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Neighbours Episode 3319 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3319
Australian airdate: 3/6/99
UK airdate: 16/8/99
UK Gold:20/1/05
Writer: John Upton
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathan Dutton
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Paul telling Tad to stay away from Hannah.
The Coffee Shop
Tad tells him he is only joking with Hannah, not moving in on her. Paul doesn't believe him and storms off.
Novotel Hotel
Tad and Paul arrive back looking for Hannah. It turns out Hannah has already found the lead singer and has spoken to him. She gets on her bike and leaves with Paul and Tad rushing after her.
The Coffee Shop
Tad and Paul want details from Hannah so she explains the meeting to them. Tad wants to know if she asked him about the gig. Hannah says they've agreed it but she wants to go along to Uni FM where he is doing an interview to discuss dates. She tells them to get cracking on designing posters.
No. 28
Phil has called round to see if Karl will give him a few pointers to improve his golf skills, so he can woo a potential client. Karl agrees to help him tomorrow.
No. 26
Hannah is on the phone to a mate telling her about the visit to see the lead singer in his hotel room. Phil wants to know why she was in a rock stars bedroom!
No. 30
Toadie has come off the phone from talking to Tad's mother. Tad wants Toadie's help doing a leaflet for the concert at the school. Toadie laughs and doesn't believe that they've managed to arrange it.
No. 26
Hannah is telling Phil what really happened with her chat with Stig. Phil isn't sure something sinister didn't happen so Hannah reassures him that nothing happened bar chatting to him.
No. 28
Toadie is confiding in Karl the real reason Tad's parents called - they are having a trial separation and want Toadie to keep Tad with him in Erinsborough until the end of the year. Toadie is unsure about saying yes as he was getting into bad company at home, but Karl reminds Toadie he's got a lot on his plate at the moment to have the extra responsibility of Tad too.
Golf course
Karl is giving Phil some tips when Harold comes by on his walking route. Harold contradicts Karl's tips much to his annoyance.
The School
Hannah is telling her mates about meeting the rock star when Tad and Paul drag her away to discuss promoting the concert. She gives them orders of what to do and they ask her what is she going to be doing. Hannah tells them schmoozing at Uni FM. Paul and Tad want to go but Hannah isn't keen.
Uni FM
Hannah comes in to see Stig but Toadie tells her she's missed him and that they can't do the gig.
Harold and Karl are discussing gold when Lou comes over to tell them he's become a grandfather - Lauren has had a boy (Mason Louis). They offer congratulations and Lou gives them cigars. Madge comes out of TCS and she too gets a cigar.
Uni FM
Hannah is telling Paul and Tad that the gig is off - something else came up. They are all gutted.In the studio Toadie receives a phonecall from Lou telling him about becoming a grandfather and that the drinks are on him. Unfortunately the phonecall went out live on air!
Lou's Place
Karl and Phil come in wanting their free beer. Lou turns the thermostat up so the patrons buy more drinks. They leave and Toadie comes in suggesting they change the theme of the pub to keep the patrons in since it is very busy and Honolulu Lou's is suggested.
No. 26
Paul confesses to Hannah that he thought Tad was coming onto her. All she is really worried about is finding a band!
The Complex
A conga is on the go round the water when Lou confiscates a lit torch from someone. Unfortunately he sets fire to a parasol and it quickly catches fire. Harold rushes out of TCS with a fire extinguisher and proceeds to soak Lou at the same time as putting out the flames.
No. 30
Tad comes in to overhear Toadie on the phone to his mum saying he can't look after Tad and says he'll have to go back. Tad wants to know what is going on.
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