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Neighbours Episode 3304 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3304
Australian airdate: 13/05/99
UK airdate: 27/07/99
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Geri Hallet: Isabella Dunwill
Peter Hannay: Nick Carrafa
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Tad and Paul mess about at the radio station and broadcast a bogus transmission about a hostage situation at Lou's Place
Toadie tells Tad off for lying and challenges him to go a week without lying at all.
Tad says if Sarah asks him what Toadie says about her in his sleep during that week, he'll have to tell her(!)
There is no cereal left and Joel tells Tad off. Joel and Sarah are pleased with Toadie's plan, and remind Tad that they can ask him anything, too. Tad tells Sarah to ask him what he dreamed about last night(!)
Joel asks him if he finished the cereal and Tad admits that he did. Joel stomps off to the shop to get more cereal - he says he's sick of paying for food that he never gets to eat(!)
When he's gone, Tad asks if Joel has got girl problems. Sarah asks Tad if he thinks Geri is a pain in the butt and reminds him to answer honestly. He says that, honestly, first he thought she was a babe, but once you get to know her she's really bossy. Tad tells Sarah to use reverse psychology - every time Sarah shouts at Geri, Joel has to defend her, so Joel is always focussing on Geri's good points. Sarah is impressed at his wisdom(!) Then Tad spoils it by describing what he dreamed about last night!
Ramsay Street
Tad and Paul meet up on the street. Tad tells him that Toadie has made him take a vow of honesty. Paul says he's better start wearing a gag!
Joel comes back with the cereal. Joel asks Tad what he thinks of Geri. He says she's one hot babe. Joel is pleased. When he's gone, Tad continues with his sentence, "...plus she's an interfering, overbearing, pain-in-the-neck as well". Paul laughs. Tad says it's not his fault that Joel didn't hang around for the rest of his sentence(!)
Joel comes in. Sarah is on the phone to her mum. She wants to know if Sarah has heard from her environmental friend. Apparently Sarah's mum gave him her number(!) Sarah isn't pleased - she's afraid a green hippy will come round for the evening and talk about anti-pollution strategies(!)
Geri comes in through the back door. She has bought a load of stuff to replace the stuff she threw out of the fridge the other day. Sarah tells her she shouldn't have gone to so much trouble - someone had to clean out of the fridge. She suggests that Geri puts all the stuff away (because she knows where it all goes) and then they can all sit down and have coffee together. (It seems Sarah is taking Tad's advice!) Joel and Geri look surprised, but pleased.
Karl suggests to Susan that they could draw straws, but Susan says she's sitting at the front and that's that - she's not letting him dominate the day in his control freak way. They argue.
Geri tells Sarah she's surprised they're drinking coffee together - things have been a bit tense between them before. Sarah tells Geri that she's only been trying to help. She says Geri is welcome in the house any time she wants and they could have a shot at being friends. Geri looks a bit confused, but pleased!
Lou comes round to see Ruth about Lance's gambling. Ruth can't believe that Lou knew. He says that Harold knew too. Ruth is cross that she and Phil were the last to know. She rants at Lou for not telling her. She said he watched a young boy throw his life down the drain - he and Harold are partly to blame.
The Coffee Shop
Tad goes to get some milkshakes. Paul asks Hannah what she's doing after school. He asks Hannah if she wants to come down the record shop with him and listen to the new Battery Acid single. She says she'd love to.
Susan comes in. She rants at Tad and Paul for the stunt they pulled on the radio yesterday. She says she also know about the truth pledge - and she's going to tell all the teachers at school about it! She says they've spoiled the chance of anyone else ever going to work observation at the radio station. Also, they have to go to Miss Hicks' office after school to have a punishment meted out to them. Tad and Paul look depressed.
Joel and Geri come in. Geri has got a load of stuff with her - now she's made her peace with Sarah, she can spend a lot more time at No.30 with him. It could even be the warm-up to her moving in permanently(!)
Sarah has been on the phone to her mum's friend, Pete. She has arranged dinner for tonight. Geri asks who he is, and Sarah says he's probably a tree-hugger if her mother's past acquaintances are anything to go by! Geri says that a single girl these days can't afford to be too picky(!) Sarah grimaces a bit but then says, "Indeed, she can't!" (!!)
