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Neighbours Episode 3311 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3311
Australian airdate: 24/5/99
UK airdate: 5/8/99
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: David Myles
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Rose Kirk: Diana Greentree
Ron Kirk: John Orcsik
Dougal Kirk: Michael Barallon
Barry Glen: Martin Cole
Shelley Hanson: Jane Allsop
Ray Hanson: Ren Dehaas
Baby Hanson: Leyden Brewer
The Denis Farrington Band

Summary/Images by: Pete
Drew falls off his horse at the Oakey Rodeo.
Libby leans over Drew and asks him if he's alright. He is. He whispers to her 'look concerned, they like a bit of drama'. Slowly, they get up. The audience applauds. Drew waves at them as he limps off, the fallen hero. She wants to know if he fell off on purpose. He asks if she's mad Ron reassures Rose that he looks fine.
No 26
Paul and Hannah are trying to pash on the couch, Hannah hears Ruth arrive home. Annoyed that they can't get any time together, Paul suggests going to his house, and they sneak out the back way together
No 30
Tad is reading the paper. There's a knock at the door. He tries to ignore it, but the knocking continues. He answers the door to Harold. He's looking for Paul. Tad says that last time he saw him, he was smooching up to Hannah in the coffee shop. Harold thinks he'll catch them at No 26. Harold then asks Tad if he was out with Hannah and Paul last night at the Battery Acid gig. Harold says that Tad can't pull the wool over his eyes. Tad realises this and says that he was. Harold says he shouldn't be going to places like that at his age. Tad says there are no more suitable places where gigs are held. Harold says that they only encourage young people to break the law, which Tad agrees with. Harold suggests that Tad should do something about it. 'Arrange your own jig...gig'. Tad thinks Harold is a genius.
Drew, Ron and Rose are on the porch. Dougal is setting up a camera to take a picture. All the men are dressed smartly, for a black tie event. Rose is wearing a dress underneath a jumper. Rose says Drew needs to see a doctor. Ron says he was only winded. Rose says it was no thanks to him. Ron feels in the doghouse, but he's proud because the local paper features a story about his son winning the rodeo. Dougal asks what they're waiting for. Rose says she wants Libby in the photo. Dougal says that they have a whole roll of film, and they should take one of the family while they wait for her. Rose remarks that 'Libby is part the family'. Drew whines at her. Just as they're lining up, Libby comes out of the house wearing a long black dress. Rose says how lovely she looks. Drew stammers to speak. Dougal tells Drew to move closer to Libby and put his arm around her. Dougal gets everyone to say 'Rodeo' instead of cheese, presses the button and runs into shot. Ron covers his face with the newspaper as the camera goes off and we get a full screen 'photo shot' of the house with everyone.
No 28
Susan and Tad are talking about his idea for a gig. Susan asks if he's thought it through. He wants to hold the gig at the school, with the school putting up the funding. He says all she needs is a little vision and trust. She's put out by the suggestion that she doesn't have any. She says he needs to come back to her with a proper proposal, including costs and estimated income. She thinks he'd have more luck getting funds from local businesses. She says the school could provide the hall, and help out on the night, especially if some of the money raised where coming back to the school. He says she's a sharp operator.
Drew and Libby are sitting with Ray and Shelley. Shelley says that Ray didn't want her to come. Barry makes a crack about having to take the door off it's hinges to get her through it. Ray worries about her, but she says she's fine. Drew says she should take it easy. She turns to Libby and asks her to 'leave these two and let's find some real fun'. As they walk off, Barry makes a crack about her breaking the floorboards. Ray asks Drew if he's coming back next year, but Drew is distracted, watching Libby go. He clicks back into the conversation with Ray and says that he couldn't stand the competition.
Rose is quite happy with the number of tickets sold, although Ron has forgotten to bring the rest. She watches Libby and Drew and remarks that they make a lovely couple. Ron gets up to make his speech and Rose tells him not to make any 'off' jokes. Drew looks round the room for Libby, who smiles at him. Dougal puts a worm in a sandwich at the buffet. Ron tells the audience to take their partners for the dancing as the music starts.
