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Neighbours Episode 3310 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3310
Australian airdate: 21/05/99
UK airdate: 04/08/99
UK Gold12/01/05
Writer: Piet Collins
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Rose Kirk: Diana Greentree
Ron Kirk: John Orcsik
Barry Glen: Martin Cole
Shelley Hanson: Jane Allsop
Ray Hanson: Ren Dehaas
Summary/Images by: Pete
Drew and Libby park up on the road to Oakey for a sleep
They meet Ron on the road
Paul is sprung sneaking back in after the concert.
No 24
Paul tries to bluff his way out of trouble by saying he was at Hannah's but Madge and Harold tell him Ruth rang and told them where he was. Turns out they couldn't get into the nightclub anyway as the bouncers refused to let them in, so they stood outside and listened.
MADGE: "Did Tad's fake beard fall off?
Harold gets very angry with Paul, and starts shouting. Paul says again that they didn't go in, but Harold says it wasn't because they didn't want to. Madge sends him to bed.
Ron, Rose, Drew and Libby prepare the hall for the rodeo ball. Ron tries to talk Drew into going in for the rodeo. He says he's only ridden Libby's grandpa's horse, Castro this year, and he was hardly a rodeo horse Libby says she would like to see him in the rodeo. Rose has a go at Ron, telling him Drew's doing the right thing, but Ron doesn't give up.
Tad and Hannah come to see Paul, who's out back cleaning the fridge. Harold says he wants them to stay away from him after the business with the concert. Hannah says they just want to see him for a while and he relents. They go into the back, where they share their stories of what happened when they got home. Hannah says 'Ruth jumped out of the shadows' at her. Tad got away 'free as a bird' as Toadie was still asleep. Paul and Hannah are jealous. Hannah says his form was pretty bad at the concert. He told the bouncers he was born in 1969! 'You'd have to be the only 30 year old in year 10'. They got to meet D. Generate, but he didn't remember Paul. Paul says Tad made a geek of himself getting his T-shirt signed. Tad says they had memories of a fine night. He says they just need to get the look right next time and they'll be straight in. Hannah is surprised at the suggestion of a next time.
Dew says his mum met his dad at the rodeo ball, so it's a bit special. They're expecting a lot of people there, and Drew says it's great when the whole town turns out. Libby says it'll be a hoot. Rose tells Drew to ignore Ron's trying to get him to enter the rodeo.
Paul is unhappy about having to work. Harold says there are still jobs to do, but if he wants to leave, they won't stop him. He then says no, it's ok, he'll stay. Then Harold says that since his friends are waiting, an hour or two won't make much difference.
Eh? Is it just me or did that make no sense?
Paul joins Tad and Hannah at a table. They try to think of something to do. Hannah wants to go and sit in her house. Tad says they should go to the supermarket and get some supplies for a pool party Turns out he wants to go to the supermarket to check out a 'checkout chick' called Becky. She's apparently in Year 12, and all the Year 12 boys can't even get a date with her.
TAD: 'She'll come around, she's only human'
HANNAH: 'Exactly, why would she want to date outside her own species?'.
Hannah and Paul leave and Madge pulls Tad aside. She asks him if last night was his idea. He denies it and says he was surprised to hear what they did. He was sat at home reading War and Peace.
Yeah, right.
Madge isn't having a bar of it.
On the other side of the door Hannah and Paul agree they want to spend time together, not watch Tad trying to pick up Becky. Tad comes out of the door, and they follow.
There is a busy carnival atmosphere, everyone appears to be having a great time. Drew gets waved at by a lady friend called Cindy, and he waves back. The horses arrive and Drew seems nervous as he looks at the beast. Ray and Shelley come up they talk generally about when the baby's due and stuff. Ray is disappointed to hear that Drew is not entering the rodeo and jokingly blames Libby. Drew decides to check out the livestock.
No 24
Paul and Hannah try to get put off going to the supermarket with Tad. Paul takes ages to get changed, and then Hannah says she needs a drink. Instead, in the kitchen, her and Paul realise they can't get out of it. They're not pleased but go anyway.
More general atmosphere scenes. The horse is getting quite agitated. It's tied up at the neck.and is pulling against the tether, bending his neck. Drew comes along and leans against the fence, looking at it quite dreamily. Then he says to the horse 'you know, eventually you get some sense, and you realise that a broken neck is not a pretty thing. Just as well I got some sense". Barry says that city living has turned Drew into a big puff pastry. Shelley asks Libby if there's any chance of her and Drew getting married and moving to Oakey, as she could do with the babysitting options LOL. Libby says no. Shelley says Drew is missed around Oakey, which Libby says she gathered. Ron announces over the tannoy that entry for the rodeo is about to close if anyone is still thinking of signing up. Ray says it sounds like a message to Number 2 son.
No 30
Paul, Tad and Hannah are dressed for the pool. Tad is singing a song about Becky. He says she was checking him out. 'Me and the Bethmeister were obviously meant to be' Hannah and Paul seem to be in agreement. When it comes to getting in the pool though, they make their excuses and leave. Tad continues to sing.
Shelley says her baby is long overdue. She jokes that she thought of entering the women's event to speed things along a bit, but she chickened out. Ray says she wasn't alone there, meaning Drew. Drew asks if Ron offered him money to say that. Ron comes up and says 'would it help if I did?'. Drew caves in and agrees to sign up for the rodeo.
Hannah is glad to be alone with Paul at last. Paul is feeling guilty about dumping Tad and the business with Harold. Hannah says it's the first time they've had alone together since they got back together and they kiss. Paul says he just wishes it could be somewhere more romantic. Hannah says it's romantic enough. When she was away, Paul tells her he used to sit in TCS and dream she'd just walk in the door. He says it sounds silly but he missed her. He asks where she wants to go, but she says she's quite happy to stay there.
Ron volunteers Libby to draw names out of the hat 'she's all the way here from The Big Smoke'.Drew draws the big horse that's intimidated him. He shrugs it off as just another nag.
Hannah and Paul are joking about. Tad comes in and realises they dumped him to spend time together. He's hurt. He has a go at them and walks out. Paul tries to follow, but Hannah tells him just to let him go.
We see a couple of contestants take to the ring and fall off. Libby warns Drew's horse that there's a glue factory nearby before Drew mounts the horse. Drew hangs on for over 10 seconds before being thrown off. He hits the floor and gets knocked out. Libby jumps the fence, and Rose says to Ron that she warned him not to force Drew to take part.
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