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Neighbours Episode 3316 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3316
Australian airdate: 31/05/99
UK airdate: 12/08/99
UK Gold: 19/1/05
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Peter Hannay Nick Carrafa
Summary/Images by: Shona
Joel shows Toadie the 'Stud' poster that was put up about him.
Peter tells Sarah that he loves her.
Number 30
Sarah wasn't expecting Peter's declaration but she tells him she's in love with him too, just as his cab arrives. Peter says he'd better go and Sarah is clearly upset. She tells him take care and call her. He says he will, everyday. Just as he makes to leave she tells him to stay. He drops his bag and they kiss passionately!
Number 28
The Kennedy's are having breakfast. Libby is getting ready for Uni. Susan observes that Bill is in a good mood. It's all down to a brainwave he's had - the timber he destroyed while making the bed head can be used for coffee tables, and he'll use the money to buy new timber for the bed head. Susan is impressed, but Karl is cautious, mentioning the time it will take. But Bill rejects his input.
Number 30
Sarah's last exam is this morning and she feels sick. Peter reassures her. Joel appears and is filled in on Peter's change of plans. Joel hopes he'll be able to find someone for his weekend - so far there's been no takers. Sarah rushes off.
Number 28
Libby brings up Lily's house and Bill's plans to move in there with Anne. Bill tells her he doesn't know when they'll be moving in - not for a while. He decides to skip breakfast and leaves. Libby and Susan were unaware about the change in plans. Karl sits down and Susan tells him he could have been more supportive about Bill's table idea. Karl rejects her observation that he was a 'bucket of cold water' and, refusing to listen to her, goes off in a huff to eat breakfast in their bedroom.
Number 30
Peter tells Joel that MSF are fine about him staying. Joel has his little black book and is checking his 'chick list' for potential weekend dates. Even his dentist is in it! As Peter goes to leave Joel offers him and Sarah the weekend - he doesn't want it to go to waste and there seems little chance he's going to find someone to share it with. 'You crazy kids enjoy it' Joel tells him, and Peter thanks him.
Lassiters Complex
Drew and Lou are walking. Lou asks about Drew's romance with Libby - Drew wonders if he's deluded. They are good friends but that's it. Lou knows Drew won't be content with that. Drew brings up Lauren - her baby is due any day and Lou is planning to head up to see her. Madge appears with a palm tree - she's been looking for Lou. She's been given a whole jungle of palms, and not just the one as she asked. Lou asks what he should do with them and Madge retorts that he can shove them up his jumper for all she cares.
Bill's Workshop
Bill is working when Karl appears. Karl apologises for that morning - it's Bill's business and he should be able to run it how he wants. Karl says he feels partly responsible for the accident with the timber - he could lend Bill the money for the timber. Bill says Karl doesn't get it and he wants to do it his way. Karl tries again, attempting to order a coffee table but Bill's having none of it. Karl leaves, saying he was only trying to help.
Lou's Place
Peter talks to Libby about MSF, and Libby arranges to do an article about him, promising not to make a big hero out of him. He asks her round to dinner with him and Sarah, just as Sarah arrives. Libby isn't very comfortable about this idea and says nights aren't actually that good for her, suggesting they meet for coffee instead. Sarah agrees, saying it would be best if it was just him and Libby one on one.
Outside Lou's Place
The path to the pub is lined by Madge's discarded palm trees and Madge finds it amusing, to Lou's annoyance. Libby appears and Joel arrives, wearing one of Toadie's bright Hawaiian shirts, and asking Libby if she's heard any weird gossip about him. He thinks Geri been telling people he's a dud date and Libby thinks that'd be something Geri would do. Lou looks at Joel's shirt and has a brain wave - Lou's Tropicana Lounge - silly little drinks with umbrellas in them. He tells Joel to go inside and swap shirts with Steve the barman.
Lou's Place
Peter tells Sarah about the trip - he's booked the cabin for that evening. Drew comes in and Sarah introduces them. Drew tells Sarah about Oakey - things haven't changed with Libby but Sarah on the other hand...at least one of them is in luck. After Sarah and Peter leave, Libby appears and Drew says he thought she was avoiding him. She tells his it wasn't him she was avoiding. Drew wonders if it might be time for her to get over her problem with Sarah but she says she doesn't have a problem.
Coffee Shop
Susan talks to Madge and Karl comes in. He fills Susan in on his visit to Bill's workshop and asks if he is overbearing. Susan says he is - it doesn't bother her, but it does bother Bill. He has to stand back and exercise some self-control.
Lou's Place
Libby tells Joel that Geri is the one spreading the rumours and most of the girls she spoke to believe them. He asks what they are. Libby fights to keep the smile off her face - they are bad, 'bad bad'. She whispers it to him and Joel, shocked, can't believe it.
Blue Gum Mountains
Peter and Sarah arrive at the cabin to a hamper of goodies. There's a waterbed - Sarah suggests they should check it out. Peter suggests they maybe do some exploring first and Sarah agrees.
Lou's Place
Joel wonders what Geri means by saying 'he's not the man he thinks he is'. It's a lie - he's as much a man as any man and Libby knows that. She is bemused by this, asking how should she know? He asks for the numbers of all the girls she spoke to so he can put them straight, but she says a journalist never reveals her sources. Drew comes in with a big parcel for Libby from his mother: inside is a framed cutting from the newspaper with a photo of Libby and Drew, a fruit cake, a necklace she left and Drew's winners sash from the rodeo. She tries to give it to him but he wants her to keep it, a momento from the trip. Joel returns - he tried to phone Geri but got no answer. Libby fills Drew in on the rumour. Drew finds it amusing but Joel gives him a look and he tells him that it was 'below the belt' while trying not to laugh.
Blue Gum Mountains
At a lake, Peter suggests they go for a swim but Sarah has no bathers. Peter goes in regardless.
Number 28
Susan is singing and ignoring Karl as he rants about an automated pay-by-phone system. When she says he wasn't listening he goes through it all again. Bill comes in to get some food - he still has work to do.
BILL: I'm starvin'
SUSAN: Oh, Billy, what is that - is that a rule? You put on overalls and you start dropping your 'G's.
BILL: Oh, 'starving'
SUSAN: Thank you.
Bill sees that Karl has just paid his pubic liabilities commercial insurance and is angry that he's paid it. Karl admits he's also paid another bill related to Bill's business. Bill says he wants to pay everything. Karl talks about his investment in the business and Bill says he wants to pay him back as soon as possible - then he'll be off his back. Bill leaves.
Blue Gum Mountains
Peter tries to get Sarah to come in but she won't. He disappears under the water and Sarah is having none of it, until she sees that he still hasn't appeared. She tells him that it isn't funny. When he still doesn't appear she runs in and he jumps up out of the water, saying he knew she'd save him. She tells him it's not funny but Peter says she's perfect, she tried to save him. Then he asks her to marry him - he wants to be with her forever.
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