Geri goes off to put her clothes in Joel's wardrobe. Sarah tells Joel that it's fine by her if Geri wants to move in some of her things(!)
Paul is complaining to Hannah that Miss Hicks made them wash down all the school windows. He is not impressed. He goes to put on the new Battery Acid single, but Hannah asks if they can just sit and talk for a bit instead. They sit down on the sofa.
Hannah babbles about the school windows for a bit, then they fall silent. After a bit, Paul leans over and kisses her. Hannah asks him what that was for, she thought they were just friends. Paul says that they are. Then they kiss again! They are interrupted by a knock on the door and Paul goes to answer it.
Tad barges in, ranting about the detention. Paul tries to get rid of him but Tad is oblivious. He sees the Battery Acid single and starts to put it on. Hannah gets up to go - the moment has passed. Something has penetrated Tad's thick hide because he asks Paul what the story is with him and Hannah. Paul tells him grumpily that they're just friends.
Geri is telling Joel off about his laundry. Sarah is listening in quiet amusement. Joel tells Geri that he can wash his own clothes. Sarah tells Joel not to be silly - most guys would give their eye-teeth to have their girlfriend do their laundry for them(!)
Sarah wants to book a restaurant for Peter. Joel says to play safe and book a vegetarian one. He is still cross with Geri, so goes out for a run. Geri shouts after him not to forget that she's cooking them dinner tonight!
The Park
Joel sees Hannah and tells her it's good that she's sticking to her fitness regime. He says that must explain the healthy glow coming from her recently - or maybe it could be something else! He asks if things are back on with Paul - half of Ramsay Street have been waiting for them to get back together! Hannah says hopefully half of Ramsay Street won't have to wait too much longer(!) She asks Joel if he and Geri are still going strong. He says that they are going great guns, but he does not look terribly enthusiastic!
The Coffee Shop
Hannah runs into Paul. He is doing his homework in the Coffee Shop - if he stays at home, people keep giving him more cleaning jobs(!). Hannah asks Tad if he stayed very long at Paul's earlier. Tad asks if she wants to know if they talked about her! He says her name might have come up once or twice. He tells Hannah, honestly, that Paul told him that he and Hannah are just friends. Hannah looks very disappointed.
Lou has come to see Ruth again. He says that he and Harold thought they were doing the right thing by Lance. He says that in hindsight he was wrong - Lance was very convincing and said that everything was straightened out. Ruth apologises for shouting at Lou earlier in the day. She is worried that Lance will struggle with this for the rest of his life.
Tad comes in while Geri is cooking. She asks him how he likes living at No.30. He says it was fine until everyone made him their personal maid(!) Geri asks him if Sarah or Joel have said anything about her moving in. Tad says they've talked about it. Before he can say more, Sarah comes in. She asks him to remove a spider from the bath.
Geri asks if Sarah managed to find a restaurant for the "hippy friend". She says she booked one in West Waratah where you sit on the floor and they play music.
Joel comes in and tells Geri seriously that they need to talk.
Ruth is at the window waiting for Lance to come home. Hannah tells her he's at a late lecture. Ruth talks to Hannah a bit about the situation and Hannah says it'll get better.
Paul comes round. He apologises for Tad interrupting them. Hannah says that he didn't interrupt much. Paul is surprised. He invites her to a Battery Acid concert that he's just heard about. She says somewhat frostily that she'll let him know. Paul is surprised at her attitude. Hannah says she's off to have a shower and then shuts the door in his face.
Joel is telling Geri that they need more time apart - things are moving too fast. Geri says that Joel has led her on(!!). Tad comes in with the spider from the bath in a jar. Sarah comes in wearing a towel on her head and a dressing-gown and asks them to keep the shouting down. Chaos reigns as Geri shouts at Joel that if he doesn't enjoy her company, she'll find someone else who does. As she storms out, a man comes in an introduces himself as Peter Hannay. Sarah is shocked, standing there in her dressing-gown!
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