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Neighbours Episode 3300 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3300
Australian airdate: 7/5/1999
UK airdate: BBC: 21/7/99
UK Gold: 7/1/05
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Tom Kennedy (Bob Hornery);
Chris Burgess (Nathan Bocskay)
Summary/Images by: Pete
Billy & Grandpa Tom are brought home from the pub by the police
No 28
Grandpa Tom explains that he was showing some exec types who were drinking in the bar 'some Aussie worker's spirit'. Karl is not impressed that he took his son out and got him involved with the police. Tom and Billy head for bed, chuckling. Susan says that Karl will miss Tom when he goes home "Just like I'd miss a migraine" says Karl.
No 26
Anne opens the door to Amy, who says that she came to see Ruth about a recipe. Anne doesn't seem to believe her, but leaves her to go into the kitchen where Ruth is cooking. Ruth heard what she said, and seems quite surprised. Quietly Amy says that actually she's here about Anne & Lance's birthday. As Ruth starts talking about their plan to go to a restaurant. Amy is not impressed, so Ruth talks about a party at home, Anne walks in and Ruth subtly changes the conversation to one about a recipe. As Anne leaves, Amy suggests they where thinking about a pool party. Anne pushes Lance into the kitchen to investigate 'who Amy wants to cook for'. Ruth says 'she won't be cooking for anyone with all these interruptions!' As he leaves, Ruth agrees to the pool party, just before a car horn is heard outside.
Outside, Phil is standing by a brown Ute which is Lance's present. Well, half of it is being paid for by them, and they thought that the other half could come from the insurance claim on the old one. Lance points out that he'll lose interest. Phil says it'd be worth losing the percentage points for this 'bargain of a lifeteime'. Lance sits in the Ute, smiling uncomfortably.
No 28
Libby, Karl & Susan are falling about laughing as Libby tells a story about how she slept on her arm and kept whacking herself in the face. They point out it's time to wake Bill & Grandpa Tom, which Karl does quite hilariously by singing The Red Flag at the top of his voice. They rise, slightly hungover. Billy is planning to go to a market and sell the photo frames that he couldn't sell to Amy's dad.
The Coffee Shop
Madge comes in with a tray and asks Lance what he wants. He says he's waiting for someone and has no money. Madge says since it's his birthday, he can have a coffee on the house. They discuss the Ute and Madge is impressed. Lance's friend Chris who does his bets for him walks in. Lance says he's got a dead cert from a trainer. Chris refuses to lend him any more money 'Winners never tip, and tippers never win. You're a loser'. His friend leaves. Lance looks shocked.
No 22
Drew is looking after Lolly. Libby comes in to invite him to the market. She remarks that he's good with Lolly. She says 'it's good when you can hand them back though. Drew replies 'Not really. Plan to have a few myself one day' He invites her to join them at the park, but she has to hand an essay in to Mike. Drew says he thought she was dropping out of his classes, but she says she doesn't see why he should ruin her life. Drew offers to take the essay for her so she doesn't have to 'overdose on that idiot' She says she has to face him sometime They joke about whether he has a brain, and she leaves. Drew watches her go, longingly.
Indoor Market
Bill tells Grandpa Tom he's worried that no-one has bought any of his frames apart from Amy. Amy pulls a bullhorn out of her bag, jumps on a table and shouts about 'homemade goods' this impresses the socialist in Tom. She gathers quite a crowd, and starts shifting frames. They end up with a pile of money.
No 28
Susan tells Karl that she invited Tom to stay 'for a month to begin with'. Karl isn't keen, but Susan says if he doesn't want his own father to stay, he can tell him.
Indoor Market
Libby, Drew & Lolly arrive. Drew asks Bill if he forgot his stuff. Bill says they sold nearly everything. Libby says there are some morons around. As they pack to leave Amy comes over and says she's found a guy who wants to buy the table
The Coffee Shop
Grandpa Tom invites Madge over to the pub for a drink, but she doesn't fall for his charm. He then invites Bill & Anne, but they're happy to stay.
Lou's Place
Tom & Libby sit with Karl & Susan. Tom thanks Karl for letting him stay 'for a couple of months. Karl looks at Susan and says he thought it was a month. Tom corrects himself. Karl says it's a pleasure '50 bucks a week alright with you? ' He says it will be good to have his family around him. He turns to Libby and says he reckons she's finding that too. He asks her about 'that ratbag' she says 'it depends what ratbag you mean'. He says if things get on top of her again, there's always plenty of room at the farm when he gets back Karl "if you get back" She thanks him and gives him a kiss.
No 26
We see a pair of trainers as someone walks through the house. A gloved pair of hands starts pulling clothes out of drawers, then pulls a drawer of bits and pieces on the floor, followed by some CD's and a vase, followed by a lampshade and some books. The figure kicks the mess he's made around the floor, before going back to some more clothes drawers, where the figure finds the fob watch.
Lou's Place
Libby buys drinks for her & Drew, as they talk about Mike for a bit. Apparently handing in her assignments was a bit awkward, and he wasn't very awkward about it. Then they discuss Tom & his sayings. He's quite impressed with Drew. He moves the conversation to the Oakey Rodeo. He eventually persuades her to go.
No 28
Bill has been buying presents with his profits. Tom comes out of the bedroom with his case packed, and says he's leaving because he knew Karl didn't really want him to stay. Karl gets all flustered, but Tom says it was all a joke about staying for a month, set up by everyone to watch him squirm. Libby comes in and announces that she's going to the Rodeo with Drew, which everyone ribs her about 'ooooooh Drewwww' Karl offers Tom a lift then says 'the taxi number's by the phone'. Tom says he'll see him out by the car. Karl asks Susan why their relationship is like this. Susan says that Tom winds him up and he winds Billy up, and that's just the way it is 'plus he's smarter'.
No 26
Phil, Ruth & Anne arrive home to discover the mess made by the intruder.
Indoor Market
The 'pair of trainers' walks up to the jewellery stall, opens his rucksack, pulls out the fob watch. The camera pans up to reveal the burglar was.......Lance.
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