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Neighbours Episode 3307 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3307
Australian airdate: 18/05/99
UK airdate: 18/05/99
UK Gold: 12/01/05
Writer: David Allen
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Rose Kirk: Diana Greentree
Ron Kirk: John Orcsik
Dougal Kirk: Michael Barallon
Summary/Images by: Shona
Lance admits he stole the fob watch
Number 26
Phil is angry. How could Lance fake a robbery and stand by and watch his mother go through it? Lance apologises, he didn't know what else to do. Phil says of all the possibilities, a robbery wouldn't have been high on his list. Why couldn't he have taken the TV, or the VCR like other criminals? Lance says he was desperate. Phil walks away, not knowing what else to say while Ruth asks quietly if he stole from anyone else. Lance says no. Ruth says maybe that's one thing they can be grateful for - he kept it within the family. Lance tells her he never meant to hurt them - he didn't think. 'You're damn right about that!' Phil storms. Ruth shakes her head and walks towards the bedroom, saying she needs to be alone. Phil orders Lance to make himself scarce - they will talk about it later - and follows Ruth.
Near Oakey
Drew and Libby come to a stop and Drew pops the hood. When he opens it a stream of steam rises and Libby observes that they have a problem. Drew diagnoses a split radiator hose -just what they need so far from home. Libby wonders if they couldn't nurse it there, but Drew doesn't like the thought of spending the next week fixing it up. A car approaches and Libby asks if she should wave it down. But it drives right past. Another stops. It's Drew's father, Ron, remarking that it looks like they need a good mechanic.
The Kirk Farm, Oakey
A boy, Drew's younger brother Dougal, runs out of the house, shouting they're here. Drew's mother, Rose, wonders what is going on and Drew explains his technical troubles. She remarks that he's thinner. Drew introduces Libby and she thanks them for their invitation. She didn't know the place would be so big. But Ron says he can tell she's from the city as 100 acres isn't really that much. Rose says it beats living in town and it is beautiful. She invites Libby in and tells Dougal to say hello to Libby. She will be given Sally-Anne's room, as she is away at school and she won't mind, Rose insists.
Number 26
Ruth is on the phone to the police as Lance walks in, behind her. She apologises for the inconvienice and says she won't be pressing charges. She doesn't want Lance to go through a police interview and Phil has been in touch with the insurance company. When Ruth hangs up Lance says it's okay but Ruth thinks otherwise. Lance says he meant about the watch - he's going to get it back. Ruth yells that it is not the watch that is the issue but what he did, how he thought it was the best thing to solve the problem. He should forget about the watch as it's a police issue now. They can buy it back after a week for whatever the jeweller paid for it. Then they have to investigate the second hand dealer he sold it to in the first place, even though he didn't know it was stolen and trusted Lance. Lance starts to apologise again but trails off. Ruth suggests if he does have any spare cash he should give it to Anne or Hannah to replace the stuff he stole. Lance shakes his head and Ruth says she doesn't know who he is anymore.
The Kirk Farm, Oakey
The Kirks and Libby sit down to a meal outside. Libby says she has been stuffing herself with lollies but quickly adds it looks delicious. Ron asks Drew what happened to the car, him being a hotshot mechanic and all. City life must be spoiling him. Rose asks Ron to leave him alone as he must be exhausted from the drive. But Drew and Libby say they're ok. Ron mentions about being ok for the rodeo and Drew says he hadn't said he was competing. Dougal tells him that Ron has told the whole town about him being in it. Rose says that Drew has come to be with his family - not to race around the paddock dressed like a cartoon cowboy! But Ron says there will be a lot of disappointed people if he doesn't. Rose says Ron is obsessed with the rodeo - he's one of the sponsors and this year he's even taken over some of the commentating and assures Drew he doesn't have to take part. Last time she was scared for him - he almost broke his neck! Dougal whispers to Drew and Libby that she really loves it as much as anyone. Ron says that instead of breaking his neck Drew won the trophy, and asks Libby is she wants to see the photos. Libby enthusiastically says she wants to see them all, embarrassing ones too! Ron instructs Rose to get the one with him as a nipper wearing a hat, Rose's high heels and nothing else! Drew is embarrassed but Libby laughs.
The Coffee Shop
Lance is sitting at a table when Amy comes in. She came as soon as she could and tells him he looks terrible. He tells her he told about the watch and they hit the roof. While Phil is off the planet Ruth is freaking out by being silent and it's the pits. Amy reassures him he did the right thing and that they're bound to be upset. Lance says it's worse - and tells her about Ruth not knowing him any more and he's beginning to agree with her. But Amy assures him that now everything is out in the open things can only get better. Lance admits he's never felt so bad in his life and Ruth isn't even talking to him. Amy brushes it off, saying she has fights with her mum all the time and she could go a week without talking to Patrick. Lance reminds her this isn't a regular family quarrel. Amy suggests something she did when she wagged school, went out to a concert and her dad called the police, ending up with her in big trouble with her dad. Lance says he doesn't blame her dad and she says he's in no position to judge. She did the one thing she could do.
