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Neighbours Episode 3306 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3306
Australian airdate: 17/05/99
UK airdate: 29/07/99
UK Gold12/01/05
Writer: Nick Malmholt
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Peter Hannay: Nick Carrafa
Summary/Images by: Shona
Lou and Ruth talk about Lance's gambling
Sarah tells Joel that Peter has stood her up
Number Twenty-Six
Phil, Ruth and Anne are getting ready for dinner. Anne tells Ruth that she wanted to tell her about Lance's gambling. Ruth retorts she might have wanted to, but she didn't. Anne had known Ruth would be upset and Ruth believes she has a right to be. Phil tries to calm the situation by talking about dinner but Anne says she doesn't want to fight. Ruth doesn't want to be kept in the dark - if one of her kids is in trouble she has a right to know. Anne points out that Ruth kept their father's reappearance a secret because she wanted to protect them. Ruth concedes. Anne hugs Ruth, glad that it is all out in the open now. Ruth and Phil are committed to getting him through it. Just then Lance walks in and knows they have been talking about him.
Number Thirty
Sarah hates her life and Joel reminds her she told him that five minutes ago. Sarah has to annoy him - if she doesn't she'll end up annoying the butter pecan ice cream in the freezer. Joel says if she wants to she should eat ice cream - don't agonise about it. Toadie comes in to the news that she's been stood up and wonders what can you expect from a tree hugger. Sarah corrects him that he isn't one, or a tree hater and Joel translates that she's trying to say she liked him. Sarah believes the house is cursed, but Toadie tells her to cut it out - everytime something goes wrong she blames the house. But Sarah points out that they are all single - 'desperate and dateless', and goes to get the ice cream. Toadie tells her to bring two spoons. Joel believes Sarah and Toadie are tragic - sugar and fat are not natural pain relievers, and there are better ways to get over it. Toadie suggests they try poetry - Uni FM are running a competition and first prize is a romantic weekend away to Blue Gum Valley - that should be a babe magnet! Sarah thinks using a weekend away to lure women is terrible and men are disgusting.
Number Twenty-Six
Anne comes in to Bill and Susan sitting at the table. Bill needs cheering up according to Susan - he's not a millionaire yet. Bill believes he needs sympathy but Susan thinks he needs sending up - she's been managing Karl that way for years. He protests that he isn't Karl and Susan says what a blessing that is. Anne suggests going to the Uni library and Bill wonders if he has any choice in the matter. As Bill goes to put on his shoes Anne leafs through his portfolio, asking if Bill has really been down and Susan admits that he's been a little slow but he has to be patient. Anne believes that his portfolio could look a little more professional - she could do something for him on the computer. Bill returns and they leave.
Number Thirty
Joel thinks he could enter the contest, but Toadie informs him the poems have to be about elbows - the English departments' way of being fresh and wacky. Sarah is optimistic about the day - it's a fresh start, and she's going to feel fantastic about herself. If Peter isn't interested in her then she isn't interested in him. She has her friends, job and is happy. Toadie mentions than a bit of the 'other' wouldn't go astray though. Sarah sighs and huffily leaves the room.
Number Twenty-Six
Anne comes in and Lance is lying on the sofa. He tells her he hopes she's happy. Anne wonders why he isn't at his classes and Lance demands to know what is it to her. He's a little grumpy but that comes with being spied on by everyone but Anne wouldn't know. She asks whether she should go out and get herself a gambling habit then. Phil and Ruth are still in shock but it's better they know. They want to help and so does everyone else. Lance tells her sarcastically to forgive him if he isn't overwhelmed with gratitude - she should quit the whole caring act. Isn't it convenient that he has come out the lying, useless loser and she comes out more perfect than ever. Anne wants to know why he's attacking her when she's on his side. When he turns to leave Anne wants to know where he's going. He asks what for - so she can report to Ruth? Anne says he's being ridiculous but he says it's always been that way - she perfect and he ridiculous, story of their lives.
The Coffee Shop
Sarah and Phil talk about the robbery at number twenty-six. Phil doesn't hold out much hope for the watch. Sarah says it's been a bad week, what with her non-existent love life and everything. She says she'll keep an eye out for the watch and as she leaves Peter comes through the door. He apologises for standing her up - work has to come first. As Phil passes he asks if Peter's trying to sell her a watch and Peter asks Sarah what he meant. Sarah says they are good for seeing how many hours you've sat while you were meant to be out with someone. Peter wants to make it up to her, but she is indifferent and he wants some kind of response from her. Sarah asks if he'd like her to throw her coffee over him, but he hates pain and she wouldn't want to waste it. Peter wonders about lunch at the pub, and Sarah asks if she's late, will he wait for her? He smiles as she leaves.
