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Neighbours Episode 3305 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3305
Australian airdate: 14/05/99
UK airdate: 28/07/99
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Peter Hannay: Nick Carrafa
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Joel tells Geri that things between them are happening too fast.
Geri tells Joel that if he doesn't enjoy her company, she'll find someone else who does.
As Geri storms out, a man comes in and introduces himself as Peter Hannay - a friend of Sarah's mother. Sarah is in her dressing gown and towel!
Sarah has finished getting ready for dinner. Peter is enjoying Bob's company. She apologises for Geri and Joel but Peter is quite laid-back about it. Sarah tells him that they're going to a vegetarian restaurant. He grimaces a bit and says he supposes Sarah's been a vegetarian all her life (because of her mother). She says she isn't - and neither is Peter. Sarah calls the vegetarian restaurant to cancel and books an Italian restaurant instead!
Harold is nervous about the recent spate of burglaries. Madge says there's only been two this year(!) Harold is looking up security possibilities such as locks.
Lou comes round. Lolly won't settle again. He asks Madge if she'll come over and sing her to sleep. Madge says it'll have to be after dinner.
Lou asks Harold if Ruth has spoken to him about Lance. He says she has - she wasn't very pleased but at least it's out in the open now. Lou goes back home.
Harold tells Madge that Lou has got to stop depending on her - it's the third night in a row that he's asked her to settle Louise down. Madge says she doesn't mind but Harold is adamant - it's a problem that Lou has to solve himself.
Italian Restaurant
Sarah and Peter are enjoying themselves. Peter says Sarah is nothing like what he was expecting - a night of whale-song, incense and tree-hugging. Sarah laughs and says she thought the same about him!
Peter says he knows her mother through his work for Medicins Sans Frontieres. He's a doctor and has worked with the poor in China and Uganda. Now he's back in Australia for a break. He is now trying to decide whether to take another mission or take an office job in Amsterdam. Sarah is impressed with his work. Peter says he's no saint - he's proud of his work, but he likes the chance to live and work in other cultures. Also he likes testing his medical skills in less-than-perfect conditions. Sarah says he's a bit of an adrenaline-junkie! He admits that he is a bit.
Libby is leaving for Oakie in the morning. Karl is a bit worried that she's missed a lot of lectures. Susan says that she needed to go to Grandpa Tom's to sort herself out, and a week with Drew in Oakie will be the icing on the cake.
They bicker about who is going to drive the bike. Karl says both of them will. Karl says he has to make a stand as the man of the house! Susan says it's been a while since the "man of the house" did anything physical and she'd like to see just how fit he is(!)
Italian Restaurant
Sarah and Peter have been talking for hours and they are the last left in the restaurant. Peter says he has to go - he's got lots of meetings tomorrow to get corporate sponsorship for Medicins Sans Frontieres. He says he needs a day in the hotel just to chill out after the long flight. Sarah says hotel rooms are lonely and instead she knows a good nightclub nearby!
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Libby and Drew are leaving for Oakie. Karl waves them off and tells Drew to knock them dead at the Rodeo. Drew insists he's not entering. Susan tells Libby that she'll just have to knock them dead at the Rodeo Ball instead! She hugs Susan and gets in the car. They drive off.
As they drive off, Sarah and Peter get out of a taxi.
Sarah is pouring Peter some coffee. Joel is appalled that they've only just got home(!). Sarah said they went to a nightclub and then had a walk on the beach to watch the sunrise.
Sarah asks Joel how he's feeling about Geri. He says he never realised how bossy she is. He doesn't know if he can be bothered to get back together with her.
Joel opens the fridge and finds all the milk has been drunk. Sarah and Peter say they'll go and get some while Joel has his shower. Sarah and Peter walk off hand-in-hand.
The Coffee Shop
Lou and Lolly are talking to Madge. Sarah comes up to the counter with Peter and Harold tells her she's looking very smart for that time in the morning(!) Sarah introduces Peter to Harold.
Peter notices Lolly with Lou and Madge and says it's nice to see grandparents with a grandchild. Harold puts him straight that Madge is his wife, not Lou's. He does not look impressed.
When Madge comes over, Harold tells Madge what Peter said. Madge laughs it off, but Harold says that Lolly is starting to regard Madge as her other parent. Also Lou is starting to depend on her and she must withdraw. Madge says she doesn't know how to do that without hurting Lou's feelings.
Joel and Peter are chatting. He is really pleased that he's met Sarah. He asks Joel if Sarah has any boyfriends, but Joel says they're all history now. Sarah comes in and is suspicious of them conspiring! She says they'd better be saying nice things about her! Peter smiles at her.
