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Neighbours Episode 3296 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3296
Australian airdate: 3/5/99
UK airdate: BBC: 15/7/99
Writer: John Upton
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Bill Hails: Ian Pearce
Geri Hallett: Isabella Dunwill
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Geri tells Joel and Sarah that she's moving into No.30!
Joel says they haven't discussed it at all - they've only been going out for a couple of weeks. Joel says that they need to discuss it. Sarah says they can go to Joel's room - she's sick of being a visitor in her own home. Geri storms out, taking the dinner ingredients with her!
Ruth is on the phone to her ex-husband. She agrees to meet him tomorrow. Lance overhears and is mad - he says it'll only make the home situation worse. Lance says that his father abandoned them all - they don't owe him anything. Lance says she's hurting the whole family - she must stop seeing him. Ruth says she can't stand by and watch him drown.
Phil comes in - he's had Ruth's watch valued at $2000.
Joel tells Sarah that Geri jumped the gun about moving in, but Sarah could have been more tactful. Sarah says that Geri is a nightmare.
Toadie comes in. Joel asks how his car is going and Toadie says he's going to pick it up tomorrow.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Toadie has got his car back. PHil is hosing down the pavement and calls him over. He asks Toadie about the argument between him and Pinhead before the accident. Phil says he thinks he should make a statement to the police. Toadie is angry - Phil is going to hand the police a motive. He storms off.
Ruth tells Phil that she's off to meet her ex-husband. Phil is cross - he asks Ruth if there's more to the meeting than she's seeing. Lance comes up and says he'll go in her place - he's sick of Ruth and Phil fighting.
Toadie is ranting to Sarah about what Phil said. Sarah suggests that they do something constructive - go door-knocking around where they found the car. Geri comes in and says she's decided to forgive Joel this time(!) She tries to invite herself along on the door-knocking, but Joel says they've got it covered and he'll meet Geri at lunchtime.
Lassiters Lake
Lance comes up to his father. He tells his Dad that it's time they sorted a few things out. Lance tells his dad that when his dad abandoned them it took them a long time to get over it. He doesn't want the family to go through that again. He says that his father (Bill) is also causing problems between Phil and Ruth. Bill says that he just wanted some support. Lance says that he's taking advantage of Ruth and taking her money and he's not going to stand for it. He tells Bill that Ruth is married again now. Bill says that he won't bother Ruth again. He tells Lance that he's grown up. Bill goes to leave. Lance asks him if he'll be in touch next week for his and Anne's 18th birthdays. Bill had obviously forgotten.
Phil and Ruth are waiting for Lance to come back. They bicker a bit. Lance comes in and tells them that Bill is going to lay off. Lance is quite cross. He says he told his father what he thought of him, and it's wrecked whatever relationship they might have had left.
Toadie's car
Toadie, Joel and Sarah have had no luck with their doorknocking. Joel asks Toadie if he likes Geri. Toadie says very over-enthusiastically that he does(!)
The Pub
Geri is trying to persuade Joel to let her move in to No.30. Joel says that she can't move in - he likes being with her, but they've only been together five minutes. He needs longer. Also, Sarah and Toadie are not keen.
Elsewhere in the pub, Toadie and Sarah are talking about Geri. Sarah is hoping that they'll break up - Geri is a nutter and Joel can do better.
Ruth comes in - she's been to the surgery. Phil is still rather distant with her. Lance has gone out. Ruth says she's been doing a lot of thinking - they need to sort things out. Ruth says she's apologised and explained but Phil says she has handled it badly. Ruth says that everyone makes mistakes. Ruth says that if Phil continues to hold it against her, there's no future for them.
Later at the Martins
Phil has been for a walk. He says he wants to get past their problems. Phil says he thought that they had a really good partnership and he can't believe that Ruth didn't confide in him - it's knocked the wind out of him. Phil says it's probably because he has so little respect for Ruth's ex-husband. He asks Ruth to never behave in that way again and she promises she won't. He also says that he'll need a little time to get over it. They agree to have no more secrets from each other.
Sarah is incensed to find that Geri has poured away all the stuff in the fridge - despite the fact that some bottles were only a day past their sell-by date! She says that Geri is a maniac. Joel says she's only trying to help. Sarah rants that Geri is costing her a fortune.
Garden of No.30
Lance is swimming. Toadie comes to sit at the side of the pool with him. Lance tells him that he's having the worst week of his life. Toadie says that so is he. He sniffs Lance's shoe, grimaces, then throws it into the pool. Lance then throws Toadie into the pool!
Sarah is telling Joel that she's sick of Geri's pushiness. The phone rings and Sarah answers it.
Garden of No.30
Lance and Toadie are sunbathing. Lance asks if Toadie thinks that they'll really put him in jail. Toadie says that it doesn't look good. Sarah and Joel run out - the person on the phone saw someone dump Toadie's car - they could be the witness he needs!
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