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Neighbours Episode 3301 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3301
Australian airdate: 10/5/99
UK airdate: 22/7/99
Writer: Marieke Josephine Hardy
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Damian Smith (John Ridley)
Chris Burgess (Nathan Bocskay)
Summary/Images by: Pete
Lance burgles No 26, steals the fob watch and sells it at the indoor market.
The Coffee Shop
Bill buys some food for work, where he plans to finish Anne's birthday present. As he leaves, Lance comes in and Madge asks him what he wants. He says he's got no money again, but Madge says that the term 'customer' usually means buying things, so he orders a coffee. Chris comes in and they sit down at a table. Lance says he's had some money from a gardening job and now had $200 to lay on a bet. Chris asks if he wants to bet that much, since he's not had much of a run. Lance says it's his money so he'll do with it what he likes. After tomorrow, he'll be legal so he won't need to ask him to lay on any more bets. Lance invites him to the party and Chris says hopefully they'll have something extra to celebrate.
No 26Ruth is filling out the insurance forms while Phil is clearing up. Hannah and Ann have been checking what's been stolen. It's mostly CD's & books and stuff making Phil & Ruth think it was kids 'apart from the fob watch' which they don't think kids would know the value of.Lance comes home and acts surprised. Ruth tells him to go to his room to check nothing's been stolen. Hannah remarks that she's so glad they didn't take gran's ring, which upsets Ruth. Who goes into the kitchen. Phil tells Hannah he feels it's his fault for not putting the ring in a safety deposit box. They go into the kitchen. Lance comes out of the bedroom and watches as Phil tries to comfort Ruth in the kitchen.
Bill's workshop
Anne shouts from outside and Billy hides what he's doing before letting her in. She explains about the robbery. Bill says she should be at home looking after her mother as he tries to get rid of her so he can work on her present which he eventually does.
A Phone Box
Lance calls the owner of the indoor market to try and get in contact with the jeweller, but he can't.
Bill's workshop
There is a knock at the door, and Billy, thinking it's Ann, reminds her that he said he'd see her tomorrow. A voice says 'I couldn't wait that long to see you. When he opens the door however, it's Amy standing there. Billy tries to stop her, but she forces her way in. Damian didn't show up for their date, saying his car broke down. Billy says she's making excuses for him. If it was Lance, she'd have punched him out. Billy suggests that she still has the hots for Lance, which she denies. She says she still hasn't forgiven him for the way he behaved at the dinner party, and that she hopes he behaves himself at the dinner party.
Ramsay Street
Next morning, Amy, carrying a bottle, walks down Ramsay Street and meets Phil & Ruth in the driveway who've come back from the bakers. Amy needs their help with a surprise, she wants them to get Anne & Lance out of Ramsay Street before the party starts. Hannah comes down the steps and tells Ruth her mum is on the phone.
Inside the house, Anne & Lance are talking to their nan on the phone, who's wishing them a happy birthday. Phil, Ruth, Amy & Hannah walk in. Ruth takes the phone into the kitchen, and Phil follows with the pastries from the bakery. The gang discuss the robbery, with the general tone that whoever broke in was a scumbag. Lance changes the subject to the opening of presents.
No 26
Lance, Anne & Amy are sat on the couch. Amy asks Lance what he thinks his present is. Unenthusiastically he declares 'a book'. She says he could at least pretend he didn't know. As he's opening it Lance says 'it looks like a book, it feels like a book....and knock me down with a feather, it's a book'. Amy says he doesn't like it. Lance says he doesn't even know what it's about yet. Anne accuses Amy of being paranoid. Amy says it's about this really cool travel writer (it looks like it's Bill Bryson's A Walk In The Woods - very good book, says Bouncer;)
Phil comes in with pastries, saying they should taste them early in case they're poisoned, he jokes. Amy doesn't understnd why they're not more excited. Hannah says she has more presents which she gives to them both. They joke about it being something french, like a beret or a croissant, but in fact it's underwear. Hannah: "Anyone who says Oooh La La' gets a punch. Everyone :"Ooh La La' Lance doesn't open his. Well, that book is good. Phil says they can pick up the Ute any time Lance wants. Amy: 'you know what this reminds me of? The time my pet bunny Sparky got run over by a car. We couldn't figure out whether to bury him in one box or two'. She orders them to cheer up.
