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Neighbours Episode 3313 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3313
Australian airdate: 26/5/99
UK airdate: BBC: 9/8/99
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: David Myles
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Libby and Drew have to share a hotel room in Oakie. Drew insists on sleeping on the chair. Libby asks him if he's some kind of weird prude(!)
Libby stirs to find that Drew is already up - he's been quiet so as not to wake her. Drew's back is sore and she tells him she's an idiot for sleeping on the chair when he could have had half the bed. Drew says at least he's an idiot who's managed to keep his integrity - it's very important.
Anne is worried about the court case which is today. Ruth tells her to stick to the truth and she'll be fine. Anne says she feels sick. Phil says he'll come with her to the court for moral support. Anne looks very apprehensive.
Susan goes to pour Karl a coffee but he complains there's hardly any coffee in it(!) Susan says she's run out. Bill is off to work and is in a good mood because his walnut wood is being delivered today. Karl says he's like to come down and have a look at it. Bill isn't very keen - he thinks Karl is supervising him. Karl says he's just taking an interest! Bill suggests he comes by Karl's surgery after work to supervise him in return!
Lance is leaving a message on Larry's answerphone hoping for more gardening work. He is desperate to get work so he can pay back Phil's $300.
Amy comes in raving that Elle McPherson was on her morning flight! She tells Lance that she's really happy with her job - she's done sixteen hours of flying now. Lance asks her if Damian is on the same crew as her, but he's not. Amy hasn't seen him for a couple of weeks. Lance says that would put a bit of a strain on their relationship but Amy says that they are strong enough to make it work. Lance tells her sarcastically that he hopes it works out for her. Amy doesn't pick up on his sarcasm.
The Coffee Shop
Anne and Phil are having lunch. Bill comes in - Anne tells him that Gary put on quite an act in the court and was very convincing. Anne is having her turn this afternoon. Bill says she'll be fine. Phil says it depends on Mildred's evidence - they'll just have to wait and see.
Susan is making up a shopping list. She asks Karl what else they need. He says, "Bread, milk, Harley Davidson..."(!) Susan laughs.
Libby and Drew arrive back. They tell Susan and Karl about the hotel and the shared breakfast! Libby gives Susan and Karl a cowboy hat each as a present and they mess about with them, putting on American accents! Libby tells them that Drew got thrown at the Rodeo. Karl says he thought Drew wasn't entering. Drew says the heat must have got to him(!) Drew goes off to have a shower. He hugs Libby goodbye and tells her that he couldn't have had better company.
Libby raves about Drew to Susan - how all the women were lining up and he was the town hero. She says he took it all in his stride though. She says that Drew is a totally different person on his own turf. Susan looks interested! Libby goes off for a shower.
Bill's workshop
Anne comes in and tells Bill excitedly that she won the case - the house is hers! Bill is very pleased. He says now there's nothing stopping them moving in together!
Lance asks Ruth if Amy can come to dinner tonight. She asks if they're back on. Lance says they've never been off as friends. Amy has stuck by him through a lot. Other people didn't even try. Ruth asks him who he is talking about, but at that moment Anne and Phil come in and Anne tells them excitedly that she's got the house! Lance doesn't look thrilled - he says everything always works out for Anne. Anne tells Ruth that she and Bill want to move in as soon as they can. Ruth says there's no hurry and anyway it'll take a month or so for the paperwork to go through. Phil says the house is worth $180,000 - $200,000. In the background, Lance slams a cupboard shut.
Bill's workshop
Karl sneaks up on Bill, much to his annoyance. Bill tells Karl not to touch anything, especially not the walnut wood. Bill tells Karl that Anne won the case. Karl puts on some overalls and says he's going to make a bookcase for the surgery. Bill isn't chuffed, but says there are some scraps in the corner he can have. He thinks Karl is being a bit ambitious in building a bookcase - he's only ever made a pencil box when he was at school! Bill suggests he starts small - maybe he could make a new perch for Darl!
Bill, Anne, Lance, Ruth and Phil are having some celebratory champagne and waiting for Amy. Lance tells Anne that she should knock down the house and get flats built - it would make her into a millionaire! Anne says she's not knocking it down - she and Bill want to live in it.
Lance answers the door to Amy. She is really happy for Anne. The phone rings with a message for Bill - Karl wants him to come over for an unveiling ceremony(!) Bill says it's like living with a six year old!
The Pub
Libby and Drew are sitting at a table. Susan comes up and tells them that Karl's creating a masterpiece in Bill's workshop - something that will be "a magnificent contribution to the wellbeing of one member of the family." Libby says she hopes it isn't her! Susan explains to Drew that Karl likes to dabble in handicrafts.
Susan thanks Drew for taking Libby up to Oakie - she's come back her normal self. Libby tells Susan that everyone thought they were an item - Drew's mum practically had the engagement party organised. (At this point Drew's heart quietly cracks into little pieces)
Amy tells everyone that most passengers are nice - only a few are rude. She really likes meeting new people.
Anne tells Lance that Amy seems to be enjoying herself. She says she's surprised Lance invited her over - she thought they'd gone off the rails. She says things have been a bit shaky lately around the house and Lance snaps moodily that he supposes she means his gambling. He tells her he never thinks what it's like for him - seeing everyone's disappointed looks while Anne is sitting pretty in her house. Anne walks off.
Susan and Libby are having breakfast. Bill is feeding Darl. He says Darl is feeling off because a balding devil tampered with his perch(!) Karl comes out and Bill shouts, "There it is!" much to the amusement of Susan and Libby. Karl says he's going to come down to Bill's workshop again to fix the perch.
Susan tells Libby that men are noisier than women. Libby says that Kennedy men are - Drew isn't. She says he was really quiet in the hotel. Susan looks interested and innocently says, "Oh yes, that was just the one room, wasn't it?" Libby says that the hotel owner presumed they were married and Susan says everyone has presumed that recently! Libby says they spend a lot of time together but they're not a couple. She is clearly oblivious to the cogs turning in Susan's head.
Lance is frustrated that he can't get any work off Larry. Amy comes round to see Anne before her work, but she isn't there. Amy says she just needed a friend to talk to about girl things. Lance says he can talk to her about anything in the world. Amy tells him that Damian had an overnight in Perth last night and he never phoned. She rang him but he wasn't in his room and he never returns his calls. She thought Damian was different. Lance says she doesn't know Damian's playing around - she might be jumping to conclusions. Amy looks a bit more hopeful, so Lance adds that their jobs are not the easier for a perfect romance. Amy tells Lance he's her best friend in the world. His smile is rather forced.
Two of Karl's patients have cancelled so he can go down the workshop for an hour! He picks up the perch. Susan tells him to stop annoying his own son. Karl says he isn't. Libby says that Karl can be a real pain in the neck sometimes - it's Bill's workplace. Karl says he'll be sensitive - he just wants to fix the perch(!)
Bill's workshop
Bill is working on the walnut wood when Karl comes in. Bill is not pleased to see him and tells him to come back later - what he's working on is delicate. Karl says he wouldn't have a workshop without him. Bill says that putting money in doesn't give him a say in the business. He is very cross - Karl just wants control over Bill. Karl says it isn't true. Bill tells him that Mal went to London to get away from him. Karl looks very hurt and walks out.
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