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Neighbours Episode 3321 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3321
Australian airdate: 07/06/99
UK airdate: 19/08/99
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Barry Reeves: Fred Barker
Shannon Jones: Diana Glenn
Brian Jones: Joshua Wojniusz
Summary/Images by: Pete
Libby asks Drew if she should go to dinner with Mike.
Drew is shocked that she even has to ask, after everything he put her through. Libby remarks that he seems to be taking it very personally. He says she seems to have forgotten how much he hurt her. She says she just wants to hear what he has to say, plus she's also wondering how she feels about him these days. Drew says it sounds like she's already made her mind up. As Drew goes to leave, she asks what he wanted to talk to her about, but he says it doesn't matter.
No 30
Joel and Toadie remark on Sarah, who's out living the high life with her new boyfriend. One minute she's as depressed as they are, the next she's out buying wedding rings. Toadie asks Joel to go easy on Tad, who's having a hard time dealing with the news that his parents are having a trial separation. Just then they notice a news item on TV about Shannon, a mother who's child attends the same creche as Lolly, who's house has burnt down. She's lost everything. Toadie is concerned to see how she is. He pulls out the phone book and flicks through it before realising that if her house has burnt down, he can hardly call her at home. Toadie tells Joel about Darren getting involved with her behind Libby's back. Joel suggests Libby do a story on her to drum up support, but Toadie points out that Libby doesn't like her. Tad walks in, a little vague, and goes to bed.
Next morning, Drew is timing Joel in the pool. Drew asks how his knee is, and Joel asks Drew how his heart is. Joel is surprised that Libby wants to see Mike again, but he thinks Drew is still in with a chance. With Mike's wife expecting, he's hardly going to hit on Libby, Joel reasons.
Inside, Tad's dad, Barry, has arrived. Toadie leaves them alone to chat.
No 24
Shannon and Brian are sat at the table. Harold says that the Salvos are looking for somewhere for them to stay, but in the meantime they must stay with him until they find somewhere.
Paul takes Brian to show him his guitar and Drew comes to the door to give Harold a mis-delivered letter. Drew sees Brian, who he knows from the creche, but he doesn't kow Shannon. He says though how sorry he is to hear about the house fire.
No 30
Barry says that the trial separation is no big deal, it's one of those things that happens every day. Tad says he makes it sound like eating or going to the shops. Barry tells him not to be smart, or he'll get a clip round the ear. He says it's not as dumb as it sounds
"Your mum, she's woman, and they go off a bit every now and then....I don't mean off like a piece of fish....what I mean is...y'know off with the pixies. Like women's lib and everything....women used to be happy just staying home and doing the cooking and stuff, now they're not'.
Tad says his mum likes cooking, but not washing up. Barry agrees and says maybe it's something he should have given her a hand with 'every now and then'. Barry says he reckons she just needs a bit of time away from him for a bit and he reckons they should go along with that 'because she's a woman'. Tad makes an excuse to leave and Toadie comes in. "Should I ask how it went, or should I just use my imagination?'
No 28
Karl tells Libby there was a message on the answering machine from Mike. She asks what he said, and Karl says he was hoping to catch up with her for dinner this week. 'Please tell me he's deluding himself' from the look on his face, he guesses he's not. Karl is unhappy and says she shouldn't expect him to understand. Libby says he sounds like Drew, as that's pretty much what he said. Nothing though is going to change her mind.
No 30
Barry tells Toadie he knew it wasn't going to be easy 'I never felt that comfortable talking about the big things, like life and god and love and the rest of it'. Toadie just thinks Tad just needs to get used to the idea. Barry suggests just 'bunging him in the back of the truck and carting him back home to his mum. Toadie says he could stay a bit longer, as it could be worse to take him out of school in the middle of term. Barry isn't keen on the idea. Toadie says he can stay till the end of his holiday.
Karl arranges with Harold to meet at his house to examine Shannon and Brian. Paul tells Tad that he spoke to the band's manager and he's pretty confident they'll do the gig. Paul notices he's down and Tad tells him about his parents trial separation. Paul says whatever happens, his parents will still love him. Tad gets defensive and says they're not separating. Outside, Harold meets Drew who tells him he has a good idea.
No 24
Drew tells Shannon that they can stay at Lou's house with him while he's away. She's very grateful.
Paul tells Tad to go home and talk to his dad who's come a long way. Tad says he doesn't want to listen as it's none of his business and everything's already been decided. Paul asks how Tad's sister is taking it. Tad says she's fine being older. Toadie walks in and tells him his dad has come a long way and he should go and see him, as Paul said.
No 22
Drew is cooking and Shannon is impressed. Drew says that once word gets out, the neighbours will be rallying round to help her out. He opens the door to Libby, who is surprised to see Shannon there. Unaware of the past between them, he invites her to stay for lunch and tell him all about it, "It's kind of a long story" says Libby.
No 30
Barry is anxious to make sure Tad understands what's going on. He says there's no-one else involved. Tad says that he doesn't understand why they can't just get together and sort things out. Barry says she just needs some time on her own to sort things out 'Hey, maybe she'll miss me after a while and realise what a great guy I am'. Tad says he remembers how Barry used to play sentimental at Christmas. He used to think it was for mum's sake. Barry says it was, and he's going to work hard to put things right. Tad says that'll be a bit hard with him in Broken Hill, and her in Tindara, but if it helps to kid himself...
No 22
Drew and Shannon both invite Libby to stay for lunch, but she's uncomfortable, so she leaves. Drew asks what's up. 'You're probably the kindest man I've ever met'. But she refuses to tell him what's up. He asked if Mike called, but she says it's nothing like that, and leaves, promising to tell her later.
Drew tells Joel how 'amazingly strong' Shannon has been. Joel says she has to be for Brian's sake, but Drew is very impressed with the way she's handling things. Joel says that after his accident he was a 'real whinger' and puts it down to strength of character. He leaves and Drew turns to Libby behind the bar and says that Shannon told him how her and Libby know each other. He says he understands now why she wasn't exactly thrilled to see her. In an effort to change the subject, she asks Drew if he wants some chips and throws them at him a bit to hard. Drew says he never knew all this when he asked her to stay. Libby says it wouldn't have made a difference. He agrees saying she's a nice girl 'Yeah, Darren thought so too'. Libby says it was a bit of a shock, but she thinks it's great 'a few more people like you and the world would be a better place'. He says she's welcome to pop over any time she likes, but she probably won't while Shannon's there. She says she might, she's learning to put the past behind her. He points out that she says that, but then Mike calls...she tells him to stop, because she's meeting up with Mike and nothing he says can change that. She asks what he wanted to talk about last night. He says it'll keep
No 30
Barry says he'll be leaving soon, is there anything else Tad wants to talk about. He asks how the trial separation works. Barry says they just take it one day at a time, no-one's discussed divorce yet. Tad asks what happens to him, as Toadie obviously doesn't want him. Barry says that's not true and he knows it. Tad cynically says 'oh, so I'm staying here after all then am I?' Barry says he wants to in the short term but from his point of view, if he does well now, he sets himself up for life. Tad will be staying with Toadie until the holidays are over, then he goes back to live with his mother. Tad asks if his education doesn't matter any more. Barry says Tindara High isn't a bad school. Toadie comes in and asks Barry if he wants to stay the night. Barry says he no, he'd better hit the road. Toadie asks Tad if he's going to see his dad off, but he refuses. As Barry gets up to go, he tells Tad 'I love you son, nothing's ever gonna change that'. He leaves.
TAD: 'I love you too, dad'.
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