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Neighbours Episode 3312 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3312
Australian airdate: 25/5/99
UK airdate: 6/8/99
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: David Myles
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Rose Kirk: Diana Greentree
Ron Kirk: John Orcsik
Dougal Kirk: Michael Barallon
Nell Woodrow: Dawn Klingberg
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Drew tells his father that he'd like Libby to be "the one" but she treats him like a brother.
Libby is woken up early by the loud squawking of the birds in the country. She puts her head on Drew's shoulder. Drew's dad tells him cryptically that he should never give up hope on "that other matter." Drew smiles wryly.
Madge pops round for a chat. She asks Phil and Ruth what they think about Hannah and Paul. Apparently Harold found them together in Paul's room but it was innocent. Ruth says they were probably just listening to music. Madge says she and Harold don't want to make a big deal of it - but they'll keep an eye on things. Phil says that Hannah is only 15 but Ruth scoffs. She asks Phil how old he was when he had his first girlfriend! She says Phil only thinks Hannah is young because she's his baby! Ruth doesn't think there's too much to be worried about and it's great to see Hannah so happy. Phil is not so sure!
The Coffee Shop
Tad is studying at a table. Hannah and Paul come in. Tad is writing a proposal for underage concerts in Erinsborough - Hannah and Paul think it's a great idea. Hannah suggests he put in some video clips of the bands but Tad tells them that it's his project. He says they tried to cut him out of their loop so he's doing the same for them. Hannah and Paul aren't pleased.
The Pub
Tad calls in to see Lou. Lou tries to throw him out, but Tad says it's OK because he's ordering food(!) Lou agrees he can come into the office and talk to him. Tad gives Lou the proposal for running underage concerts in Erinsborough. Lou looks interested, but he wants to know what it has to do with him. Tad flatters Lou saying he's an entrepreneur and he wants to learn everything Lou knows(!) Lou tells him the first thing to do is to get workers so he can delegate. He tells Lou to drop by his house tonight when he's had time to read the proposal.
Libby and Drew are about to leave. They get into the car and Drew's parents wave them off. Drew asks where Dougal is but he's nowhere to be found. They drive off.
Farm gate
Libby and Drew wonder where Dougal is. Libby throws her bag in the back and we see Dougal hiding under a blanket!
A road
Paul asks Tad if he wants to come to the beach. He agrees - Tad says he doesn't hold grudges. He invites Paul to help him out with his project. Paul is suspicious that Tad has changed his mind. Tad says it's good business sense to share the load. They agree to meet at the Coffee Shop.
A road between Oakie and Erinsborough
Drew's car has broken down again(!) and Libby teases him about his mechanical prowess. While the look for tools, they come across Dougal in the back of the car.
The Pub
Tad comes to asks Lou what he thinks. He says he doesn't know yet - what sort of bands is Tad thinking about? Tad says he has a wishlist. Lou gives him a contact list of numbers for flyers, sound and lighting people, etc. Tad is really pleased. He sits down at Lou's desk to ring them. He tells Lou that he needs an office for his operation. Lou is speechless!
A road between Oakie and Erinsborough
Libby and Drew are trying to decide whether to go on to a garage or go back to Oakie.
The Pub
Tad is ringing a bloke about posters. He asks Lou to get him a coke(!) but Lou takes the phone and puts it back on the hook! He tells Tad not to push his luck. As he's leaving, Tad tells Lou that he's actually got some enemies on the list he gave him(!)
A road between Erinsborough and Oakie
Libby is telling Dougal kindly that maybe he can come down in the school holidays. Drew is sulking a bit. He tells Dougal he has to think of his parents.
Drew's parents drives up and Drew goes over to smooth things over. Drew's mum hugs Dougal and apologises to Libby for putting two hours on their journey. Drew's dad puts Dougal in the car. Dougal looks very disappointed and Drew pats him on the head. They all drive off. Drew looks impressed at the way Libby handled things and she smiles back at him.
Paul sees Hannah's bikinis in the laundry basket plays about, swinging them around his head(!) The door opens just as the bikinis fly out of Paul's hand - they hit Phil on the chest.
The Coffee Shop
Tad asks Madge if she's seen Paul. He settles down to wait for him - they're going to the beach. Madge tells Tad that Lou is not the best person to listen to for business tips(!)
Phil is very awkwardly trying to talk to Paul and Hannah. He says it's easy to get carried away and it's probably not healthy at their age. He babbles a bit and Ruth tries not to laugh. Paul and Hannah look rather confused. They ask if they can go to the beach now. They go out and Ruth cracks up laughing!
A road
Drew and Libby are very tired. They draw up outside a motel which looks very old - in fact, it looks like GrotCity! Drew says they could press on to the next town (70kms away) but Libby says the motel might be OK - she's exhausted after the ball in Oakie and the long drive. Drew doesn't look to keen on GrotCity but Libby says it's going to have to do - they can start fresh in the morning.
An crusty old lady opens a creaky door and shows them a grotty room. She tells them they can have one breakfast between them!!
Libby and Drew look round the room and see that it only has one double bed!
The Coffee Shop
Tad is still waiting for Hannah and Paul. They tell him they got held up by Phil. Tad says it's too late to go to the beach now - he isn't very pleased. Madge tells them if they're going to fight, to take it outside, but then diffuses the situation by suggesting they have a bowl of chips and a good old chinwag. They sit down.
Paul asks how Tad's project is going. Tad says Hannah could be his personal assistant but she doesn't want to. She gets angry at Tad for being sexist and walks out. Paul follows her.
Drew and Libby are getting ready for bed. Drew is looking very awkward and says they should have kept driving. Libby tells him to get over it - it's done now. She asks him what side of the bed he sleeps on. Drew suddenly comes over all bashful (Arggghh!!! No!!!!) and won't share a bed with Libby! He tells her he'll sleep on the chair! Libby asks Drew if he is some sort of weird prude!! - all they have to do is share a bed. Drew says he's just being chivalrous. Libby tells him he's being ridiculous but eventually gives in. She tells Drew that she just doesn't get him.
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