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Neighbours Episode 3290 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3290
Australian airdate: 23/04/99
UK airdate: 07/07/99
UK Gold: 16/12/04
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Craig Pinders: Nathan Godkin
Summary/Images by: Alan/Alan
Ruth tells someone on the phone that she can't possibly see them tonight - Ruth blows Hannah off at the surgery when she wants to talk, Hannah tells Phil about it - Phil asks Ruth what she's been up to
Ruth tells Phil that he's worrying about nothing, she's just been busy and it's not a big thing. Phil says he wants to know what she's been busy with but Ruth tells him that it's something outside of them both and he'll just have to trust her. Phil says it's a big ask because she's only told him after being caught out. He says he thought they agreed not to keep things from each other, Ruth says again that it's nothing for him to worry about and if it was the other way around she'd trust him. Phil says that it wouldn't be the other way around. They sleep in separate rooms and in the morning Ruth tries to pretend everything is alright but Phil's not having any of it. Later, Phil tells Lou that they're having problems because Ruth can't trust him - he says that it's so bad that it's endangering their marriage.
Drew sticks up for Lou when Joel and Sarah slag him off, they think he always has an ulterior motive for everything he does and is proving to be an horrendous landlord. Sarah asks Drew what he's still doing in Erinsborough - he should be going after Libby and telling her his true feelings! Drew mentions to Lou later that he might need some time off soon - when Lou realises that it's to go and see Libby, he tells him that he'll sort something out.
Harold pops into Number 30 and asks Joel whether he'd be able to start helping him get into shape again, Joel says they could do it at lunchtime tomorrow. Drew says he's slipping from the fitness routine too and Harold invites him to join them. Joel mentions to Lou about Harold's fitness training and he says he'd like to join in too to give him a run for his money, but he hasn't got the time. Later, outside the Coffee Shop, Lou ribs Harold about it and it turns into a bit of a competition when Lou agrees to join them to prove that he's the fittest. He even gets Harold to put a $20 bet on it... if Harold wins it will go to charity, of course! Harold and Lou do a power-walk with Joel and Drew - Harold gets back first and asks Lou for the $20 which he is reluctant to give him! Joel tells Lou that he's not in great shape and Harold reveals that he's been trying to do a power-walk at least once a day and much further than just around the block! He later buys an expensive stop-watch for his training and Joel is very impressed with it. Harold says that he could help him with some of his other clients - Joel would get an assistant free-of-charge and he would get some extra work-out time. Joel is taken aback at first but then says that he was thinking of starting an over 50s work-out club with Ruth and he could possibly join in that if they get it off the ground.
Phil mentions to Lou that he's wondering about getting in touch with the police about seeing Toadfish and Pinhead arguing before the accident, but Lou says he thinks they already know. At the hospital, Pinhead tells Sarah that Toadfish hasn't been in for a few days and must be busy with uni like Ruth said. He notices an article in the newspaper saying that they are questioning a local resident over his accident, he asks Sarah if she's heard anything about who that is but she tells him not to get worked up over it. He asks her to get a message to Toadfish because he wants to talk to him about what the police are up to, as he knows a bit about law.
Pinhead has a dream about the time just before the accident, his van is being followed from behind by Toadie's car - which is being driven erratically, causing Pinhead to have to accelerate. He wakes up and tells Sarah that he remembers, it was Toadie's car!
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 in Neighbours Episode 3290

Sarah Beaumont, Craig
Sarah Beaumont, Craig 'Pinhead' Pinders

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