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Neighbours Episode 3315 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3315
Australian airdate: 28/5/99
UK airdate: BBC: 11/8/99
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: David Myles
Guests: Peter Hannay: Nick Carrafa
Max Danby: Ewan Sprague
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Sarah tells Peter that her finals are just a few days away. He insists on helping her to study - even if they're up all night.
Toadie and Joel are eating breakfast and discussing who he could take on his weekend. Toadie jokes that the once-godlike Joel Samuels had women on his knees begging for dates and now he's human like the rest of them(!)
Sarah and Peter come out of Sarah's room with smiles all over their faces. Sarah says they were studying but Joel and Toadie look knowing!
Peter hears on the TV that a tsunami has struck in Korea. He looks serious.
Lance comes to tell Karl that his grass is getting a bit long. Karl asks him if he's the Erinsborough Garden Police(!) Lance tries to persuade Karl to pay him to do his garden. Also, he can do other maintenance jobs for just $12.50. Karl says he can start on the gutters. He says if Lance can do them without Susan finding out it wasn't Karl, he'll pay him extra(!)
Peter is ringing Medicins Sans Frontieres about the tsunami. He doesn't really want to go to Korea but may have to - hundreds are dead and thousands are homeless. Peter tells Toadie that normally he'd be on a plane to Sydney by now. Toadie realises it's because of Sarah he isn't. Peter asks Toadie not to say anything to Sarah - he's got a bit more thinking to do before he makes any commitments.
The Coffee Shop
Harold says that next year he'll include his tuba in the poetry competition. Lou says he can't wait(!)
Lou talks to Harold about being environmentally friendly - he's selling tropical plants. He suggests they put some in the Coffee Shop. He's offering a better deal than any garden centre in town.
Lance comes in looking for work. Madge tells him that he can clean the pool. Harold says he can do it himself, but at Madge's urging agrees to let Lance do it. Lance asks if they can pay him for it upfront. Then he asks Lou. Lou shows him the plant catalogue. He might have work for Lance helping him with it.
Peter is testing Sarah on her exam revision. He is distracted though. She suggests that they get some lunch and have a swim.
Peter says suddenly that they need to talk. He tells her about the tsunami emergency in Korea. They can manage without him, but he feels he should go. He has to leave tonight.
Joel is trying to get a date and failing. He can't understand why he gets giggles and no dates. Toadie says that's the story of his life(!) Toadie shows Joel something he found on the noticeboard - a poster saying "Any willing takers for a weekend away with a stud!" Toadie admits he put the poster up. Unfortunately, other people have annotated it with comments! Joel is not pleased and thinks it has something to do with Geri and her friends.
Peter is on the phone arranging a flight. Sarah comes in with some sandwiches. She is upset that Peter could be away for months. Peter says he'd like to make promises but he can't - he's sorry though. Sarah says not to spoil the time they do have left. She suggests they swim, laze around and enjoy the rest of the day. She does look upset though.
The Coffee Shop
Amy is enthusing to Madge about her job. She says she owes it all to Madge - when she started working at the Coffee Shop she realised her future lay in the service industry. Madge says she was glad to be of help!
Lou is trying to get Karl to buy some plants for the surgery or his house - Karl isn't too keen though. Lou offers him a free trial.
Amy comes up and tells Karl plants would be good for the oxygenation and the feng shui. Karl orders a plant for Bill's workshop!
Lou nags Harold and he finally agrees to take just one.
Lance says that he's got a date with Amy and Damian is stuck on the Melbourne to Perth run - Lance is back in the game. Joel says he still can't get a date. Lance asks if he can take the weekend for him and Amy. Joel says he might as well. Lance runs out. Toadie thinks Lance is setting himself up for a big fall.
Sarah comes in and tells Joel and Toadie that Peter has gone to pack - he's leaving tonight. Sarah is upset that he has to go. She wonders if there's such a thing as a happy relationship. She says Peter is coming back in a bit, so Joel and Toadie decide to go out to give them some privacy. She thanks them and says she'll return the favour one day, but Toadie says, "We should be so lucky!"
Peter comes to see Karl - he's come in to say goodbye. Karl says he almost envies him. Peter says he's finding it difficult to leave this time because of Sarah. Karl says he had no idea that things were so serious. Peter says he thinks he's in love with Sarah.
No.30 pool
Peter is swimming while Sarah sits on the side. He asks her if she wants to come and live on a desert island with him. She says she'd love it. Peter says seriously that there's something she needs to know about him. Then he smiles, says, "Never trust me!" and pulls her into the pool! They kiss happily.
Amy arrives. She sniffs Lance and says he smells funny - he says it's chlorine from cleaning Madge and Harold's pool! They go off on their date anyway. Amy asks what Anne is doing tonight. Lance says she's out with Bill. Amy says if she had a house she'd move out in a flash. Lance suggests that she earns money now, she could afford to rent. Maybe she could speak to Anne about renting the house? Amy looks interested and says she'll talk to Anne about it. She says she'd need someone to move in with her and Lance says she's got lots of friends. He obviously means him but Amy doesn't pick up on this.
The Pub
Lance and Amy are drinking champagne. Amy asks Lance if he'd be interested in sharing the house with her. Lance plays it cool and says he'd have to work out a budget, but in principle it would be fine. Amy looks pleased and they clink glasses. Lance asks if Amy is home this weekend. He says they could go away together. Amy says she couldn't - they're friends and maybe flatmates, but that's the sort of thing you do with your partner, not your pal.
The Coffee Shop
Madge is wondering how Lance got on with the pool. Harold wonders if Lance wanted the money for gambling. Madge says she's sure Lance has got it under control by now and they can't spend the rest of their lives mistrusting him.
A gardening man knocks with the plant for Harold. He wheels in an enormous palm. Harold says it's too big but the bloke says he just delivers them - and the order is for ten! Madge and Harold sit under the huge leaves, speechless.
The Pub
Toadie and Joel are playing pool. Lance joins them. Toadie asks why Amy went home. He guesses that things didn't go so well. Lance says he doesn't want to talk about it. Then he says he thought things with Amy were better but he read it wrong.
Madge comes in looking for Lou, but he's already gone home. Madge says darkly that she'll catch him at home!
Sarah tells Peter sadly that she's going to miss him. He gives her a present - some African beads. He says grooms give them to their brides as a symbol of respect - and love. Sarah looks up at this. Peter tells her he's in a quandary - he's always avoided commitment because of his job. He says he's finding it very difficult to go - if she asked him to stay, he would. Sarah says it's his decision and she can't make it for him. Peter says tells Sarah he's in love with her.
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