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Neighbours Episode 3302 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3302
Australian airdate: 11/05/99
UK airdate: 23/07/99
Writer: Jon Stephens
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lance's mate brings him his gambling winnings. Anne sees them exchange money.
Anne says she's given him too many chances - either he tells Ruth and Phil or she will.
Garden of No.30
Toadie encourages Anne to make a speech. She says the last year has been tough but they've come through. She thanks Phil, Ruth, Amy and the rest of her friends for coming. She also thanks Bill for "just being Bill" and says that Lance is a great brother. She tells them that Lance has something to say.
Lance thanks everyone for coming to the party. He says now they're adults they can do lots of things, but they have to take responsibility like making beds and paying for their own meals in restaurants. Everyone claps.
Anne is furious with Lance for not admitting his gambling. She says she won't lie and cover for him anymore. Lance says she didn't have to do any of it. Anne says he's weak. Lance finally says he will tell Phil and Ruth, but not now as it will ruin the party.
Karl and Susan interrupt at that moment. Anne and Lance continue to eye each other with suspicion.
Anne goes back to the garden and tells Ruth that she wishes her Dad had rung. Toadie throws Lance into the pool, fully clothed!
Ruth, Karl and Susan start jumping on the bouncy castle and Phil is persuaded to join them. Amy tells them that the man is coming to pick up the castle soon. They are all disappointed!
Lance walks by stroppily, soaking wet!
Toadie, Bill, Amy and Anne are cleaning up. No-one has seen Lance for ages so Anne goes off to find him. Everyone is incredulous that she wants to look for Lance rather than going down to the pub on her 18th birthday!
Phil and Ruth come in and find Lance sitting in the dark. He says he's feeling a bit tired. Ruth asks him if he's OK. Anne comes in. Phil and Ruth go off to tidy up the kitchen.
Anne looks pointedly at Lance. There is a long pause, then Lance calls Ruth and Phil in. He tells them that there's something he has to tell them.
Ruth can't understand how Lance has a gambling problem when he hasn't been old enough to gamble. Lance says you can always get a mate to place bets for you. Phil and Ruth ask how much he's lost. Lance tries to make out that it's only a few hundred dollars, but Anne puts them straight. Anne gets quite angry with Lance. Ruth can't believe that Lance has been to Gamblers' Anonymous.
Phil asks Lance if the gambling has any connection with his reluctance to by the ute. He wants to know how much of the insurance money he has lost. Lance says about half and Phil is very angry.
Ruth can't understand why Anne hasn't said anything. Anne is angry at Lance for putting her in the middle. She says she's sick of being the bad guy and storms off to the pub. She says not to bother waiting up for her - she'll sleep at No.30.
The Pub
Toadie, Amy and Bill are playing pool. They reckon something is going on with Anne and Lance, but they don't know what. Amy says she's got tickets to a club for tonight and she wants to party with Anne.
Anne comes in and tells them that she got Lance to admit his gambling problem to Phil and Ruth - sort of, anyway. Toadie says he thought the gambling was over. Anne said she flipped and stormed out. Toadie says that they can lose their bad vibes at the club.
Ruth can't believe no-one has said anything in the six months the gambling has been going on - and they hadn't noticed. With hindsight, they can see that Lance was always scraping around for cash. Ruth feels like throttling Lance. She doesn't know what to do. Phil says they can ring someone and ask what the best thing is to do. Ruth says that Lance hasn't got an addiction, but Phil says he has. He suggests phoning Harold, because he has experience of this sort of thing through the Salvation Army, but Ruth doesn't want to involve the neighbours. Phil says they can get professional advice, then. He tells Ruth not to worry - it's probably a storm in a teacup(!)
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Libby meets Drew while he is jogging. She asks him what she should wear to Oakey.
Bill, Toadie, Amy and Anne are just coming home from the club. Libby shouts over to them and ask how their heads are(!) Drew is pleased that Libby is thinking of coming to Oakey with him.
Lance comes out to an awkward silence. Ruth breaks it by apologising for the things she said last night. She both of them will help him to get over the problem. Phil suggests he could look after Lance's bank accounts. Lance says they could just lock him up and throw away the key - he's 18 now and they've got no right to tell him how to organise his life.
Later at the Martins
Ruth and Phil are telling Susan and Karl about Lance's problem. They are surprised that Bill and Toadie both helped Lance to place bets, early on at least. Susan says people often don't notice until things are out of control. Karl says he sees gambling adddiction at the surgery, but it's hard to pick out. Karl suggests leaflets, Susan suggests talking to Harold, but Ruth wants to keep the problem within the family - she didn't really want to tell Susan and Karl, even.
Anne, Toadie, Bill and Amy are cleaning up after the party. Amy wants to go and see Lance, but Anne says he needs time to sort it out himself. Toadie suggests that they could watch over Lance - keep him occupied so he doesn't gamble. Anne tells them that Gamblers' Anonymous said that the addict has to help themselves. Amy asks if gamblers look weird(!) but Anne says they're just people. Amy still thinks it's up to them to help Lance.
Karl tells Susan that ultimately it's up to Lance - you can't force someone to give up an addiction.
Bill comes in, very tired. Karl asks Bill why he was involved in Lance's gambling. Bill said that he did put a couple on initially, just as a friend. He says they had a fight about it on Melbourne Cup Day and Lance never asked him after that - Bill assumed he's got over it.
Susan asks Bill if he'd come to them if he had a problem. Bill says he probably would, yes. But Lance has a side to him that none of them understand.
Lance is lying on the sofa, depressed when there's a knock at the door. It's Amy. She tells him that she thought she might be able to help. She tells Lance that she has friends that love him and will help if he wants them to. Lance snaps that he doesn't want to be organised - Phil and Ruth have stupid ideas and Anne is being sanctimonious. Amy says they're just trying to be there for him.
Amy says it's better now it's out in the open. Lance says only parts of it are out in the open. He says he tried to stop gambling, but he couldn't. He doesn't know what to do about it. Amy asks him if it's a real addiction problem. Lance nods and starts to cry. She hugs him and says admitting it is the first step. Lance then tells her that there's more - he did the break-in and stole Ruth's watch. Amy is shocked.
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