The Kirk farm, Oakey.
Ron wants to have a chat with Drew about him coming back to live. It wasn't that long Drew was seriously thinking about it. Things have changed though says Drew. Ron says there could be a pretty good job out here for him and there's no way Stuart is coming back now he's settled with Maxine and Todd. It would please them if they could change the sign to Kirk and Son. But Drew has fallen asleep (or is he pretending?)
Lou's Place
Karl is talking to Lou and Phil - he's been run off his feet with an intestinal bug that's been going around. People are dropping like flies and he won't know what it is until he gets the results back from the lab. Lou blames the new coffee bars and cafes - all glitz and no hygiene! Karl mentions the funny thing is all the victims had eat at the pub or the Coffee Shop in the last few days. Lou says he got the health inspectors approval only last month, so there's nothing wrong with his place. It must be Harold and his vegan slices - anything could be hiding in there! He reminds them about the pizza scare a while back where Toadie was 'at death's door'. Karl reminds him that he wasn't that ill and Phil says it involved Debbie, not Harold, and she was worried sick over it, even though it turned out to be nothing to do with her. When Lou leaves Phil says he thinks Lou just loves having digs at Harold. Karl asks about the situation with Lance and Phil says things are bad. He mentions about getting the fob watch back and Karl immediately presumes they have the thief but Phil says no and makes excuses about having work to do before leaving.
Number 26
Lance is writing on a notepad when Phil comes in, wondering where Ruth is. She has an appointment. Phil says they have to sort out everything, Lance can't just turn his back to it. Lance denies he has. Phil wonders if he knows how much he's hurt Ruth as he's having difficulties coming to terms with it and it will be difficult to trust him. Lance loses his cool - saying maybe he should just take off, and then they can forget the whole thing. Phil responds that it's an absurd idea - he's in enough strife living with them, what would he be like on his own?Lance calls him back and gives the folded bit of paper to him, telling him to give it to Ruth.
The Kirk Farm, Oakey
Dougal has a lasso and Drew gives him advice on the noose, which he rejects. Drew asks what the problem is - he's been like a bear with a sore head. Dougal says he's back but he'll just be going away again. Last time when he promised to come back for good he didn't. Drew asks him down to Erinsborough next school holidays. Dougal says Drew and Libby might get married and he'll never see him again, but Drew corrects him - Libby isn't his girlfriend. Told mum? Dougal asks and leaves as Libby arrives. Drew tells Libby it's a case of little brother jealousy - of her. Libby suggests he sorts it out - Dougal worships the ground he walks on.
Number 26
Ruth reads aloud from Lance's letter as Phil listens:
I am writing this letter to explain how I'm feeling. I'm really sorry about the gambling - what it's done to me, and what it's made me do to you and Phil. I'm scared as well but please don't give up on me. I know I don't deserve it by I need your love and support right now. If I don't have that I don't know what I'm going to do.
Ruth feels helpless and wants to fix it all up, but Phil tells her only he can do that. But Ruth says she can't abandon him, no matter what.
Number 26
Lance stands in front of Ruth and Phil. He promises to beat his gambling: he's been to Gambler's Anonymous, and will keep going, he'll try and get his job back and he will pay back the money as soon as possible. Phil says it's ok with him. Ruth offers to go with him but Lance says he has to go himself. The phone rings and Lance answers. It's Amy and he goes out to thank her.
Ron fixes up the car with Drew and says Drew should wear one of their shirts to the rodeo. Drew says he never gives up but Ron says he brought him up and it's the least he could do for the farm. What if he gets trampled in the first few seconds? Drew wonders. Then he'll be cut out of the will, Ron answers. Libby and Rose appear with drinks. Dougal has the touch of the green eyed monster says Ron, referring to Libby taking up Drew's time. But Rose says he likes her.
Lou's Place
Karl buys some Pear Passion to take home as it's running out so fast. Lou gives him some for the road and Karl says there has been nothing proven about the vegan slices and the bug. Karl drinks and comes across something: a button! A lucky button, Lou says but Karl doesn't buy it. Karl believes maybe Pear Passion could be the culprit.
The Kirk Farm, Oakey
As Drew and Dougal play Rose tells Libby she's glad she's finally met her, although Drew has told them so much about her. They make a lovely couple and she's never seen him so happy. Libby is surprised and says maybe it's do with him being home in Oakey. But Rose says they both knew what it is that's making him happy.
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