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Neighbours Episode 3309 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<3308 - 3310>>
Episode title: 3309
Australian airdate: 20/5/99
UK airdate: 3/8/05
UK Gold 13/1/05
Writer: Kit Oldfield
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Karl dropping himself in it with Susan.
No. 28
An angry Susan is asking why he made that statement (Peter has everything he wants). Karl says he envies his lifestyle and the variety of the work. Susan is now raging now saying would he really rather be flying all over the world and living out of a tent rather than having a family, and is he really sick of his life here? She wants reasons and answers from him. Karl says he wants excitement and a change from his normal everyday routine. Susan says she is happy with her lifestyle and wishes he'd stop saying "rot" like that.
No. 26
Hannah and Ruth are doing the dishes idly chatting. Eventually Hannah talks to her about Paul and his reluctance to do anything romantic.
No. 24
Tad calls round early and helps himself to breakfast. Paul asks Harold and Madge if he can to the 'Battery Acid' concert with Tad. Harold eventually gives in. Paul starts discussion his "relationship" with Hannah and how it's now gotten serious. Tad fesses up that he may have put his foot in it during his "honesty" phase. Paul could quite happily throttle Tad for what he said.
No. 26
Paul is explaining to Hannah how he really felt rather than Tad's version of "the truth." After a bit of confusion they decide to get back together again sealing their re-union with a kiss.
The Coffee Shop
Lou and Madge start bickering again over milk Lou wants to borrow for a tour bus coming in (she want them to go to TCS for their coffee) when Karl comes in to give both the pub and TCS a clean bill of health following the virus outbreak.
No. 28
Billy comes home moaning to Susan about his commission from Vincenzo that it is too advanced for him to do. Susan tells him to speak to Karl but Billy says he wouldn't be interested.
Ruth has been given the all clear from her latest mammogram and thanks Karl for his support. Ruth leaves and Susan comes in wanting to talk. After a bit of trading insults at each other Susan tells him about Billy's problem and that he needs his dad's help . . . that is if he isn't in some malarial swamp.
No. 24
Tad, Paul and Hannah are discussion how they will get into the concert since it is being held in an over-18's venue.
Lou has brought Lolly round for her injections. Karl gives her some distractions to play with and while he is waiting for her to relax tells Lou about telling Susan he would like to do some MSF work overseas.
No. 24
Harold is writing more poetry for the competition but Madge isn't impressed. Phil and Ruth come over to discuss the 'Battery Acid' concert, wondering why they would be going to a concert in an over-18's venue. The kids plead saying they want to see the band not drink alcohol. Phil tells Hannah she isn't getting and Madge says neither is Paul. They begin to protest but Madge tells them to buy the CD instead.
No. 28
Karl and Billy are discussing his commission. Billy says it is too complicated but Karl tells him to take a risk and borrow tools if necessary, and if he stuffs up they'll have a bonfire in the back yard!
No. 24
Paul and Tad discuss their plan to get to the concert out of earshot of Harold and Madge.
No. 30
Hannah and Paul have "escaped" and join Tad at No. 30 for some last minute disguises and tips on how to get past security.
No. 28
Lou has come round with a bottle of wine, as a thank you for sorting out Lolly's injection. When he leaves Susan reminds Karl how he has helped different people today and to put thoughts of working overseas out of his mind.
Outside No. 26
Paul is escorting Hannah home from "the concert" (they didn't get past security and had to listen outside instead). They kiss goodnight and as Hannah enters No. 26 Ruth catches her red-handed.
No. 24
Paul is quietly trying to sneak back into No. 24 but Harold and Madge have waited up for him and catch him red-handed.
<<3308 - 3310>>
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