Number Twenty-Six
Amy is graduating and Anne is surprised they let her. Amy asks where Lance is and Anne replies he's sulking - they had a fight. She asks Amy if she's one of these painful 'Miss Perfect' types. Amy wonders if that was what Lance said but tells her that she isn't that painful. Anne thanks her sarcastically but Amy doesn't mean it in a bad way - she's just a hard act to follow. Anne tells Amy to see if she can talk some sense into him and she'll meet them at the pub later for drinks.
Amy shouts to Lance that he can come out now - Anne's gone. Lance says he wasn't sulking but tiding his room; he often tidies when he's panicking, it helps to calm him down. There's still no sign of the watch and it wasn't at the market, he won't be able to find it. Amy asks if he's tried jewellers and pawnshops, but Lance thinks it's useless. Moping around won't help though, Amy points out. It will be okay, Lance is still one of the bestest and sweetest guys she knows, even if he has been an idiot. If it wasn't for him she wouldn't be graduating - she had a crisis of confidence and he got her through. Now it's the other way round and she'll get him through.
Number Thirty
Joel gives up - writing poetry about elbows is insane. Toadie tells him that that's the English department for you - they specialise in being bonkers. Joel was trying to make it sensuous but the tone was all wrong. Toadie doesn't care - they just need something to start the competition. Joel wants to win though and Toadie assures him that with him as judge, he's a shoo-in. Joel thinks that 's a bit corrupt. Toadie has a look at the poem and concludes he isn't that corrupt - it stinks. He tells him to keep at it and leaves for work.
Lou's Place
Toadie asks Peter if he's been stood up - barman's intuition. Peter admits he brought the suffering on himself and recounts his standing up Sarah. Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen, says Toadie and Peter inquires whether he's actually going out with anyone at the moment. When Toadie says no, he nods. She'll be here, Toadie assures him, women are like nuts - made to be crushed. Peter says he's a bit of a hardcase and introduces himself. Sarah arrives and Toadie says it's a small world - Sarah introduces him as her housemate. Sarah asks if he's been waiting long and when he says no, she thinks what a shame and excuses herself to powder her nose. Toadie assures Peter he won't tell Sarah - give him some credit - or a big fat tip.
Lou's Place
Joel shows Toadie his poem but it's not good. Joel finds the whole thing a little soul destroying. Anne and Bill come in and Anne asks who the man is who's sitting with Sarah. Toadie has never seen her so happy.
Amy enters wearing her uniform and Bill asks for the best champagne, but Toadie doesn't think Bill could afford it but he'll see what he can do.
Sarah asks when Amy will be flying and she hopes as soon as possible. Amy asks Peter if his intentions are honourable - Sarah's surely aren't!
Anne asks where Damien is but he's coming later. Lance comes in to Amy's surprise. He tells her he's found the watch in a second hand jewellers store, but he needs some money to get it kept by as it's too expensive in one go. Amy asks about the big gambling windfall he won but he needed that money to pay off debts. She only has a fifty - and asks if he can't just tell Phil and Ruth - he'll have to confess sooner or later. But Lance can't face it yet - he really wants to buy the watch back himself. He promises to pay her back.
Phil has spotted the exchange from the bar and goes over to Amy, asking what the money is for, concerned it's for gambling. Amy scrambles together an explanation about Battery Acid tickets - they don't like them but anything for a laugh!
Peter has to leave. Sarah says he's forgiven. He says bye to Amy and the group of teens. He says to Sarah he'll see her later. Amy congratulates Sarah on getting him - he is too cute. Too bad he doesn't want to see her again though, Sarah tells her.
Number Twenty-Eight
Anne surprises Bill with his new portfolio - he thinks it's incredible! She has more good news - Vincenzo wants Bill to make his parents a bed head for his parent's anniversary. He calls her perfect, but Anne says she's hardly that - Lance said it and it wasn't a compliment.
ANNE: He reckons I'm some goody goody butter wouldn't melt Mary Poppins Pollyanna
BILL: You're no Pollyanna. You're way way too sexy.
Number Twenty-Six
Phil fills Ruth in on the Battery Acid concert tickets - both aren't buying it. Ruth thinks he must be gambling again, but Phil wonders if Amy would lend money for gambling. The front door opens and Lance walks in, smiling. Phil asks if he has the tickets and Lance has no idea about it. Ruth angrily tells him he should at least get his story straight with Amy. Phil asks what the money was for and Lance pleads ignorance. Phil tells him to stop playing games - Amy gave him money. Lance says it's personal, but it had nothing to do with gambling. Then what for, asks Phil who is becoming angry. Lance sighs and admits he found the fob watch - he needed it for a deposit. Why not come to them then?, asks Ruth. Lance tells them not to ask any more - the watch is safe and that's all that matters. Phil asks what he isn't telling them. Lance warns they aren't going to like it:
LANCE: I had to get the fob watch back. I couldn't live with myself.
RUTH: What do you mean? It wasn't you fault we were robbed
LANCE: I'm sorry, Mum. I'm really sorry.
RUTH: What for?
LANCE: The burglars didn't steal the fob watch - I did.
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