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Neighbours Episode 3289 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3289
Australian airdate: 22/4/99
UK airdate: 6/7/99
UK Gold: 15/12/2004
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Jade Cleary: Talia Krape
Chris Burgess: Nathan Bocskay
Summary/Images by: Alan/Alan
Jade tells Hannah how pleased she is because she's being so mature over the letter that Paul wrote her. Hannah asks what she's talking about and Jade tells her that Paul wrote her a letter to say that they're together now. Paul and Tad arrive just as Jade says it.
Paul tells Hannah and Jade that he can explain but the girls don't want to hear it. Tad is no help at all - he just makes it worse for Paul by telling them how much he agrees with them! Later, Paul apologises to Jade who is really upset, she asks him if he still has feelings for Hannah but he says that he has feelings for both of them. Paul then talks it through with Hannah (after getting rid of Tad!) who says that he went out with Jade because of her and Pascal, Claire's brother. Hannah says she'd understand him being upset about that and she could have forgiven him if he'd been honest with her there and then, or even as soon as she came back. Paul tells her that he doesn't know who he wants but Hannah says that he can't string them both along and that he can stick with Jade because she's not interested! She pulls open the classroom door and Tad, who's been listening, falls into the room! A bit later, Jade and Hannah decide to become friends.
Hannah goes to the Coffee Shop to drown her sorrows but is upset when she tastes the coffee as it's not like it is in France, then to top it off Harold doesn't have any croissants left!
Lance tells Phil that he has a job interview. He later asks Harold if he'd mind him putting him down for a phone reference, he's a bit wary at first after the hash job Lance did on his allotment recently, but he realises that it was just a one-off and decides to let him do it. Harold asks him how his 'friend' with the gambling problem is getting on and Lance says he's fine now. He comes back later and says that he got the gardening job with 'Larry' but asks Harold to still give his home number if someone enquires about a job needing doing. Are we to assume that there isn't really a 'Larry'... or a job?
Amy spots Lance taking some money from a man (Chris, who lays bets for him) at Lassiter's and her suspicions are tweaked. She later meets Lance is Ramsay Street and enquires about the bags of expensive shopping he has - obviously wondering whether he's still gambling. When she's at the Coffee Shop with Hannah later, she asks her whether Lance is getting cash-in-hand for his new job, but Hannah doesn't know.
Lance talks to Phil about his party and Phil says how pleased he was with all the work that Ruth put into it. Lance lets on that Ruth didn't actually do much, Anne did almost all the preparations. Later on, when they are both looking at Phil's new picture, he tells him that it was Karl who found it for him and not Ruth at all. Hannah goes to see Ruth at the surgery and tries to talk to her about Paul, but Ruth blows her off and almost ignores her. Hannah walks out and tells Phil about it when she gets home. She tries to talk to him about Paul but he doesn't listen to her either because he's too distracted by what's happening with Ruth. She storms out and says she got more attention from the Girard's in France than she does from her own family!
At the Coffee Shop, Hannah meets Amy who finally listens to her pour her heart out and seems genuinely interested. Amy asks if she's heard that she's training to be a flight attendant now. Hannah thinks it sounds very exciting!
Ruth arrives home late and Phil tells her that he knows about the party and the picture. He asks her why she's keeping secrets from him and what she's been up to.
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Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 3289
Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 3289
Hannah Martin

<<3288 - 3290>>
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