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Neighbours Episode 3303 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3303
Australian airdate: 12/05/99
UK airdate: 26/07/99
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lance tells Amy that Ruth and Phil have stupid ideas for helping him with his gambling.
Lance admits to Amy that he did the break-in - he stole Ruth's fob watch for gambling money. Amy is shocked.
Lance tells Amy that he did have a win - he did it because he needed money to cover some debts. Amy doesn't understand - Lance stole a family heirloom. She wants Lance to make her understand, though. She can't believe he's stolen from his family and committed a criminal offence. He's not happy with Amy's reaction - he says he's trying to be honest with her and that's what he gets. Amy says he doesn't have to be honest with her - being honest with himself would be a good start.
Lance acknowledges this silently. Amy says she feels sorry for Lance but he says he doesn't want her pity. He wants her help. Amy says she's tried lots of times to help him - he has to help himself now.
The Pub
Toadie is trying to convince Lou to give Lance a job at the pub. He wants to know why Toadie is asking, not Lance. Toadie says that Lance's outgoings have been more than his incomings. Lou asks Toadie is Lance is gambling again. Toadie says only a bit - he wants Lou to give him a job to give him something to fill in his time so he won't gamble. Lou says having a job won't make a difference to the gambling except give Lance more money to gamble with - he needs real help. Lou says Lance has to make his own decisions, Toadie shouldn't prop him up. Also, as much as Lou likes Lance, he doesn't think he can trust him and doesn't want to take the risk of employing him.
Madge has been talking to Lou on the phone - Lolly won't go to sleep unless Madge says goodnight to her. As she is leaving for Lou's Tad comes in. Paul is cross with Tad over him stealing the car-washing job. Tad says he needs the money to impress girls(!) Paul says it'll take him 20 years to buy a milkshake at the rate Lou is going to pay him!
Harold says Lou's plan is always to divide and conquer - they should show a united front to him and stand up for themselves.
Paul thinks Harold is right - Lou has shafted both of them. They sit down to think of a plan.
Paul is going to the Erinsborough News for work place observation. Tad thinks that sounds boring - he is going to sit in on Toadie's radio show. He suggests Paul dump the Erinsborough News and come with him to the radio station.
The Pub
Lance is sitting alone looking depressed. Amy comes in. She joins him rather reluctantly. Lance says he isn't a charity case - she doesn't have to talk to him if she doesn't want to. Amy says she's not giving up on him, but he has to sort out his addiction himself. It's his problem and if he gets too much sympathy he won't do anything. He doesn't want her to think she doesn't care because she does. Amy says she looks up to Lance - he's fun, clever and nice. Lance is doubtful, but she insists it's true. He asks Amy for a favour - to help him to find the fob watch again so he can buy it back.
Tad and Paul are just off to school. Lou comes in. He asks them if they want to make serious money - he needs someone to move all the chairs out of the pub because he's having the floors done. He offers then $2 an hour(!). They scoff and tell him they're not interested. They tell Lou to find someone else to exploit. Lou says he'll find someone else and they wish him luck(!)
Lou has come to see Lance. Lou says he wants to tell Lance something personally - he doesn't want to take him on at the pub. Lance doesn't know what he's talking about. Lou says that Toadie asked him for a job for him, but he can't take him on because of his gambling situation. Lance is cross that Toadie has been sticking his nose into his business. He never asked for a job, and therefore he shouldn't be subject to one of Lou's lectures. He asks Lou to leave.
Lance is berating Toadie for sticking his nose into his affairs. Toadie says he only told Lou, and anyway, he needs the money. Lance says he wishes people would stop messing with his life. Toadie says what he needs now is friends, and if he doesn't stop dumping on people he won't have any left. Toadie goes off to work.
Radio Station
Paul and Tad have come to do their work observation. Tad wants to make an announcement on the radio. Toadie says they are there to watch and listen only. Toadie introduces a heavy metal record but the music that plays is distinctly not heavy metal(!) He tries another one, but that's the same. Tad has switched the records and thinks it's a great joke. Toadie is not amused.
Outside Lou's
Lou runs out looking for Lolly. He runs around the street calling to her and panicking. He enlists Phil's help and they start to looks together. Then they spot Lolly going up the stairs to Madge's house.
Lolly knocks on the door and Madge answers it. Lou comes up and apologises to Madge, but Madge says she doesn't mind looking after Lolly while Lou goes shopping. Lou asks Lolly for a kiss, but she doesn't want to give him one, so Lou gives her one instead.
Radio Station
Toadie is taking a call while Paul and Tad look on bored. Toadie has to go and see the station manager and he warns Paul and Tad not to touch anything while he's gone. He's lined up three records, so that will be plenty of time.
Lou's car
Lou is listening to Toadie's radio station. Then he hears Tad and Paul coming over the radio waves acting out like there is a hostage situation is going on. Tad shouts that he's in Lou's Place in Erinsborough. Lou doesn't realise it's a gag, and speeds off to the pub.
Lance tells Phil he's sorry for shouting at them necessary. Phil says it's OK, but he should tell Ruth too. He's sorry they got things wrong, but Lance says it's understandable. Phil wants to know what's so good about gambling - he doesn't really understand the attraction and genuinely wants to know. Lance says it's a buzz - like playing a difficult computer game and completing the high levels. Phil asks why he doesn't get put off when he loses. Lance says there's always "next time". Lance is glad Phil has asked how it feels - no-one has ever asked him that before, they just concentrate on the problem.
Lance tells Phil that Amy has put him straight - that he's the only one who can sort himself out. Phil says that Amy is a smart girl. Lance wants to take Phil up on his offer for looking after his bank book for a while. Also, Lance will go to Gamblers' Anonymous. He says GA is the pits, but he'll take it one day at a time.
The Pub
Toadie and Lou have dragged Paul and Tad into the pub office. They are both apopleptic with rage. Tad and Paul try to claim that they didn't realise they were on air, but Toadie knows they're lying. Tad says it was just a joke and they should have a sense of humour about it. Toadie shouts that he could have lost his job and Lou has lost ten years off his life. Tad says they're both being selfish(!) they just wanted to know how the radio station worked for school. Toadie and Lou are incredulous. Tad and Paul apologise and try to make a sharp exit. However, Toadie and Lou have other plans. They can move all the chairs and tables out of the bar for free. Then Lou will think of some other things for them to do!
Madge and Harold are cross with Paul. They think Tad was mostly to blame, but still, Paul has got to take responsibility for himself. Madge says he has to stop encouraging Tad's ways by going along with him. Madge sends Paul off to wash his hands for dinner.
Lou thanks Madge for looking after Lolly for him. He calls Lolly to go home, but she doesn't want to. He leads her off. He asks Madge if Lolly can come back for dinner and Madge says that of course she can.
Toadie is meting out Tad's punishment - two weeks of doing all the chores in the house. Tad says he was only following in Toadie's footsteps. Toadie says he's sick of Tad lying all the time - it's one lie after another. He challenges Tad to go for one week without lying. Tad says he'll do three days. Toadie says that if he fails he can do the chores for a month.
Tad thinks for a minute and then tells Toadie he's better stop talking in his sleep - if Sarah asks Tad what Toadie says about her, he'll have to tell her(!)
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