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Neighbours Episode 3277 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3277
Australian airdate: 6/4/99
UK airdate: BBC: 18/6/99
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Don Knight: Matthew Norman
Const. Ryan Moller: Pieter Siertsema
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou tells Drew to stick around to see if anything will happen with Libby - he'll only be miserable in Oakie.
Lou asks Drew how he'd feel if he bumps into Libby in ten years and she says she wonders what would have happened if he'd stayed! Lou says if he only stays another couple of weeks it's worth it.
The Coffee Shop
Amy asks Anne how Lance is. She says she doesn't want to come around because he has not been acting nicely. Anne thinks it's important that Amy and Lance stay friends.
Susan comes in and says that she will miss Drew. She says his family will be pleased to have him home at least. Susan is sad that none of her children are home for Easter. Karl said he could act childish if she wanted but Susan says she wouldn't notice the difference(!). Karl suggests that they go away for a night.
Anne and Amy come in eating an Easter Egg. Bill has sent Anne some flowers so she feels guilty about scoffing his egg(!). Lance apologises to Amy for all he said to her the other day. He is looking for a job doing gardening. Amy suggests that he start his own business. Anne raves about her flowers and Lance looks thoughtful.
Drew says that Lolly has been begging him to stay. Lou tells Drew that his replacement mechanic has had to go to Adelaide for his grandmother's funeral and Lou has let him go. He says that Drew wouldn't leave him in his hour of need(!). Drew says he's thought about what Lou said and he will give it an extra week in Erinsborough.
Lance is designing a leaflet for his new gardening service. Anne drags him off to a Gamblers' Anonymous meeting. Lance keeps stalling but eventually they leave.
Susan and Karl are about to leave when the phone goes. There is a security alert at Lassiters - the surgery might have been broken into.
The Surgery
The security alert was false - the alarm is on the blink. When Karl types in the number he realises that Pippa has changed the code. He can't ring her because she's gone on holiday to Bendigo!
Ruth has done an Easter Egg hunt for Lance and Anne. They reluctantly start to find the eggs even though they're a bit old for it!
The Surgery
The alarm is still ringing as Karl tries to get hold of Pippa. Susan suggests getting Drew to help them short-circuit it. Then Karl remembers that Pippa said that the number was one of the Spice Girls' birthdates!
Anne and Lance are eating Easter Eggs. Lance and Anne discuss the Gamblers' Anonymous meeting. It didn't go too badly. Lance says he thought he could deal with it but has now realised he can't. Lance answers the phone to Susan who wants to know the Spice Girls' birthdays!
The Surgery
The alarm is still going. Susan is not impressed that the idyllic day in the country has been ruined. Karl then realises that they've locked themselves in(!). Drew is outside trying to get in.
Amy comes to visit - her course is going well. Lance asks about Damian and Amy says he's probably her best friend on the course. Lance is making up flyers for his gardening business. He ropes Anne into helping him distribute them.
The Surgery
Karl is trying to short-circuit the alarm. It stops, then starts again, louder. Drew suggests he can either break into Karl's car to get the keys, or break the surgery door. Karl says to break the surgery door because then Ruth will have to pay half(!). Drew crowbars the door open just as the police arrive.
Karl tells the policeman that he can't remember the number. It turns out that the policeman shares a birthday with Sporty Spice(!) so he types it in. The alarm stops!
A road
Anne and Lance have just finished distributing the leaflets for Lance's gardening business. Upon closer inspection, Lance's name is spelt wrong - it says "Nance Wilkinson". Lance goes off to collect all the leaflets to fix them.
The Pub
Drew tells Susan that he's staying on a week - he says he feels a bit silly after all the goodbyes. Drew asks Susan how Libby is doing. Susan says she's putting a brave face on things, but is really a bit of mess. Susan also says that Libby would really miss Drew if he went back to Oakie.
Lou is reading Lolly a bedtime story. Drew comes in and Lolly runs across and gives him a hug. Lou tells Lolly he's only staying one week and Drew says he'll see what happens. Lou is happy that he might stay.
The Coffee Shop
Amy tells Lance that the course isn't really going well - she lied to them before. She feels really lost - everyone is older than her and more confident. Lance says she's the most confident person he knows but Amy says it's unravelled. She failed a test and is worried. She asks Lance if he'll help her to study because if she fails another test she might be kicked off the course.
<<3276 - 3278>>
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