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Neighbours Episode 3320 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3320
Australian airdate: 03/06/99
UK airdate: 17/08/99
UK Gold:21/01/05
Writer: John Upton
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Summary/Images by: Pete
Tad overhears Toadie on the phone saying he won't be able to look after him.
No 30
Tad asks Toadie why he wants to send him away. Toadie says it's not a matter of not wanting him, he has heaps on with work and Uni and has to knuckle down more. Toadie says that his parents are having a few problems looking at a trial separation. Tad thinks Toadie is making it up and is going to ring his mum and find out what's really going on.
Harold asks Lou if he's going to pay compensation for the burnt umbrella. Lou says he did nothing except confiscate the torch, and he's not responsible for his customers' actions. Harold says if it wasn't for the Tropicana idea, the umbrella wouldn't have burnt down. Joel and Drew arrive and Joel asks how long he intends to keep the club going. Lou says he's not prepared to lose money on the palms, and that he's going to Queensland.
No 30
Tad is on the phone to his mother. He seems quite disappointed and when he puts the phone down, he tells Toadie that his dad was there, and Toadie asks if he thought they were getting back together, which he did. Tad doesn't like that his father took a job away from home. Toadie says he had to take the work where he could get it. Tad says but it messes up the family, so what's the point? Toadie says he's sure things will work out, but Tad says he just wants rid of him anyway. He walks out, upset, as Bill enters.
Bill wants advice on drumming up business, now that he's severed his financial ties with dad. Toadie suggests an advert. Bill says if it's anything like the Tommy Tuckers' one, forget it. Toadie suggests doing a phone in DIY slot for the radio.
No 28
Susan asks Libby how the interview with Peter went.
PETER: He's one of the most charming intelligent men I've ever met. Can't imagine What he sees in Sarah.
BILL: I can!
Libby asks what she should do for her next essay. It has to be something 'commercial or arty'. Susan suggests doing something the tutor, Electra, hasn't read about 100 times already. Bill suggests that with Susan, this means Cary Grant, which it does. Susan has a bit of a thing for Cary Grant. Bill and Libby laugh at her and Libby says she'll think of something else.
Joel and Drew walk in on the Tropicana theme night, with the place suitably decked out, and Toadie wearing a garland round his neck and a Hawaiian shirt. Toadie thinks Lou's gone nuts. Drew won't hear a word against him as he's given him the day off in honour of becoming a grandfather.
TOADIE: "Oh, are you a grandfather too?"
Joel realises he has the day off too and suggests they go to Erinsfield Bend to go fishing for 'Old Chompy' and enormous eel, that some say doesn't exist, but there's $500 for 'Old Chompy' from Joel's dangerous sports club. Drew refers to him as 'Old Snappy'.
Toadie tells the audience that Joel and Drew are off to find Old Chompy 'proving that you can fool some of the people all the time...good luck guys and pick us up some fish and chips on the way home'. He then introduces Bill as 'our resident DIY King'. As Bill says Hi, nervously, the headphones nearly fall off his head. Toadie puts on another record. Bill worries that he made him sound like a master craftsman and he might not be able to answer a question. Toadie says he'll just make a fool of himself on air. The first call comes in.
Libby wonders how Bill's getting on with his radio gig. Ruth is sure he'll be fine. Susan says he will as all her children are smart. Libby says 'if I'm that smart, how come I let you talk me into a Cary Grant film?' Harold serves them and says how much he loves Cary Grant. Libby is fed up hearing about him.
Lou comes along with an umbrella to replace the one destroyed by fire. Harold accepts this with gratitude and Lou tells him, 'Life's too short to be feuding with the neighbours.' Lou leaves and everyone wishes him a good trip. Harold opens the umbrella and discovers it has an advert proclaiming, 'Lou's Place is Ace!" with a picture of Lou.
Harold listens intently to Bill's radio show, while serving. He comments to an unhappy Tad how amazing it is, but he just wants to be left alone. Joel and Drew walk in. Harold asks them to close the door, and says that listening to Bill has inspired him to fit an automatic door return. Joel and Drew ask Harold for 'the smelliest most revolting scraps' he's got. 'Anything that's about to go really really maggotty' to help them catch Old Chompy. Harold says he doesn't have anything like that, but offers to make them sandwiches instead. Joel suggests they invite Tad to cheer him up. When they try to talk to him, he says he's OK, and dismisses their offer to talk. After a beat, Tad realises he's been rude and thanks Joel for asking.
No 28
Libby, Ruth and Susan watch the film. Libby gets up to leave, saying the trailers are still going. Ruth and Susan remark how beautiful it is. Libby wants to get something else, but they persuade her to give it ten minutes.
Joel and Drew talk about how quickly things are moving between Sarah and Peter. Joel comments on his lack of luck with women.
JOEL: Georgia wasn't interested, Geri was too pushy, don't know what went wrong with Sally.
Drew says not to worry about Sally as when he was trapped in the river, Sally was coming on to him. Joel says he asked her if she had the hots for him but she denied it. Joel says the nicest girl he ever liked was Libby and maybe he should have tried a bit harder.
No 28
Ruth and Susan are in tears over the end of the film. Libby is too, but she tries to hide it, unsuccessfully. Ruth wonders why all men can't be like that. 'Philanderers' says Libby, 'No,' says Ruth, 'ones that reform.' Susan says they're only attracted to ones they think they can reform. 'Men, can't live with them...can't kill 'em'.
Joel and Drew didn't catch anything. They end up talking about the accident again. Joel says it taught him that you never know when your time is up and to live each day like it's your last. If there's something you want, you should just go for it. Drew says sometimes things get in the way. Joel twigs he's talking about a woman and asks her name. Drew tells him it's Libby. Joel says he admires his taste, so what's the problem? Drew says she doesn't feel the same way. Joel asks if he's said anything to her. Drew says no. Joel says he has to, or he's never going to find out otherwise.
Harold has fitted the door shutter, but it sticks, preventing Ruth and Susan getting in for a second. He closes the door as Toadie approaches with Bill, and the door hits him on the nose. Harold asks what the problem is with Tad and offers to help. Toadie says it's just something he has to work through on his own.
No 30
Tad angrily tells Toadie he's off to see Paul. Toadie says he cares about Toadie and has doen the best he can to look after him, but it's not possible to let him stay. He says when his mum comes he can get the full story. Toadie says he has a new band called The Dogs who might be interested in playing the gig.
Joel and Drew come in with fish and chips which makes Toadie laugh. Drew says they almost caught him. Toadie leaves and Drew says he has a plan for making people think they nearly caught the eel.
No 28
Libby comes home and Susan asks how the essay is going. She's having a problem with the happy ending. Susan says her generation is too cynical. Libby says it's more that happy endings are an unknown quantity to her.
Toadie and Bill look over the hook with disbelief. They find a mark, which Bill thinks was done with a pair of pliers:
DREW: 'Why would an eel be carrying a pair of pliers?"
Libby arrives for work and Drew follows her out to the back. He wants to go somewhere after work, as there's something important he wants to talk to her about. She has something she wants to talk to him about to. Mike has asked her to dinner. Drew takes it she said no, but she's kind of curious as to what he has to say. She wants to ask Drew if he thinks she should go.
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