Madge comes to see Lou. He said he thought she liked looking after Lolly. Madge says that she does, but that's not the point - she's worried about Lou's relationship with Lolly. He calls Madge every time she's naughty and it gives the wrong message - she'll be naughty more so she can see Madge more. Madge says that Lou must hand out punishments himself - Lolly's behaviour is his responsibility. Lou is a bit offended, but Madge begs him not to be. She says he and Lolly have got a lovely bond and she doesn't want to see that let go. Madge says she isn't her mother and she mustn't be put in a position where Lolly sees her as one. Lou is offended at Madge's remarks. At that point Lolly comes into the room and calls out delightedly to Madge, but Lou picks Lolly up and asks Madge to leave.
Joel asks what Sarah and Peter are doing for the rest of the day. She says after their heavy night, they're going to stay in and veg out. She hints that Joel should go and study at the University library. Peter says he has to go off to a meeting, but Sarah says to ring them and say he's jet-lagged. He agrees and goes outside to make the call on his mobile.
Sarah tells Joel that she's got the afternoon shift at the hospital. She asks Joel to ring up and tell them she's sick(!) Joel refuses. Sarah promises never to bag out any of his girlfriends again and Joel agrees! Peter comes in and says they're going to reschedule his meeting. Sarah is very pleased!
A lakeside
Karl and Susan are on a tandem. Karl is in the front and Susan keeps stopping pedalling so Karl is knackered!
After a while, they stop for a picnic. Karl says a tandem is nothing like a Harley Davidson(!)
Peter and Sarah have been for a swim - Joel lent Peter some swimming togs. Sarah asks Peter how he manages for girlfriends and stuff - he says he doesn't really. He can't get too attached because of the nature of the work he does. His phone rings - his meeting can't be rescheduled, so he goes off to get changed. Sarah asks if they can meet later. They agree to meet at the pub in two hours.
The phone rings and it's Sarah's mother. She compliments her choice of friends.
A road
Susan and Karl are cycling along. Karl gets his trousers caught in the chain. As she tries to free him, she says he should have worn bicycle clips. Karl says they are near Lassiters - they could call into the Surgery for a pair of scissors to cut himself out. But then he remembers that he didn't bring the key for the surgery. Susan says she'll ask Lou for a pair. Karl doesn't want to as Lou will tell everyone(!) but his protests fall on deaf ears. Susan marches off and Karl hops after her with the bike, his trousers still stuck in the chain!
Karl brings the bike all the way into the pub(!) for Lou to cut him out. Susan says he should have just whipped his trousers off outside(!) Lou's scissors are blunt and Susan says the bike is due back to the rental people in about two minutes. She orders Karl to take his trousers off. Karl isn't keen, but Susan has that look in her eye that he doesn't dare refuse! He undoes his trousers and Lou tells him he has a great pair of legs(!)
Sarah comes in and Karl hides behind Susan(!) Sarah introduces Peter to Karl and Susan as being from Medicins Sans Frontiers. Susan says Karl is from "Medicins Sans Trousers" !! Karl says he doesn't usually dress like that. He runs off to the back room.
Sarah introduces Peter to Lou as a friend of her mother's - although not as close a friend as Lou was(!). Susan and Karl sneak the bike out of the back of the pub. Sarah looks a bit uncomfortable.
A road
Libby and Drew's car comes to the crest of a hill. Drew is feeling a bit tired after driving for so far. He asks Libby to take over for a while, but she is feeling a bit tired too. He decides to pull in.
They get out of the car and Drew produces a sleeping bag. It's early evening and the sun is setting. They lie down by the car for a rest. Libby asks how long they should sleep for, but Drew is already asleep(!)
Lou and Lolly come round. Lou says he owes Madge an apology - she was dead right in what she said about him relying on her. Lou says he's taken advantage of Madge's good nature - it's hard sometimes being a single parent. Madge says she's always there for them and Lou is very grateful for that. Lou says Madge and Harold are good mates of his. Madge kisses his cheek and tells him that he's a very good dad. Lou takes Lolly home to put her to bed.
Harold is pleased that everything has worked out alright. Madge and Harold hug.
Sarah is pacing. Joel tells her to stop it. Sarah says that no-one has ever got to her like this before. Peter rings at that moment and says that something's come up - he can't make dinner tonight. Sarah is very disappointed. Joel asks her what happened. Sarah said he had to meet a colleague, but she thinks it's an excuse.
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