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Neighbours Episode 3291 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3291
Australian airdate: 26/4/99
UK airdate: 8/7/99
UK Gold: 16/12/2004
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: David Myles
Guests: Craig Pinders: Nathan Godkin
Henk Forster: Matthew Posetti
Georgia Mason: Kara Kyne
Summary/Images by: Alan/Alan
Pinhead has a dream about the time just before the accident, his van is being followed from behind by Toadie's car - which is being driven erratically, causing Pinhead to have to accelerate. He wakes up and tells Sarah that he remembers, it was Toadie's car!
Sarah tells Pinhead about Toadfish's story - how his car was stolen from the shopping centre and even though it was the car following him, Toadfish wasn't driving. Pinhead says that it still doesn't explain why he hasn't been in to see him, Sarah adds that the police won't let him because they believe that he was the driver. Pinhead says he'll make sure the police know that it couldn't have been him. He later gets out of hospital and goes to visit Toadfish at the pub, he questions him about the time before the accident to try to establish an alibi for him - Pinhead says that he still can't get his memory back from immediately before the accident, only as far as the car following him.
Sarah and Joel seem positive that Toadfish will get off as long as Pinhead tells the police that it wasn't him driving, but Toadfish, who knows a bit about the law, says that he could still get charged with it because of all the overwhelming circumstantial evidence. He adds that he needs an independent witness who can swear that he wasn't driving the car because Pinhead's evidence could be looked on as unreliable.
Lou asks Joel for some extra training sessions. Joel later, purposely, arranges a session with Harold at the same time! They both argue at first but try to make the best of it, Joel tells them that they're going to play some trust games where they're be dependent on each other. Lou wears a blindfold and Harold has to guide him around. Joel gets distracted when Georgia jogs past and Harold looks at some plants while Lou walks into Lassiters Lake and soaks his shoes! Lou tells Harold that they need replacing and it starts another argument between them - Joel manages to slip off without them noticing!
Karl receives another pot of flowers with a poem attached - he asks Sarah in the Coffee Shop if it was her sending them but she says it wasn't. She goes to get a drink but Hank, the guy who tried to hit on her at the pub a couple of weeks ago (when Toadie punched him), jumps up and gets it for her - she tells him to get lost when she realises who it is.
Susan is working on a 'conflict resolution' programme for school and Phil helps her staple together the information sheets while he pours his heart out to her about his problems with Ruth. Susan goes to see Ruth later and tells her that Phil's a bit worried about her, she offers to listen to her problems but when Ruth starts to talk about what she's been doing, Phil arrives home. She then walks out and drives off, Phil decides to follow her although he changes his mind half-way through.
Lou suggests that Toadfish take Pinhead to the scene of the accident to see if that jogs any memories, Toadie thinks it's a bad idea at first but then calls Pinhead and they decide to do it. They get back to the point where he smashed into the tree and Pinhead thinks he's remembering something, but he still can't remember the driver of the car, only little bits. Toadfish tells him to forget it for now and tries not to get him too stressed.
Toadfish and Pinhead get back into the car to go home and when Toadie starts revving up Pinhead has more flashbacks. This time he sees the driver though - it's Toadfish. He snaps out of it and tells Toadie that he saw him behind the wheel.
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