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Neighbours Episode 3314 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3314
Australian airdate: 27/5/99
UK airdate: 10/8/99
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: David Myles
Guests: Peter Hannay: Nick Carrafa
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Bill tells Karl off for treating his workshop like his own. He says Karl wants control over him. Mal went to London to get away from him. Karl looks very hurt and walks out.
Bill's workshop
Bill has ruined his wood following his row with Karl. Anne says he has to keep Karl on-side, they're going to need his support. They'll replace the wood somehow.
Anne says that neither Phil and Ruth are happy about them moving out together, but they'll get used to it. They talk generally about kids. Anne says they should work on the white picket fence first!
Toadie is reading out terrible poetry that has been sent in to the radio station. He asks Joel for his entry, but Joel says he'll get to hear it along with the rest of Erinsborough. Toadie suggests that Sarah enters to win a weekend away for her and Peter, but she snaps that they can organise themselves. She orders them out - she's trying to study.
Joel gets his bongo drums out. Toadie looks confused but Joel says he'll just have to be patient - it's part of his poetry competition entry!
The Coffee Shop
Harold is trying to get Madge to select his best poem out of four or five possibles, but she says they all seem to be on a par(!) She finally closes her eyes and picks one.
Lou comes in and teases Harold about his poems. Madge says to leave it to the official judges. Lou says that Harold doesn't stand a chance against him!
Sarah is answering a cold call. She gets rid of them, but then there's a knock at the door. It's Peter with a large bouquet of flowers for her. Sarah is chuffed! Peter asks her if she has plans, but Sarah says nothing that can't wait. He asks her what she thinks of white water rafting! She says she values her life too much! Peter says he won't force her as long as she comes up with an alternative.
Karl is angry about what happened at the workshop. Then Bill comes in in a strop. He tells then that he ruined the walnut wood and has to wait for some more to arrive. He tells Karl it's his fault - he made him lose concentration. Bill says as soon as Anne gets possession of the house, he's moving out. He gets no privacy at home or at work. He tells Karl he's a big boy now and he doesn't need Karl looking over his shoulder. He storms off to his room.
Phil is working out everything Anne needs to pay for services on the house - it's quite expensive even though she hasn't got to pay a mortgage.
Bill tells Anne that it'll be fine, but she says that his income is variable. He says he'll give up the workshop and work in the garage, but Anne says the neighbours will complain about the noise.
Bill overhears Ruth telling Phil that Anne is too young to move out - she should wait a year. Moving out now would be a mistake on all levels.
Sarah and Peter are still trying to think of something to do. They keep disagreeing on what to do. Sarah suggests drawing something out of a hat but Peter says that first they'd have to decide on a hat(!) Sarah says maybe they should be a bit more flexible. Peter asks Sarah if she trusts him enough to go and organise something. She says she does as long as it's not jumping out of an aeroplane. He has a bit of a smile on his face and says it might involve holding hands!
Ruth asks Anne about the budget for the house. She says no money can put an awful strain on a relationship. Anne says she knows Ruth doesn't want her to move out but it'll happen sooner or later. Ruth suggests that she rent the house out for a few years and bank the money - it would give them a better start if they waited a while.
Uni FM
Toadie is introducing the poetry competition - a topic that rhymes with absolutely nothing (elbows)! Harold and Madge are in the waiting room with Lou teasing Harold again. Susan and Joel arrive. Susan goes into the studio and sits down quietly to do the judging. Toadie reads out an awful poem about elbows and pretends to get emotional.
Bill says that Ruth will get used to the idea of them moving out - they're old enough to vote or go to war. Anne says that Ruth did make some good suggestions.
Bill says he is feuding with Karl. Anne tells him the rent the house out and bank the money plan - then they could afford some nice furniture. Bill says they can buy perfectly good furniture in garage sales. He suggests that Anne could sell the house and they could live somewhere cheaper on the profits, but Anne doesn't want to sell Lily's house. Bill says the bottom line is that Ruth is trying to edge him out of the picture. Anne gets cross and walks out.
Uni FM
Harold is reading out his elbow poem.
And I look at my elbow
My hand on my heart
Give praise to the heavens and think
How great thou art."
Toadie tells him his entry was very moving!
Lou is next:
There once was a lady with one elbow
Who went on a date with this fellow
They had lunch in Lou's Pub
Ended up in the tub
Now she's pushing a pram and...
But Toadie tells him limericks aren't admissible in the competition. Lou isn't perturbed - he just wanted the free advertising really!
Next up is Joel's entry. He takes his bongo drums in. Harold says if he'd known he'd have brought his tuba(!)
Joel has entitled his poem, "The Elbow"
I give thanks for my elbow
Cos it keeps my arm in place
It helps my hand
To pick the flower
And the flower is power
The power is love
And love is all we need.
So thank you Woodstock from my elbow
And from me.
(all while playing the bongos!)
Everybody claps. Lou tells Joel he's a bit young for Woodstock but Joel says Ancient History is one of his favourite subjects!
Susan comes to the microphone to do the judging. She says it was an unconventional but deserving win - Joel has won the weekend away! Joel is chuffed to bits and says into the microphone that all he needs now is someone to go with - the phonelines are open!
Outside Lassiters
Sarah and Peter are rollerblading. Sarah is not doing very well but has had a lot of fun. Peter suggests a candlelit dinner to top it off - he'll cook for her.
The Coffee Shop
Bill comes in and sees Ruth sitting there. He is instantly very hostile towards her. Ruth says she was only advising Anne. Bill says she can't control Anne's life and she has no right to tell her what to do!
The Pub
The phone rings for Toadie - it's Sarah. As he answers it, Karl, Susan and Joel discuss the poetry competition. Toadie comes back and tells them that Sarah wants the house to herself tonight - Peter is coming round. Karl looks a bit put out.
The Coffee Shop
Bill is still ranting (very inappropriately) at Ruth. When he's finished Ruth says she'll excuse the way he just spoke to her and tell him it's Anne's decision. Bill says Ruth is influencing Anne. Ruth says there's a vast difference between pressure and advice. If Bill stopped and thought about it for a minute, he'd see her advice was right. Anne is thinking about their long-term future and Bill should be proud of her, like Ruth is.
Peter and Sarah are enjoying a candlelit dinner in the living room. Sarah is impressed at his Moroccan cooking. Peter refers to her as his girlfriend and Sarah looks a bit surprised, but pleased. She says they're quite different people, but they're having fun together. Peter says, "Vive la difference!"
Bill has come to apologise to Anne for yelling at Ruth. Bill says that Anne had already made up her mind about the house - they're a team and she should have consulted him. Anne says that her half of the team owns the house and she has to make the mature decisions. Bill is very cross and walks out.
Peter and Sarah are cuddling on the sofa. Sarah tells Peter that her finals are in a couple of days. He is horrified - he thought she was just generally studying. He says he feels terrible. He gets up and gets Sarah's notes - she'll pass the exam even if they have to be up all night.
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