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Neighbours Episode 3299 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3299
Australian airdate: 6/5/99
UK airdate: BBC: 20/7/99
UK Gold 6/1/05
Writer: Alan Hopgood
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Tom Kennedy: Bob Hornery
Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Jade Cleary: Talia Krape
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Madge and Harold talking about losing a son when Paul leaves and Paul listening in the background
Billy, Karl and Susan are relaxing after a hard day working discussing their day. Billy says he needs to work tomorrow and Karl volunteers his services, but Billy says no as he fears for the safety of his tools. Libby returns home bringing with her Grandpa Tom. They all embrace each other.
No. 30
Paul comes in to speak to Tad. Tad wants his advice on getting a job so he can get enough money to take a Year 12 girl out. Paul confides in Tad about what he heard Madge and Harold talking about, but Tad reminds him you only get one life.
No. 28
The Kennedy's are gathered round the table discussing Tom's visit. Karl tells his father the conditions for him staying including no rat bag mates. Susan interrupts him so Tom quickly changes the subject to ask Billy about his work. Susan enquires how Libby got on when she was away.
Drew is looking at how much work there is to be done and tells Lou he needs more time off, this time to go to Oakey for the Rodeo. Tad comes in to ask Lou for Paul's job when he leaves. Lou eventually agrees but only if he accepts less than Paul. They eventually settle on $4 a car.
The Coffee Shop
Hannah and Jade are discussing Paul and his treatment of them. Hannah tells her about the letter Paul wrote, and she now feels confused about him. Jade looks on miffed.
No. 26
Paul has come over to ask Hannah for advice. She thanks him for the letter he wrote.
No. 28
Billy, Karl and Susan are having morning tea when Tom enters. He starts coughing and Karl looks concerned saying he should get it checked out.
No. 26
Paul is telling Hannah about the conversation he overheard Harold and Madge having. He wants her advice, but she says he needs to think carefully. Paul concludes that the end of the term might be too soon anyway.
Billy's workshopKarl and Tom are admiring Billy's work. Billy wants them to leave so he can get on with his work but Tom drags him away to the pub.
No. 24
Madge and Harold are about to have lunch when Paul arrives home. He wants to talk, and tells them he's not leaving just yet, calling Madge and Harold his family.
The Pub
Tom is chatting to Drew at the bar and says he can come up anytime. They discuss Drew's forthcoming trip home for the Rodeo and Tom suggests asking Libby. They join the rest of the Kennedy's at a table and Tom suggests a trip to a real pub if anyone is up to it, and what that type of pub is. Billy agrees to go and Tom asks if he can sign "The Red Flag". Billy isn't sure what that is so he gives them all a rousing rendition of it.
No. 24
Tad calls round to speak to Paul and tells him about his new job washing cars at the Garage when Paul leaves. Paul tells him he isn't leaving and begin to squabble over who's job it is when Madge suggests they go see Lou to sort it out.
No. 22
Paul and Tad are pitching their case to Lou. Eventually he says the job is Tad's because he is doing it for $4 a car. Paul "resigns" his job.
No. 28
Libby and Tom are discussing drew before Karl and Susan enter with a presentable Billy for going out with Tom. Karl wants Tom to make sure Billy is back in one piece from his trip to the pub.
No. 22
Paul is moaning to Drew about Lou's treatment of him. They start to discuss why he isn't leaving.
The Pub
Drew and Libby are talking about the Oakey Rodeo. Drew suggests she comes with him but she turns it down as she has enough on her plate at the moment.
No. 28
Karl has fallen asleep on the couch waiting for Tom and Billy to return. Susan comes through to wake him up and suggests he goes to his bed. He's just about to go when he sees flashing police lights outside. Fearing the worst, he wants an explanation as to what happened. Billy says things got a bit out of hand and Karl is now worried.
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