No 28
Susan looks through Tad's proposal, handwritten on a few pieces of paper, although he does seem to have put a little bit of effort in. She calls it 'visionary' and thinks he's aimed to high. He wants an international band. She doesn't think he'll get the 'hundreds of thousands of dollars' necessary. He thinks she doesn't like it, but she says she admires his enthusiasm. He agrees to try and bring it down a bit.
The first dance ends, and it's time for the ladies excuse-me. It takes a matter of seconds before Libby is tapped on the shoulder by another woman wanting to take her place dancing with Drew. Libby finds a young lad and begins dancing with him. Drew watches Libby while he dances, and Rose and Dougal interrupt Libby, asking her where Drew is. Another woman comes along to dance with Drew, and Rose makes her way over there. She excuses that woman and dances Drew back to Libby and pairs them up It's not long before another woman comes along, butts Libby out of the way and hangs off Drew
A million Libby and Drew fans watching must have fainted at that point.
Later, Ron and Rose take to the stage with the cup and sash. Drew makes his way through the crowd to join Libby at the front. Ron announces Drew as the winner and the audience cheer as he takes to the stage. Barry shouts 'it was rigged' and the audience laugh.
'This is a great honour for me. It's great to be home, it's great that 'all the special people in my life are here' and it's great that I'm the best rider in town'. Barry: 'only because I wasn't riding'. More laughter. Drew comes off the stage waving his trophy, and places the sash on Libby. Ron gets them to lead the dance and they stare into each other's eyes.
Awww. You know it.
As everyone joins the dance Libby says she thought she'd never get to dance with him 'without having to beat the female half of Oakey off with a stick'. Drew says it's only because he won the rodeo. She says no, he's a bit of 'a dark horse, if you'll pardon the pun'. She says her 'friendly local car mechanic is a local hero, and it might be time to re-evaluate him. 'In my eyes, you'll never be the same again.....don't look so worried it is a good thing' Drew was worried for a second, but he seems pleased now. Rose again remarks to Ron that they make a lovely couple. Libby says she must be the most envied woman in town. Drew says it's because she's beautiful. They go to kiss.......
.........and Shelley screams out in pain as her waters break. Barry spits his food into a napkin. Mwahahahahahahahahaha.
No. 24
Tad offers Harold the 'opportunity' for the coffee shop to sponsor the gig. Harold is annoyed because it's late at night and Madge is in bed. Tad tries to twist him into saying yes, but all Harold is prepared to offer is the services of Tuba Electrica for the night. Tad says he'll bear it in mind as long as Harold thinks about sponsorship. Harold agrees at last to think about it. He suggests that Paul is helping out, given that he'll need all the help he can get from his friends. He says he's flying solo on this project. He needs friends, everyone else can keep their noses out of his business.
Drew and Libby wonder if Shelley's had the baby yet. Dougal offers Ron the plate of sandwiches and he eats the one with the worm in it. Ha, and er, ha . He runs off and Rose cries after him 'just you wait till I get you home, your blood won't be worth bottling you little terror'. I always thought Home and Away copyrighted that line for Alf years ago Drew asks Libby if 'Oakey isn't too Hicksville for ya'. She says she's having a lovely time and thinks his friends and family are great. He twirls her out of shot.
Early next morning, Drew and Libby visit Shelley, Ray and their new baby. They are talking, but you can't hear them for the music. Outside, Drew tells Libby that it feels weird that an old school friend has had a baby, and it feels like he's grown up. Libby says he still looks like a little kid to her. He remarks about he thinks about having a baby one day, and all the responsibility that comes with that. He asks Libby if there's any chance of her ever getting clucky over a baby. She says that looking at baby Ruby made her go all funny inside.'Not that it's a problem or anything'. She kisses him on the cheek and thanks him for being such a great friend, and for helping her get over Mike. They are both tired now and want to go home. They walk off arm in arm.
Drew is having a coffee in the garden. Ron joins him. After wondering where his other son is, Ron asks when Drew's leaving. He says it depends on Libby as 'she's no early riser.' Ron says he didn't realise they were that familiar, but Drew says that Tom told him. Ron says they make a nice couple. Drew says he heard all that at the ball. Ron asks if Drew thinks she's The One. He says no. Ron says 'that's a pity, she's a nice girl' and stares at Drew. Drew asks if he has to stare at him like that. "Yes........yes, OK, I would like Libby to be the one, it's just......she treats me like I'm her brother"
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