenly gets more cheerful and says his parents might get back together - Joel tries to make him see that it could go either way though.
Ruth asks Phil how his golf is - he says he doesn't want to get too good because he'll end up beating Gordon and he doesn't want to beat his clients! He hopes he will get the contract with Gordon because it'll bring a lot of money in. Hannah joins them at the breakfast table and complains about the bread. Lance joins them too and is annoyed by Hannah banging on about France. Phil agrees - he asks Hannah to tone it down a bit. Hannah gets sulky and storms off.
Lance tells Phil that he's off to his TAFE course and then to do a few jobs.
Ramsay Street
Hannah is ranting loudly to Paul that her family are mean and parochial. Paul tells her off for taking it out on him. He also says that she does carry on about France a lot - her family are right.
Tad comes up. Paul tells them he's confirmed the band - all they have to do now is convince Susan.
Lance asks a girl for some notes he needs. She's handing out flyers that say "No Fees Increase"
Joel joins Lance. All the girls who pass snigger at him - Geri is apparently still spreading rumours about him. But one girl has answered Toadie's poster with a note, "If I'd been here I would've been happy to go away with you!! Maybe next time." Lance calls Joel a legend. Joel can't think who could have written it.
The Coffee Shop
Tad is talking excitedly to Paul and Hannah about tickets. Susan comes in and says Tad can come round and talk to her about the concert after school.
Susan tells Harold that she admires Tad's enthusiasm about the concert. Harold thinks Tad is over-compensating - he tells Susan that Tad is worried about his parents splitting up and the fact that Toadie can't keep him at No.30 much longer. Susan says she'll tread carefully with him.
As Susan leaves, Tad tells Paul and Hannah that he's off to "schmooze with Suze"(!)
Hannah tries to hide something from Paul and he asks what it is. It turns out to be a letter from Pascale. Paul isn't pleased, but Hannah says it's a private letter and she doesn't have to show it to him. She misses her friends in France and she isn't allowed to talk about them, so she keeps up with them by letter. Paul still wants to know what's in the letter. Hannah exasperatedly gives him the letter and tells him she hopes his French is up to it(!)
Lance and Joel are sitting at a table. Joel is hoping that the girl who wrote the note will walk by. Lance thinks it's a silly idea.
Lance opens the notes he got from the girl who was giving out the flyers earlier and Joel recognises the writing - it's the same as on his note! He starts to laugh.
Ramsay Street
Susan and Ruth are walking across the street. Ruth is telling Susan about the potential new client of Phil's and how they hope it'll bring quite a lot of money in.
Tad, Paul and Hannah run up and Tad asks if he can talk to Susan about the concert now. Susan agrees and asks Ruth to join them as a member of the school council.
Tad, Paul and Hannah have just finished the pitch for the concert. Susan and Ruth are impressed - it's a well-prepared and realistic plan and Susan is happy with it. Her only condition is that she wants to hear a tape of the band before the concert to make sure there aren't any offensive lyrics. Ruth says that the school council will definitely back them.
The girl is still giving out flyers as Joel approaches. Joel starts talking to her about the fieldtrip last week. He shows her Lance's notes too. He says he's not interested in horticulture, only one particular horticulture student. Joel then shows her the note and the girl gasps. She says she knew she should have typed it! Lance comes up and the girl tells him that it's the last time she lends him her notes!! Joel asks the girl out for a drink and she agrees. They go off together.
Paul and Hannah are enthusing about the concert. Tad seems a bit distracted and Paul tells him to cheer up. Tad says cryptically there's not much to do now - that's the problem. He goes home.
Lance comes in and gives Hannah a pamphlet about Uni fees. Paul tells Hannah he's got to get home to help Harold. Hannah asks him if he's still angry about the letter from Pascale but Paul says he isn't.
Student bar
Joel and the girl (Jemma) are having drinks. She says he knows all about her - now she wants to know about him. Joel tells her that his hobbies are "triathlons and nearly drowning"(!) Joel asks Jemma why she chose not to believe the rumours that Geri has been spreading. She says, "What makes you think I don't?" Joel looks upset but then she laughs and says she's only joking - she doesn't believe in listening to second-hand information. She'd rather find out what sort of guy Joel is for herself.
When Harold isn't looking, Paul takes and hides his keys from the counter. When Harold goes to look for the keys, Paul suggests he looks in his bedroom. Then he takes a key off the ring and pockets it.
Hannah's bedroom
Paul knocks on the window. He tells her he's got a surprise for her and she has to come with him. She agrees to sneak out but first she needs to get changed.
Martins Living room
Phil is on the phone - he's got the account with Gordon. He calls out to Hannah.
Hannah's bedroom
Hannah is getting changed when she hears Phil call to her. She has to go to the living room.
Martins Living room
Once Hannah has heard Phil's news she tells him she's going to bed and returns to her bedroom.
Hannah's bedroom
Hannah finishes getting changed and sneaks out of the window with Paul.
The Coffee Shop
Paul brings Hannah into the Coffee Shop with her hands over her eyes. He lights the candles on the table and then tells her to uncover her eyes - he's prepared her a French meal. There are French flags and Perrier water on the table. Hannah is very pleased. Paul says he's not bored of her France talk - it's just a bit of a hard act to follow. He thought that tonight, he'd bring Paris to her instead. They clink glasses of Perrier water and Hannah tells Paul that he is very sweet.
Lance calls round to find out how things went with Jemma. Joel says she's everything he wants in a woman - his ego is on its way to being restored too!
Tad is in a strop about his parents. Joel and Lance have two different experiences of parental marital difficulties - Joel's got back together and Lance's didn't. Lance said it sucks, but you get over it. Tad says his whole life will be down the toilet by then.
The Coffee Shop
Hannah and Paul are joking around after eating their meal.
Tad calls round to see Susan. He awkwardly tells her he wants to double-check a few things about the concert, but it's clear he has other things on his mind. It's late and Susan is in her dressing-gown, but she invites him in anyway. Susan asks Tad gently if everything is alright at home. He starts to cry a bit and tells her that he can't understand why he's so upset about his parents' breakup. Susan tells him that his friends are there for him and they all hope his parents will work things out. Also, they're all very worried about the way Tad is feeling. She tells him that for a young man trying to cope on his own, he's doing really, really well.
Phil and Ruth are cuddled up on the sofa. Phil is worried about Hannah - he doesn't want her to think that he doesn't want to hear about France. He goes to Hannah's room to have a word with her.
Hannah's bedroom
Phil opens the door and finds that Hannah is gone.
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