No 24
Harold is wrapping a Marilyn Manson CD. "Strange looking woman if you ask me'. Madge points out that he isn't a woman. Harold isn't sure if it's suitable as a present, but Madge says she let Paul pick it. She's been cooking for the party, which she asks him to take over to Toadie's while she goes to work at the coffee shop.
No 30
Hannah, Anne & Amy prepare the food for the party, with Phil & Ruth in the background. Billy comes in, completely ignores Anne, who's a bit miffed, and tells Phil he needs his help as Pinhead's truck has broken down. Ruth, Hannah Lance & Anne head to the pub, leaving Amy alone.
Coffee Shop
Lance comes in to use the phone. He's cornered by Madge & Harold who give him their presents. Lance opens his and notes 'Marilyn Manson' and Harold points out 'he's not a woman'. Madge says again she didn't know whether they'd like them, but Lance says they're fine. He goes over to the payphone by the front door. He gets through to the results line, but Anne enters and he hangs up. Lance gives her her present, she opens it, is happy and they leave.
Lou's Place
Lance & Anne come in and sit down. She says she wondered where he'd got to. He says he was just collecting their presents from Harold & Madge. The barman brings wine & glasses over. Hannah is pleased, but Ruth says she can't have any, as this is Erinsborough, not France. 'Lou offered me half a dozen bottles of Pear Passion on the house, but I just thought this was more appropriate '. Just then Bill & Phil walk in and Bill (finally!) wishes Anne a happy birthday. She wonders what's going on, but he says 'all will be revealed. Phil says that Amy wants them both to wear blindfolds on the way home. Lance isn't too please, but Anne tells him to get into the spirit and he puts the blindfold round his neck. Ruth proposes a toast. Hannah tries to make a sarcastic remark that she'll just toast with lemon juice, Phil says that's a good idea.
Ramsay Street
Amy is pleased with herself as a group of people head out of shot. The group arrives back from the pub. When Anne & Lance get out of the car, their blindfolds are taken off to reveal everyone on a bouncy castle. Much cheering, hugs & excitement.
No 26
Alone in the house, Lance telephones the results service. He's obviously won some money from the bet, as he's very excited. He walks out as Billy leads Anne in, sheilding her eyes. He encourages her to feel for 'a love heart' and an inscription that reads 'BK loves AW'. He lets her look, and reveals a desk that he made her. They start kissing as Ruth comes in, reveals that she knew about the desk, and pulls them outside.
Ramsay Street
Madge & Harold watch everyone play on the bouncy castle. Lance reminds everyone about the pool party.
No 30 backyard/Kitchen
Quite a party going on here. Anne tells Lance what she got him for his birthday. She asks what he got her. He says what he got her isn't ready yet and he'll give it to her later. She jokes 'When? Our 19th?' He goes into No 30's kitchen as Chris walks in the front door. He hands Lance an envelope. Just then Anne walks in from the backyard, unseen. Lance says he's pleased to see the money as he thought he'd blown his money again. Chris spots Anne just then. When Lance realises she's there, he tries to leave. Anne lets Chris go out back, but stops Lance. She says that Lance has lied too many times about giving up gambling, and she's never going to trust him again. "are you going to tell Mum & Phil, or do you want me too?" Phil calls to them from outside.
When they go outside, Phil clears the way for them to make a speech. Ruth gathers them in front of her and makes another speech about how difficult it has been raising twins and everything they've been through, but she's very proud of both of them.
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