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Neighbours Episode 3295 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3295
Australian airdate: 30/4/99
UK airdate: BBC: 14/7/99
Writer: E.W. Johnston
Director: David Myles
Guests: Geri Hallet: Isabella Dunwill
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Amy and Joel joke around in the pub. Geri looks annoyed.
Geri warns Amy off Joel.
Geri calls to see Joel but she isn't in. Geri asks Sarah if she can hang around. Sarah isn't keen, but Geri insists. Geri criticises Bob's appearance, much to Sarah's annoyance. Then she helps herself to beer out of the fridge(!)
Amy tells Bill that her father would like to commission Bill to make ten photo frames. But they have to be done by tomorrow. Karl offers to help Bill. Amy suggests that she has an artistic vision and she'll tell Bill how to do it.
Geri is reading aloud from a magazine while Sarah is trying to study. Geri finally realises that she is annoying Sarah and says she won't talk from now on. That lasts literally five seconds(!).
Joel comes in and kisses Geri. Geri suggests to Joel that she moves in to No.30! Sarah is horrified!
The Coffee Shop
Hannah is moping when Amy comes in. Amy says everyone in the Martin household has been acting weirdly recently. She asks Hannah how it is going with Paul. Hannah says it's time she found herself a real man. Amy starts looking around the Coffee Shop! Hannah says Joel is a spunk, but Amy reminds her of the last time she hit on him. Hannah says that it's different now - she's grown up. Amy says that Joel is seeing Geri, but Hannah says it won't last!
Geri is cross that Joel is doing an assignment with Georgia Mason. She doesn't want him working with a girl he used to have the hots for. Joel says that he can control himself(!) Geri storms out.
When she's gone, Joel tells Sarah that it's just a hiccup. Joel says it's always nice to make up and that Geri is the best fun he's had in ages! Sarah despairs.
Lou is begging Susan to babysit for Lolly. Susan is very busy but agrees.
Bill's Workshop
Karl is trying to help Bill out and not doing very well. Bill gets him to denail the wood and then sand it. Karl is trying to take over but Bill soon steps on that. He simplifies it as "Me boss - you slave"(!)
Hannah is raving about Joel. Amy tells her that she thinks Hannah's plan to woo Joel (dress up) is too obvious. Amy suggests that she gets him to be her personal trainer instead.
Joel and Geri are making up. Geri apologises for going mad about Georgia. Sarah comes in and asks them to stop kissing constantly. Geri tells Sarah that Bob smells foul. Sarah is not pleased.
Hannah calls round. She asks Joel to be her personal trainer. He says he's not taking anyone on at the moment, but he will give her an assessment. He asks her to come back this afternoon.
Joel and Sarah both go out to do some errands, but Geri decides to stay anyway(!) She picks up Bob and tells him that he needs a bath!
Bill's workshop
Karl is complaining about Bill's musical tastes. Karl breaks the sander because he accidentally left a nail in wood.
Geri is trying to wash Bob. He doesn't like it at all and runs all over the house leaving soap suds. Sarah comes in and is not pleased - not only is the house a shambles, Geri has used Sarah's best shampoo!
Susan is reading to Lolly. Lou comes in and is sad. He asks Susan if she thinks that Lolly remembers her mum. Susan says she's sure she does. When they've gone, Susan lies down on the sofa, exhausted.
Sarah is ranting at Geri. Joel comes in. He tells Geri that Sarah is just moody(!)
Joel is doing Hannah's fitness assessment. He says that her pulse rate is not particularly wonderful. Hannah suggests that he meets her at the Coffee Shop later to discuss it. Joel says he has to get home to see Geri. He also says that Hannah should weat less makeup when she's training(!)
The Pub
Amy talks to Susan and Karl whie she's waiting for Damian to arrive. Bill comes in and shouts at Amy - Amy's dad hated the frames. Apparently he wanted hardwood frames, and not the rubbish Amy asked for. However Amy's father has agreed to extend the deadline. He drags Karl off to the workshop to get started.
Geri is making dinner. Things are a bit better between her and Sarah. Geri asks Sarah if she's planning on being around tonight. Sarah says that she lives there(!). Geri says that she wants time alone with Joel. Joel comes in. Geri says that she's decided to move in and be their housemate(!)
<<3294 - 3296>>
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